There’s been a lot of hoopla in the weeks building up to the next Wednesday’s massive event that Apple’s next iPhone won’t be radically different to the existing iPhone 4/4S form factor, much to the delight of fans the world over (or horror, depending on where you’re standing).

Our own little poll suggested that people continue to be torn over the issue of the iPhone 5 design. Nearly 55 percent of respondents voted for the leaked design featuring an all-metal backplate with plastic bands at the top and bottom for wireless and cellular antenna, in addition to the relocated headphone jack and a miniaturized dock connector. The remaining 45 percent said the design looked fugly as hell.

If you’ve been keeping your fingers crossed for a last-minute surprise from Apple, here comes a shocker: a new credible report reaffirms claims that the next iPhone won’t look a whole lot different to the iPhone 4/4S form factor, sans a couple cosmetic changes and the two-tone thing on the back…

The increasingly reliable iMore editor Rene Ritchie, who correctly predicted the next week’s iPhone 5 presser, has the story:

iMore has learned that recent parts leaks and dummy phones are accurate representations of what the new iPhone (iPhone 5,1) will look like when Apple announces it on September 12, 2012.


There’s more:

Almost identical in design to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, the major visible differences will include a 4-inch display with a 16:9 aspect ratio, a metallic plate across most the back, and a miniaturized Dock connector and relocated 3.5mm headset jack along the bottom.

The man says this information comes “from sources who have been reliable in the past”.

Still, one has to ask oneself what are the odds that the next iPhone looks nothing like the leaked two-tone design.

Chances are slim, Richie observes:

Conspiracy theories have been floated suggesting Apple is deliberately leaking false parts or a discarded prototype to create a bigger surprise come September 12. If that’s the case, they’re spending a lot of time, effort, and money, and doing it at an incredible scale.

Apple isn’t concerned with making the newest looking phone. They’re concerned only with making the best phone.

I’m with Richie.

Considering that literally all leaks point to a two-tone thing, I think it’s fairly safe to say that it would be next to impossible for Apple to keep any radical design departure in total secrecy, especially this late in the game.

As for me, I hope it looks radically different to the iPhone 4/4S and nothing like the leaked two-tone design, but I’m afraid it’s gonna be just that – almost identical in design to the iPhone 4/4S.

Is this where you’re standing as well?

I’d bet my shirt that you, too, were expecting a total revamp for this year’s iPhone, especially after the nearly unchanged iPhone 4S design and last year’s talk of a teardrop-shaped iPhone.


  • Still belive that apple will suprise us…

    • I wouldn’t hold my breath. That surprise thing hasn’t happened like past 5 years neither with iPhone nor iPad designs!

      • Wow that’s a leap . Did you use a phone with a design like iPhone before it released for you to be not surprised with iPhone design . Only the 4s was a disappointment that too in terms of design and not the internals

      • Emre SUMENGEN

        Well, what differed from i4 to i4S, is the same/similar for i3G to i3GS..

        I doubt Apple might go out with an iPhone that looks like a Galaxy S3, but there will be some changes.

        And, you know, when you find something that is good, you ought to stick with it. (IMO)

      • CZ

        If you pay attention to history the major updates to the iPhone line comes ever 2 years. The “s” models have always just been internal hardware or major software updates. Which works since contracts end after 2 years anyway.

  • Jukka

    Im not disappointed because of all the designed that ive seen thats the best design i saw

  • Personally, I like the look of the 4 and 4S. I don’t want some odd futuristic looking phone. I like simplicity. iOS has a very simple look, why not have the phone be simple as well.

    • Laga Mahesa

      Exactly. This design is functional – I like being able to stand it on edge.

      • CZ

        Comes in handy for resting on night stand to watch something on it in bed or just on the go?

      • Laga Mahesa

        Night stand sometimes, but mostly for photography!

    • a smit

      the thing that irkes me is how hyper-focused most people (read: kids) are on aesthetics… its the ultimate expression of banality

    • CZ

      Yeah, the 4/4s design is much more pleasing then the 3/3s and the original!

