New images try to prove that Samsung copied Apple’s icons

As we begin week two of the high-profile patent trial between Apple and Samsung, we’re starting to see a lot more evidence submitted by both companies. And this next bit, filed by Apple, is particularly interesting.

In court today, Apple’s legal team presented 6 images to the jury that it believes proves that Samsung intentionally copied its iOS icons for use in its TouchWiz interface it installs in all of its popular Android handsets…

Handset-makers put these layers over Android to separate their devices from the competition (HTC has its Sense UI). But Apple believes that Samsung’s TouchWiz interface doesn’t make it unique, it makes it a copycat.

From the green Phone icon, to the purple Music icon with the eighth note and CD graphic, Apple makes a pretty compelling case. Even if you argue that graphics like a person’s silhouette or a gear have become universal symbols for Address Books and Settings apps, there’s no denying that Samsung’s designers got some inspiration from iOS here. If you’re looking for more proof, CNET has obtained all 6 images.

Apple’s done a great job thus far, outlining the many different ways it feels that Samsung has copied its products. But the trial is far from over. It’ll certainly be interesting to see how the jury interprets all of this evidence in the end.

What do you think? Did Samsung copy Apple’s icons?