When it comes to jailbreak tweaks and apps, there are a few names, that when mentioned, instantly make you think of quality. IntelliBorn may come to mind, Ryan Petrich certainly deserves a nod, and of course you can’t forget about folks like chpwn and Aaron Ash.

Obviously, there are a few others who are worthy of being included in the same conversation, including SBCoders — a developer that has recently created a significant amount of high quality tweaks.

Hot off the heels of Aero, Deck, and Color Banner, comes Dash — a new take on the app switcher, and one that is sure to turn a few heads. Take a look at our full video walkthrough for a hands-on preview…

Dash is a tweak that allows you to easily switch between running apps on your iPhone or iPad, using simple swipe gestures. Instead of the typical app switcher found on stock iOS, Dash utilizes a full screen view and displays the full contents of each app window. This allows you to easily discern what the app is about, what it currently contains, and whether or not you want to switch to it. You can also close an app out completely with a swipe up gesture.

While the concept of Dash is a radical departure from what you normally experience when switching apps in iOS, the look and feel of the tweak retains many of the same familiar visual cues and methodology. This enables the tweak to have a native feel — more of an natural progression and extension of the current app switcher.

The linen background is prominently featured when invoking Dash, as are familiar elements such as the page dots at the bottom of the screen, and the choice of font. It all makes for a different, yet intuitive experience, which you’ll most likely enjoy.

Animations are the predominant feature found in Dash. As a matter of fact, outside of a panel that allows you to select the Activator action used to invoke Dash, animations are the only other options to be found within the tweak’s settings.

As of this writing, there are five different animations that you can choose from. There’s Scroll — a simple scroll left or right between running apps. CoverFlow — the Music app album art inspired method. Time Machine — for those familiar with Time Machine on OS X, or Versions on OS X Lion or Mountain Lion, then you’ll know what to expect here. Lastly you have Rotary, and Cylinder — and from their respective names, I’m betting you can figure out how each of these work on your own.

Although the animations do add a stylized feeling to switching between apps, the whole point of Dash is to provide a more informed view of the running apps, while still feeling like a native iOS experience. Even though the tweak is in beta, I think that the SBCoders have succeeded in meeting this goal.

Granted, all of the animations aren’t 100% smooth, and there is a slight delay when invoking the app switcher, but if previous tweaks are any indication, I’d say we can expect a solid product come release day.


If you want to try Dash for yourself, then stay tuned. It’s not out yet, as the developer is still tying up a few loose ends, such as adding media controls, and optimizing the tweak for both the iPhone and iPad. The good news is that the developer says there won’t be a long delay before it is officially released on Cydia.

What do you think? Does Dash sound like a winner to you?

  • The style of WebOS with the class of iOS!

    • One request if the developers reading this…can you hide the status bar in the previews like the almighty ProSwitcher use to.

      • Also, landscape support for iPad?

      • KiKO4LiFE

        I really hope landscape on ipad as many devs missed that in similar tweaks

      • Idk, I guess having the status bar there kinda tells you when you went on that app last.

  • Looks awesome, but my main concern would be the performance issue (as well as the resource footprint). I usually judge tweaks not on their “wow” factor, but first on whether or not the deveopers have made performance and resource usage a priority.

    I equate it to the notion we all had as kinds: “does my teacher realize that I have 5 other classes assigning homework?” In other words, is the developer accounting for the fact that their tweak needs to run smoothly not only on a virgin device (with no other tweaks installed), but also on a device with many existing tweaks running as well.

    • 4p0c4lyps3

      Very well put. +1

    • Ronald Weaver

      Agreed. I try my best to do the same. After watching Jeff’s videos i used to try all tweaks until i ended up with a pile of slow ass devices. So now it has to make to the three day cut. And if it don’t off it goes and if it does i have no problem keeping it. Its been a real long time since i have used winterboard.

      • I’m the same with you I used to use dreamboatd and all that, but instead of using a ton of themes I use one theme on winterboard and that ayecon. It doesn’t slow it down and it complements iOS.

  • i’ll stick with cardswitcher. It does pretty much the same thing

    • momerathe

      I agree. I like the ability Cardswitcher gives you to show 4 cards at a time. This one does look slick though

  • Looks pretty but has the same issue as webOS: you lose one tap access to 4 of the currently open apps. So you’d have to swipe a few times before switching.

  • Dan

    looks nice, but it doesn’t seem practical, I won’t get this. I prefer to be able to access several apps from switcher, not have to slide through them all.

    On top of that, I already use a tweak called superswitcher (an essential for me) which would not be compatible.

  • FrankensteinBlack

    Sooo, this is “CardSwitcher” on steroids then?

  • Jonathan Chiapas

    I’ve dreamed with this tweak… it looks just amazing. Waiting for it

  • Alexander Dohms

    I like the idea, but I cant see myself spending an extra 1$ or so just so i can use an “enhanced” version of Cardswitcher, that pretty much does the same thing and uses MORE guestures.

  • So there is no rotation lock, no media controls or brigthness slider… not woth 1$. I’ll stick with imperium

  • Looks interesting, but not practical. Switcher may enable a quick change applications and therefore the original with Zephyr combined with excellent 🙂

  • Is this compatible with Zephr? If it would then it would be AWESOME!!

    • christodouluke

      I don’t see why not. Unless you mean using zephyr to open it, in which case no.

  • Kok Hean

    Ryan Petrich > others

  • I usually use switcher because I want to see a loads of apps i already opened and switch quickly.This one give me 1 option is very slow for that.But I must say the design and idea is great!

  • StevenRandolph

    The video was great I gave it a thumbs up But I prefer Backgrounder for multitasking and wish someone would take over. And keep updating it

    • christodouluke

      Backgrounder? That’s a blast from the past. What would be the point in updating it?

      • StevenRandolph

        What was ever wrong with it ! I’m using it now ! It’s true multitasking not some suspended app

      • christodouluke

        Your idea of “true” multitasking is bullshit. And I don’t know where you got the idea that suspending an app is a bad thing, it saves the state of your app for when you come back to it without using CPU in the background. This “true” multitasking is good on desktops where you can use two apps at once but on your phone, you don’t want to waste battery and CPU on an app you can’t use while you’re using another.
        Seriously man, you don’t need backgrounder anymore.

  • Seems cool.

  • christodouluke

    An app switcher? Sigh… I just wish SBCoders would finally get around to finishing and releasing Spectre.

  • Myers

    Can’t wait to have it

  • yep Awesome idea.

  • time to get a retirement for multiflow in my ipad