  • Design doesn’t look too bad for my liking but would love it to be slimmer than 4/4s

  • the phone better have some feature that makes u forget about the design and say I need this phone.

    • Emre SUMENGEN

      I honestly like the design of the phone…

      The sharp edges feel different than others, and I might expect some changes there. But I’d choose (if I could) NOT to have that 2-color thing in the back.

      I’d happily get the same/similar design with nicer internals.

      • UMadBro?

        I hope you can do the unscrew the bolts and get a different colored iphone or just settle for a case that covers the back part up 🙂 i dont like the 2 tone either.

    • CZ

      Just IOS 6 itself will be amazing no matter how the design will actually look?

  • Actually I love the two tone design but definitely need it to be slimmer than 4/4s

  • CollegiateLad

    Credible huh? Didn’t he predict the 4S would be teardrop- shaped last year?

    • Emre SUMENGEN

      “increasingly credible” LOL!

      So, Rene was not much of a deal last year, but is getting something right bit by bit 🙂

      Agree totally.

  • Laga Mahesa

    Not disappointed at all… but, then again, I avoid headlines featuring question marks at this time of year.

    I like the current industrial design, but dislike the glass rear – having metal there is a big win in my book. More important are the internals. I couldn’t care less for LTE, but a faster and more efficient processor, more RAM and a superior camera sensor are what I’m expecting.

    • Totally agree.

    • well said I really like the two tone especially now that the back isn’t this sensitive glass. I can’t wait for it, I’m really curious to see how they are gonna improve on the camera.

      • Laga Mahesa

        Exactly. I’m hoping for even better low light performance and improved lenses; megapixels can take a back seat.

      • CZ

        If it ends up being 12 mp like has been hinted that would be a huge step! I mean my over 500 camera is only 10mp lol

      • Laga Mahesa

        Don’t be disappointed if it remains at 8; remember that the sensor is what’s important. More megapixels are good for editing and printing, but if it’s all blurred when you zoom it to 1:1 they’re worthless.

    • FrankensteinBlack

      Meh! iPhone 5 and iOS 6 inch by inch by inch up the evolutionary scale instead of being revolutionary!

    • IF you want only the bumped up hardware…then Samsung is way ahead, you can buy one of those and luckily you will get that in the same industrial design which you prefer of iphone ;)…..Samsung- The most amazing iPhone ever ;)))

      • Laga Mahesa

        IF that was all that mattered, you would be correct. Android is plagued by the PC spec race because the OS needs it – only with recent developments to the UI backend is Google trying to fix that. My 4s is apparently long in the tooth, yet in terms of real world performance I’m quite happy with it. I nevver have to wait for an app to load, and the UI never lags.

        What I want is speedier number crunching for video processing, and better definition under low light. Megapixels are meaningless without a good sensor to back them up.

  • Design doesn’t bother me. Two tone back does but not enough for me to not pre-order.

  • srikanth003

    I expected it to have a better screen size > 4 inch.. not this elongated version. disappointed? yes.

  • Frankie Gross

    I loved the form factor and the feel of the 3G/3GS, I was hoping Apple would go back to something like that..I’m with you, I’m tired of the square, blockish, weird shape.

    • blckaapl

      The ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ look you mean? >.<

    • Eric Armstrong

      I don’t mind the new design, but I can’t tell you how many people I’ve heard say the same thing as you. The rounded edges is simply, and unsurprisingly, more comfortable for most people. Also, I always use a case (bumper at the moment), but the one time I took it off, I noticed that the top edge of the phone is incredibly uncomfortable against my ear!

    • Emre SUMENGEN

      Don’t count me in. Yes, I liked the form of 3G/3GS back then, but the current design with all glass+aluminum looks much fancier I feel…

    • UMadBro?

      I hated the 3G shape it felt like it could slip out of my hands so easily which it did havent had an iphone since and if im satisfied with the iphone 5 i think im gonna get it

  • ….and the rumors are getting into the finally sprint… iDB leads…. followed by 9to5..
    …the whole rest of tech blog world is cutted off… looks like it’s gonna be a decision between the two leading ones…. and here comes the photo finish……

  • Kok Hean

    How surprising!

