Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. However, Samsung wants no talk of its new Sydney, Australia store looking “Apple-esque.” Particularly while the South Korean company is being sued for allegedly imitating Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

Despite the store being located just a block from Apple, using the same Apple minimalism, the same Apple-like packaging and staffed with the same blue-shirted employees, the Cupertino, Calif.-based company “didn’t even come into the equation when we were looking for a location,” Samsung Australia’s vice president of telecommunication, Tyler McGee, tells the Sydney Morning Herald. In the business, we call that a non-denial denial…

This isn’t the first time Samsung has had to defend its unspoken by obvious homage to Apple’s retailing muscle. In July, the Galaxy smartphone and tablet maker opened its first North American store, in Vancouver, Canada. As in Sydney, there were the minimalistic white walls, the blue-shirted employees and the same Apple Store layout.

During its lawsuit with Apple, a number of comments from Samsung executives appear to show the company has a corporate complex with comparing itself to the iPhone maker. In one memo introduced by Apple during the U.S. trial, Samsung’s mobile communications chief, J.K. Shin declares: “let’s make something like the iPhone.” Samsung even reportedly produced a 132-page point-by-point study comparing the iPhone and the first Galaxy S smartphone.

Despite Samsung’s protestations, a tech company would be wrong not to follow Apple’s retailing footsteps. The company’s 373 stores made $16 billion in 2011, forcing electronics makers to rethink their absence from bricks-and-mortar sales. Indeed, electronics retail giant BestBuy hopes to revive its flagging sales figures by introducing an Apple Store like strategy. Verizon Wireless is also among the growing list of retailers taking note of Apple’s success.

But there are limits to copying Apple’s retailing prowess. “I think Samsung will find it more difficult to copy the buzz or excitement that Apple’s stores generate for its customers,” Gary Allen, author of the Apple retailing blog ifoAppleStore explained.

What do you think? What makes the Apple Store retail experience special?

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  • Now they’re just asking for it my god. And then some people are still surprised why they get sued.

    • oh, I get it, Apple invented stores and employees and displays and tables and stools… no one ever thought about trying to sell their own products in a store before now.

      been to a JC Pennies lately? I mean JCP… they now have tables and stools with iPads for you to play with and browse clothes… guys walking around and can check you out on the fly without having to go to a cashier… but since the Apple store guru left for JCP, it’s OK for JCP to bring in an Apple store experience.

      • Are you dillusional? Do you not see a carbon copy layout? This article is just showing the lack of ingenuity and Design skills that Samsung lacks, and riding the coat-tail of Apples successful store layouts and how they even dress up their employees. Ya, Samsung came up with this overall design from scratch that just happens to look EXACTLY like the Apple store. Funny stuff.

      • So what should they wear? Bermuda shorts and a tie dye? I don’t think I have ever seen an Apple store employee in a polo shirt…

        It’s hard to tell in the photo that it is an exact copy of an Apple store.

        Maybe Samsung should just get some robots to sell their stuff out of the back of pickup trucks… but then again, some of you would find a way to say that they ripped Apple off yet again.

      • You’re right.
        For those who watched/heard of the film “The Number 23”, its message is: People see what they so desperately want to see.

        And BTW: Apple does not have the exclusive right to wear blue shirts, alright? We have a company here in Israel, called Pelephone, that use blue shorts as well, since its their icon color in logo and website since they came in business.
        Apple – T-shirts, this store – Polo shirts.

      • He is using Apple products to sell his store nothing wrong with that. Falling in line monkey see monkey do is another thing. It kills me when people just can’t fess up. They are trying to copy it’s in their DNA. Go to Korea and you will see, no hiding it. It’s when company’s are to chicken shit to take chances and never push the envelope is when we all pay the price!

      • thole

        So you are saying not only Samsung but all Korean copy Apple? Or maybe you are saying all Korean are fraud?

      • “It’s when company’s are to chicken shit to take chances […] is when we all pay the price!”

        Nope. We all pay the price when we let one company rule a specific market. The more you support exclusivity to Apple, the more you’ll pay later.

  • The easiness of going in the store and getting help right away

  • Ya…I see NO similarities there. lol

  • Andy McKeague

    im starting to think Samsung is doing this on purpose. lol. like wth

  • I love good ole’ “Trollsung”. Lol


    I think what makes the apple stores such a joy to visit is the friendly staff. I went into ask a simple question regarding the retina macbook while making sure the apple staff understood i was not going to buy any apple product as i do not have the funds to do so but he still spent 45mins explaining everything i had to ask. That to a alot of people is very important, visiting a store is a nightmare for most when it is a joy to visit apple. It will be very hard for samsung to match apple…thats my opinion.

  • Dlevi309

    this just proves samsung is doing this just to piss off apple.

