Attorneys for Apple embarrassed Samsung last week by showing the jurors half a dozen images meant to prove that the Galaxy maker shamelessly ripped off the look of the iPhone’s icons. Though Apple believes that Samsung’s TouchWiz interface makes it a copycat, that’s ultimately up for the jury to decide.

Today, a Samsung designer took the stand to testify that she didn’t copy Apple when creating the icons for the Galaxy line of products. Call me stupid, but how the heck then she’d managed to come up with icon design that strikingly resembles Apple’s?

Asked whether she had been influenced by Apple’s design language, Samsung user experience designer Jeeyuen Wang said, through interpreter:

Not at all.

So Samsung’s icons are then nothing if not totally unique, I take it?

According to CNET, she did acknowledge referencing other designs in her work:

I also look at the icons that come up on web sites or webs, and airport signing systems, so I’d pay attention to all these things.

As for the iconography behind Apple’s phone app, seen in the image at the top:

According to her, Samsung referred to it internally as a “dumbbell,” and it was in place before she got there in 2002, and that it had a green color because of the action, with green meaning go.

But what about the Photos app icon that Apple alleges Samsung also lifted?

At the time, there was a wallpaper that was in the image of flowers for an AMOLED LCDs and everyone in our team kind of liked the image. We had come to a conclusion that we would adopt this image for the icon.

Ina Fried, reporting for AllThinsD:

Wang testified there were hundreds of designers from different parts of the company working on the original Galaxy S1.

Here’s the iPhone 3GS (on the left) next to Samsung’s Galaxy S.

During last week’s hearings, an internal Samsung document showed iPhone envy, revealing that  Samsung executives were actively thinking of ways to make the Galaxy handset resemble the iPhone.

Wang’s personal life suffered due to the demanding nature of her work for Samsung.

I slept perhaps two hours or three hours a night. That was about it.

Also, this:

Wang added that she had recently given birth but couldn’t breastfeed regularly because of the demands on her time.

“Those were difficult times,” she said.

Not sure what breastfeeding has to do with taking cues for someone else’s work.

What do you think about Samsung copying (or not copying) the iPhone’s icons?

  • If they didnt copy the icons, then the sky isnt blue.

    • Manuel Molina

      I’m not going to lie, when I switched from at&t to T-Mobile, I had to switch from my iPhone 3S to a Samsung Vibrant at the time and thought they were the same.

      There still wasn’t a jailbreak for iPhone 4 to T-Mobile users, so I got that phone and notice how the 4 app dock, home screen layout, dots on the top, and apps look so much alike. Then came that classic moment when I showed my dad the phone and joked about selling it; he thought it was an iPhone and asked me when T-Mobile started selling them. I showed him the Vibrant’s OS and he told me it looks just like one. He was a tech head as well.

    • mikbe

      They did copy the design… from the same people Apple copied it from: Bell Telephone.

  • jose castro

    copiers i say they are

  • that’s an iphone 3g not 3gs

    • there’s no way to tell

      • 1. No compass. 2. It’s not running iOS 3+ (calculator icon). 3. Other.

      • M.

        Maybe it’s on the second page ;p

      • There’s not a second page.

    • Actually it is a iPhone 3GS. You know the 3GS launched with iOS 3.1.3 right?

      • Yeah but it still had the compass app.

    • Apple submitted that image, I’m sure they know what their own products are 😉

  • iDevizes

    They not only copied the icons but also copied the dock idea at the bottom of the screen. Same number of icons on the screen… anybody can see its almost the same!

    • Don’t forget the page dots. They copied that also.

      • iDevizes

        indeed 🙂 I can’t imagine that court judges that the UI of Android is not a copy of iOS (icons, dots, dock etc.).

    • Hyr3m

      On a computer, you have rows of icons on the desktop and a taskbar with shortcuts for the stuff you use most at the bottom. That’s not new. That’s not patent-able. What’s so surprising in a mobile device using the same basic concept for software shortcuts as a normal computer?

      Also, can you guys think of any other way to draw a “phone” icon ? Using colors and symbols that everyone on earth can understand… Let’s see how many of you copy this unpatent-able concept of a green square with a white phone-shaped object on it…

      • iDevizes

        You take things apart, that’s the problem. If you see the bigger picture, the phone and the UI together you have to admit a Samsung Galaxy looks like an iPhone…

        The evolution of Samsung smartphones is changed since the launch of the first iPhone.

        Besides even on computers there’s differnce between Linux and Windows for in stands…

  • They should just use the stock Android UI.

  • אסף סופר

    Blind man can see that its a copy

  • Samsung should look at the way Microsoft innovates Windows Phone UI, the way Nokia designs Lumia 900. Microsoft, Nokia came up with new great design. Samsung is just a copier

    • Jose Cheong

      so basically what you are saying is samsung should change their strategy from raising sales every year to your examples? Nokia Lumia series that is driving Nokia to the ground losing millions and millions? or Microsoft mobile OS campaign that is failing for the past I don’t even know how many years? Do you even think before you type?

      • Hey kid go home, can’t even accept the simplest common sense, the iPhone took everything that is the best, good for apple, patented bro, Samsung have no right.

      • @dongiuj

        Ah, Liu, the person with the fetish for calling people “kid”, is back.
        you REALLY need to stop saying that. It’s not funny, it’s not big and it’s not clever.

      • Ah dong the fandroid, ever insulting apple, is back, u really should not say this here,you REALLY need to stop saying that. It’s not funny, it’s not big and it’s not clever.

      • @dongiuj

        I have an iphone and I don’t and never have owned an android product, which i’ve told you before, so how can i be a “fandroid”. Jeez you really never think before you speak. You still haven’t learnt. Also people are always hating more than liking all of your comments. Give it up.

      • … it’s not ok… it’s not that common… and it is a big deal…

  • And what about the other designer that the judge said couldn’t testify because they didn’t work on the Galaxy line, but did work on the F700? Apple brought in designers who didn’t work on the iPhone/iOS, yet she wouldn’t allow other Samsung designers to testify. This judge is so biased it’s not funny.

    However, on this, the S1 does look a lot like the 3GS, as do the icons. They should pay damages for that, easily decided, but the judge is just ridiculous in this case.

  • NOT AT ALL? REALLY? REALLY!?!? Ahahaha

    I <3 how much Samsung sucks!

    And I <3 how much that is a lie, we ALL know

  • seyss

    Goddamn koreans shamelessly copying stuff like they do all day everyday with cheap knockoffs

    • grant

      whoa, although samsung might be a korean company, no need to stereotype and include all koreans. samsung probably employs every ethnicity, including their design department. theres no need for racism.

  • Fbyrd75

    Who really cares…we buy them for their capabilities, not what their icons look like.

    • SoCoMagNuM

      Fa real though. That green button with phone had been on phones since the old brick motorolas with only a small led screen to show 10 digit numbers. Thats not just unique to apple.

  • does it reallt matter wether they did or didnt apple are such an ass over copyright things as phone is a phone at the end of the day wether its a apple product or samsung me i prefer the samsung to iphones

  • Matt

    This really doe show how much certain people can not think for themself. Everyone that things that the green phone icon started when Apple used. From the picture above, it looks like Samsung ripped off Apple, when in fact they just copied this same icon from the same source. Have you looked at phones before the iPhone, yes there were a few. And some of them used these same very features that you are saying was invented by Apple…

    Next thing you know, you are going to say that the world is going to end because of some info graphic on Fox news that only shows a partial picture of the real issue…

  • what i don’t see is that why didn’t samsung just flipped the icon where the phone is facing left instead of right. they would not get into trouble as bad.