  • Still love my iPhone 4S

  • jaystrab

    At least Apple won’t have to sue itself for patent infringement.

    • air naji

      Lol hahaha. You know what’s funny, iDB has been showing us these pictures and they just realized that ;x still the best smartphone website.

  • Suzandria

    would love a different look..maybe a teardrop shaped iPhone.. if Apple is revamping everything, may as well go all out…. ^_^

  • Jay030281

    To be honest I love my 4s. But everyone keeps talking about design of the new phone. I don’t care what it looks like. What I’m concerned about is if it’s 4g lte, how is the battery life going to be like? My 4s battery isn’t so hot. So with a bigger screen, lte tech, and whatever else. It’s not gonna matter what it looks like if the battery life is a joke. Just my opinion.

    • Emre SUMENGEN

      Agreed… But, with respect to similar devices, Apple’s devices usually don’t fall short in battery. So, I guess it’d not be a problem. (Might as well say guess and hope)

      • Mike

        Actually the iPhone 4 did fall short regarding battery life.

      • Emre SUMENGEN

        Umm, how so? Mine could easily take 2 days with 3G on… Not that I’d let it, I charge my iPhones overnight, whether it’s empty or not. But, I’ve not felt bad with any of my iPhones since my first… This even includes the 4S (I come home with around 60-65% and that’s very satisfying for me).


    I love it…

    News sites/blogs referring each other and “reporting” their rumors as news, which are sourced by “someone” that noone knows… Wow!

    People, watch The Newsroom show a little… That is how news should be (of course, a little bit of spectism and rumor can be blent in), not this.

    • reporting NEWS does not include rumor or, what i assume you meant as speculation? news is FACTS. news is not opinion. news is not assumption. news is not rumor. news is not speculation. sadly almost every news source today is full of opinion, assumption, rumor, speculation, and rumor.

      • Emre SUMENGEN

        You’re indeed right, I can’t disagree…

        What I meant was, I’d even accept a little bit of rumor on these sites (mentioned as rumors, not news), but the current situation is worse…

        There’s NO news around, but there are lots of articles popping up every second, just about rumors, or about people trying to make rumors look like news.

  • It’s an iPhone, why should the design change?

  • as long as we can get a white one at launch and not wait for ever in hell for it i dont care what it looks like at this point im just ready for the darn thing to be showen lol

  • Yeah, Apple surely is weaving a big web of conspiracy

  • Lolhaha

    I dont care about the looks, Im good with 4s dedign. What I want are 1gb ram, improved 8mp cam or higher, better LED flash or xenon if possible, and a must is higher battery capacity. And im solved with that.

  • Gerard Hampton

    For this phone to beat the new samsung range its going to need some big hardware advances and some new features in ios. As popular as iphones are they are very stale. I would have preferred a more 3gs like back but now that apple have declared how innovative they are it would look like theyre copying samsung.

    • how could it be copying samsung when apple did it first? lol it would be apple backpedaling in design and rehashing what they’ve already done but only a fu*ktard would think it was apple copying samsung.

      • Gerard Hampton

        Some Iphone users arent the smartest going around. Some just see whats current, not whats happened in the past. Anyway many other brands had ergonomic (curved) backs on their phones before iphone existed. How are apple not rehashing design with this new phone? lol Only a fu*ktard would believe this is innovation 😛

  • Christian, I’m totally with you – I wish for the “tear drop” design as well.

    However, like you said, I would rather have a phone that works perfectly than have a phone that just looks “great”! Function over form is always much more important!

    That being said, we cannot say that the next gen iPhone ‘6’ won’t be radically new with the tear drop design perhaps even sporting a curved glass design! 🙂

  • Please, tell me I’m not the only one who thinks the bottom of this new iPhone is really ugly. Especially on some of the Chinese renders and replicas. So ugly that it can’t be the real deal.