  • Because AT&T, Verizon, and Best Buy aren’t doing the same thing? I mean, c’mon, Samsung isn’t the only one copying their stores, and they certainly aren’t the first.

    • Sandman619

      microsoft has no shame either as their stores copy the Apple design concept quite clearly & they position their stores next to or adjacent from Apple Stores. But seriously, Samsung has no shame. Probably even stole the genius bar. But, what else would you expect from Samsung ? They’ve never been known for style. Their products are durable, but basically bland, unless they are copying a competitor’s design style

      In the end, Samsung looses either way, because they have lost a large client, which has long product runs in high volume. Apple appears to be dropping Samsung as their major supplier. The Samsung board should be very impressed

      • Samsung is still making Apple’s chips, the main part of any of their products, they just aren’t making the displays anymore.

        But yes, their products are durable and bland, which for the average person is just fine. Lots of chains are going to try and copy what’s working, and drop what isn’t.

        And to all the people down-voting me, grow up. Seriously, even the article says that other stores are doing this, not just Samsung. The amount of fanboy-ism on this site, even now that Christian is gone, is outrageous. Apple is not the greatest thing on the planet, and one day they won’t even be around anymore (it happens to every company).

        And yes, I know that this is going to get down-voted into oblivion, cause anyone who disagrees with “Almighty Apple” is clearly wrong /sarcasm.

        I like Apple as a company, but the fact people have to act like they invented everything and are going to sue someone for having a freaking store is ridiculous.

      • I gave you a 1up! What you say is true I just find it hard to take when someone says that ever thing they (Apple) does was the way things war headed. And that’s BS! Why didn’t someone else do it then, were they waiting for the right moment?

      • I completely agree. Samsung released a tablet in 1981, Microsoft in 2001, yet they never held. Clearly that’s not “where things were headed” at the time. Things go the way the market goes, and Apple sometimes gets ahead of the market (remember, the first iPad was doomed to fail by the way every news source reported on it), but once people got used to it, it was a hit. If Apple hadn’t released it, someone else would have, or we’d all be on touch screen ultrabooks by now. Things head how they want, not how one company wants them too.

      • You sir, saying that Best Buy and other stores copying Apple retail stores, are a complete and utter moron, and I don’t even have to explain why.

      • And clearly you didn’t read the article where the AUTHOR said that Best Buy is doing this; or the other articles on THIS SITE that say that AT&T and Verizon are doing the exact same thing. Fail to the extreme.

      • Liu Zhenyu

        Dont ridicue here , if samsung is so pro why not stop making apple parts? I’ll tell u why, they do THIS

      • Because they have a contract with them, that’s why. Apple makes up 8% of Samsung’s profits.

  • If Samsung wins this case against Apple this could start too really get ugly!

  • TheMasaya

    OH My…. They are Fu@#$%^king Coping everything from Apple
    well that’s what Korea, China, japan, etc.. do they always copy American products

    • Kok Hean

      I totally disagree with your last sentence.

      • Liu Zhenyu

        Cos u r a douchbag

      • Kok Hean

        No, it’s because TheMasaya is generalising people from Korea, China and Japan.

      • No, because all those “American” products are made in East Asia anyway.

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  • Seriously?! Samsung has no shame!

  • Kok Hean

    The only argument that they have is that their logo is blue. That’s actually pretty reasonable. Other than that the layout is pretty much influenced by Apple Stores.

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    I went to the Seattle apple store to buy some cables for my 4S and a guy from the genius bar noticed my nieces 4th gen iPod touch had a cracked screen..they replaced it for us free of charge and I’ve been going back to that store ever since…amazing customer service

  • I have a picture of the Vancouver Samsung Store, it looks almost identical to the Apple Store thats upstairs in the same mall. its ridiculous lol

  • Walked past it the other day, thought I go in and check it out, started the test the TV’s, and the guy states that it’s not for testing, if I want to use it I need to purchase it, yeah these guys will be shut within 12 Months.

    I was one of 5 people in there for 40mins, Apple George St on the other hand was packed. Is there any wonder why.

  • Anytime you make/do something and you say lets add what they don’t have.You’ve already lost!

  • babiloe

    well, at least samsung store guy has collar t-shirt that different than apple turtle neck t-shirt, but same color.

  • I think we need a good ‘problem?’ and ‘challenge accepted’ image in this thread.

    More seriously, Samsung have every right to open a store in the mould of Apple – the Nespresso stores work on a similar principle to Apple as well. But they’ve taken it a bit far. It’s laziness and arrogance that have created this; it would not have been hard to create a flagship store that worked on the princples of Apple – friendly, knowledgable and helpful staff in a pressure-free environment with demo models available for as long as you want, plus repairs and free wifi. To copy the aesthetic is laziness and I’m not sure if it was on the part of the designers or the bosses.

    I’ll be interested to see how this pans out.