Good news for all of you folks who pre-ordered an iPhone 5, or plan on picking one up on launch day. Developers are reporting that Apple is pushing through app updates for the handset at a rapid pace.

As you know, both the new iPhone and iPod touch have a revamped 4-inch 1136 x 640 display. And any app that isn’t updated to support the new screen resolution will be forced into a letter-box mode…

TheNextWeb reports:

“We’ve been getting reports from developers that Apple is pushing review through its system at a rapid pace. App submissions are normally reviewed over a matter of days, but some are seeing times as quick as a few hours.

Apps that are only mentioning support iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 as changes in their app’s submissions are seeing quicker turnarounds.”

Some noteworthy apps that have already been updated to support the new display are Tweetbot, Reeder and OmniFocus. For more updates, the folks over at AppShopper have a revolving list going.

It”ll be interesting to see how consumers react to letter-boxed apps that aren’t updated right away. The Android platform has long been criticized for its app fragmentation between screen sizes.

iPhone 5 pre-orders will start arriving this Friday, the same day the handset is to go on sale in stores. And Apple is expected to seed the public release of iOS 6 sometime tomorrow morning.

What do you think, will it bother you if not all apps are updated for the iPhone 5 right away?

  • JerseyD

    It will bother me. It bothered me for the longest time that some apps weren’t updated w retina icons or graphics.

    I deleted the ones I didn’t use much and I think one of the last apps I was waiting for to get retina support was updated like 2 months ago.

    • yea but letterbox is a lot more tolerable than non retina apps when you finally got used to the retina screen device

  • obsa gursum

    I wait today 4 amazing programe

  • No don’t matters to me, if it just Will come
    (like the JB 😉 )

  • paul

    yes it will because thats why im buying it for the bigger screen

  • I’ve always wondered why it’s 2012 and my widescreen has those stupid black bars on the screen I paid for 55 inches not 40 inches of veiwable
    screen I hope the iPhone can get most of the apps updated with

    • I have a 55″ as well and I see no black bars unless I am watching a letterboxed movie that is supposed to have black bars or if its an old movie or show that wasn’t in HD but I rarely see black bars anymore. Wtf are you watching?

      • not every channel offers hd viewing. Netflix does not offer every channle in hd and movies that still have black bars still pisses me off!

  • @dongiuj

    It’s apple so it won’t bother me!
    Thumbs up people, thumbs up!

  • Nope. But them working fast shows just how much more dedicated apple is in terms of user satisfaction.