    Apple’s design philosophy was always to combine minimalistic looks with ergonomics and functionality. So here comes my another question: what’s the point in relocating the headset jack? I mean, why the hell should I carry my phone in the pocket upside down? And what if I lie on a couch and want to text or surf the web with headphones on? Do I also need to turn the iPhone upside down for the headphones jack not to press my stomach?

    If the most popular rumors turn out to be true, I would be terribly disappointed. And I was so excited to buy the iPhone 5 as soon as it hits the store shelves. As for now, my dear iPhone 4, prepare to stay in my pocket (right way up!) for a little while longer. It looks like I’ll have to wait for Apple designers to regain consciousness 😉

    • UMadBro?

      If they are i would think they would but it there for in the car so it wont go the opposite direction of other cord but i like the headphone jack on the top 2

  • yep and right up until launch day last October there were “credible sources” stating the tear drop design WAS the next iPhone. when has Apple ever allowed leaks like we have seen with the supposed new iPhone? what did they do when Gizmodo got ahold of the iPhone 4? they went nuts, sicked the cops on them, threatened legal action, cut Gizmodo off from press events and such. however there hasn’t been ANY word from Apple in regards to these supposed leaks. not one CAD, nothing. i’m wrong a lot so i won’t be shocked if i am, but i don’t think all these “leaks” are the actual new iPhone. one way or another we will all find out next wednesday, but i just don’t buy it.

    ultimately i’ll buy it even if it looks like the “leaks” claim, but i’m really not crazy about the design. it’s sloppy, it’s not fluid, it’s just anti-Apple in my eyes.

  • Somehow , I don’t like this design…Just my own opinion
    hoping for better surprise?

  • I have all on the iPhones that have been made and my favourite one is the original iPhone, both design and weight. I like the feel on the phone in my hand but as apple will never go backwards the new iPhone will not be like that.

    In my opinion the rumoured iPhone looks silly, it’s a stretched iPhone 4/s. if the screen is going to be bigger then the aspect ratio should stay the same, I really want to see a bigger screen and if that means a wider and longer phone then so be it. I am not a fan on the leaked design.

    I am an apple lover but the design of that longer screen and same width does not appeal and I will seriously be looking at the Samsung galaxy s3 as my next phone, purely because of the screen size.

    • ogtw

      Cool story bro

      • you’re out of line bitch

        It was better than yours… bro.

  • Rahul312

    Come on people thats apple, and I am sure they won’t come up with any bad design, they have been expert in that they have done it many times and will do it again…let it come into ur hands and you will feel the greatness of holding an apple product…

  • Donovan Davis

    Major dissapointment an A6 quad core @1.6GHz is all that can save it now.

  • The iPhone 5 is just the 4s with a new dock bigger screen and a new headphone jack … But It will be the same OS as the 4s

  • Disappointed was looking forward to a redesigned iphone with a curved back or something so it felt more comfortable in the hand but still happy that at least screen size will be going up.

  • macboy74

    This is all bs just to throw everybody off. Apple is doing a great job cause its working. Whoever thinks this is the new iPhone you’re a fool.

  • nvog

    I just don’t like the leaked two-tone design, especially the thin tall – remote control – shape of the device… Looks like a chinese dummy :p

    Seriously now, I’m expecting something more close to galaxy II dimensions (larger screen face).

    Few days more, and speculation stops…

  • Not disappointed either. I wasn’t disappointed last year and that won’t change. All I wanted last year was 64GB memory and better camera and I got it. I still like the design of iPhone 4/4S and I still think that it is the best looking phone on the market. And I really don’t mind, that the iPhone 5 will not change much. It’s an iPhone, nice, simple and still beautiful. I’m sure that designers in Apple are doing their job well and whatever they introduce on 12th Sept, will be just fine, as always 🙂

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    Although I do think that the 4/S is the most beautiful phone out to date I do think it’s time for a change..I love my 4S but the SGSIII is looking more and more like an option for me..I still think that apple has a trick up their sleeve though..hopefully

  • 1337lolzorz

    What a stupid article title

  • Phlooo

    Most of the conspiracy theories believers point out as a major argument that Apple can’t reveal a new iPhone with a design this close to the old one. But i think you guys forget something…

    If you think about it, the break between the iPhone 1 and the iPhone 3G wasn’t that huge. The front panel looked exactly the same on both devices. The back panel was the most important difference. The sides of the two devices looked slightly different, but not too much.

