Since Apple unveiled the iPad two years ago, accessory-makers have been trying to find a way to turn it into a laptop hybrid. We’ve covered several of these kinds of products on iDB over the years, including the NoteBookCase and the Brydge.

And this morning, we’re adding another one to the list: the CruxSKUNK. The Crux team promises the case will turn your iPad into a powerful laptop. And, goofy name aside, it actually looks like it could give its competitors a run for their money…

The SKUNK is machined from a single piece of aircraft-grade aluminum — similar to the process Apple uses to machine its MacBooks — and its parts are sandblasted and anodized to match the finish of your iPad. So, pretty high quality stuff.

And the keyboard is also top-notch. It’s full-sized, with a QWERTY layout, and has raised keys for easier typing. It connects to your iPad via Bluetooth, and Crux says that it only needs to be charged once a month via a USB cable.

The developers of the SKUNK are trying to raise $90,000 through Kickstarter to help them start mass producing the accessory. It’s sitting around $50,000 with 40 days to go, so they should have no problem reaching their target.

If you’re interested, $135 gets you on the pre-order list with shipping expected to start this December. That may seem kind of steep compared to other, similar products, but this obviously isn’t your run-of-the-mill keyboard case either.

What do you think of the CruxSKUNK?

  • So how exactly is this gonna make iPad powerful laptop?

  • Gerard Hampton

    so how does it convert it into a powerful notebook? all i see is a bluetooth keyboard case.

    • Gorgonphone

      its pure BS.. just get a clamcase its the best

    • Guest

      the word ‘powerful’ in the word ‘ipad’ is an oxymoron.

    • agree witth you
      All it does it just a blueooth case that design just like making your iPad a notebook
      And it is quite costly!

  • ExRoot

    Needs 90,000 and sitting at 50,000 with 40 days to go with shipping expected in December. No way will they be shipping by December!!! No Way!!

  • Loopthree

    $55 for international shipping. WTF

  • æ

    2 words… it’s ugly, well that was 3

  • TheAntman217

    It’s just a Bluetooth keyboard and it’s $135… yeah fuck that.

  • I will refrain from using any puns like this stinks…

    I think Asus has implemented this far better than anyone else in the market. Their keyboard dock also charges the tablet which is awesome. Using bluetooth on the iPad is going to put an added drain on the battery. So if this had it’s on battery pack and plugged in to the dock port for charge, then I might be tempted.

  • I was hoping for usb and sd card slots etc, but all it is is a keyboard case, not a “powerful” laptop..define powerful

  • Shadowlink

    I hate when people compre the ipad to a computer its annoying you can dress it up all you want but it will never be a real computer :p

    • Shadowlink

      This looks nice though

  • Cody i guess you need to stop mis-leading people here….
    powerful notebook?? Really with a bluetooth accessory…if you need to do advertising for this product, do it…will be nice to know a new product but under correct heading…..

    • Melvco

      note how the title says “/The CruxSkunk promises/ to turn your iPad into a powerful laptop.” Not Cody promises, or iDB promises. CruxSkunk promises.

      You can see for yourself on the product’s Kickstarter page: “the CruxSKUNK turns your iPad into a powerful laptop.” So the title, in and of itself, is accurate.

      Does it deliver on this promise? I don’t think so. Like others have stated, I think it’s extremely light on features. But my definition of powerful may be different from someone else’s — thus the reason for the generic headline.

      Thanks for reading!

  • Dan

    Way to oversell a bluetooth keyboard case

  • KewlDewd

    Oooh, check out the $250 option! I can pay almost double to get the kickstarter logo engraved on it! What the…. Why would I want the kickstarter logo engraved on anything I own, much less for an extra $115??? Must be a joke…and 6 people fell for it.

  • notewar

    Can i install lion on it?
    Can itunes be installed so I can sync with other iDevice?
    Can i play DVD on it?

    If not then this is not a “power laptop”.

  • air naji

    Sounds like it stinks.. I would use it but not at 135 !

  • LOL. Asus’ Transformer Pad Infinity would be a better choice.

  • justme

    It looks really nice, but the “powerful laptop” bit is rather deceiving.