    The exact same thing happens today.
    The front of the two devices are identical, the back is different, and the sides are similar but not the same…

    You can even think about this : iPhone 1 had a two-tone design on its back panel, with metal and glossy black… Then it changed to a uniform glossy plastic on the 3G. Today it’s just the opposite, glossy black glass changes into two-tone desing with metal and glossy parts…

    Actually, the only huge break in the iPhone’s design was between the 3GS and the 4.

    This is without any doubt what the iPhone 5 will look like. And i think this design is much more classy, compared to the other smartphones with their cheap chromed plastics…

    i can’t believe any of you are buying this. The two-tone design is such a HUGE design mistake. Apple would never release something like this.

  • I think it’s pretty clear from leaked photos, alspecially in a such a large quantity for the past few months
    The exactly same story happened when iPhone 4 came out, all the leaked were super acurate
    Taller screen sucks of course instead of a larger screen, but still better then 4s.
    We should expect visible improvements in performance

    • iPhone 4 leaked because it was left in a bar and made world news and led to an investigation…no way apple has leaks this big

      • It was left in the bar coz someone up there wanted it to be left in the bar 😉
        Believe me the accidents like that one are well planned promotional projects.
        if I’m wrong let it be so, then we can still also believe in Santa and be merry)))

  • If you follow the analogy of a number of comments posted then we’d all be driving around in modern day, high spec cars that outwardly looked like a Model T Ford. Apple can’t rely indefinitely on their loyal customer base.

  • If they did leak a fake one this is how it would go…

    (Jony Ive)-
    “Alright Tim, i have made Design A. and Design B. for the new iPhone but they are completely different…”
    (Tim Cook)-
    “Let go with design A.”
    “What should i do with Design B.?”
    “Just send it to China as a leaked prototype…”

    …September 12th rolls around-
    (Tim and Jony)-

  • I won’t believe any of this until I see it for myself, last year all of this speculation had everyone hella disappointed once the phone was released. The way you’ll find out the truth is when Tim Cook wants to reveal the truth.

  • I miss the iPhone 3gs design, that has to be my fav iPhone so far. It was just better to hold with any cases or bumpers…etc

  • I’ll be very disappointed if the next gen iphone really turns out like that….. not because of the leak which showed me the design earlier, but because of the design itself is not as attractive as when jumping from 3gs to 4.
    com’on apple! make mama proud!!!

    btw, i’ll still buy it if it turns out really looks like that… i don’t care 🙂

  • Biggest difference with last year is that we now have actual part leaks. Tons of them even. With last year rumored tear drop design there weren’t any part leaks at all except some brave case designers that totally missed the ball.

  • Mrblackjapa

    Sad , the improvement on the iOS tec is something jailbreaker had long ago the 3d maps would be interesting other then that I feel my phone can do better as far as ram 64 gig will do the trick as far as speed I can clock my phone animation up to meet almost or maybe same time , this new phone looks like a Samsung when the 4 came out it look like some great alien technology , art work now copy of a copy more like apple Samsung sad . Ps I like the bigger screen

  • Sepehr

    It’s much uglier than 4S because it’s taller but not wider. Apple is taking advantage of its fans. If Steve Jobs was alive this wouldn’t happen. By the way don’t get surprised if they raise the price as well !

  • Sana Martin

    Honestly guys. The leaks actually look kind of cool, and believable; BUT this ain’t the iphone 5. Something tells me we are indeed in for a sucker punch on sept. 12… Anybody remembering Tim cook saying apple will be “doubling down security” what if doubling down means they are throwing a serious curve ball? I know it seems unlikely at this point but I think after 2 years they’ve got something shocking up their sleeve! ALSO… If you look at the invitation sent out with the shadow casting a 5 from 12…. Does anybody think that they could be hinting at holographic?