Gameloft is arguably one of the most well-known mobile game development studios in the business. Its titles are known for their in-depth gameplay and console-quality graphics.

Well it looks like the studio is getting ready to take those graphics to the next level with the popular Unreal gaming engine. And we’ve got footage of the first title they’re using it in…

For those who aren’t familiar with the Unreal Engine, here’s a little background. It’s a highly-regarded gaming engine, developed by Epic Games, that’s used in a number of popular console titles such as Gears of War, and even some iOS ones like Infinity Blade.

Aside from its gorgeous graphics, Wild Blood is a high-profile game on a number of other fronts. It definitely doesn’t look like any of Gameloft’s other titles, so it’ll be interesting to see what the studio can do outside of its comfort zone.

There’s no word on a release date yet, but the fact that Gameloft is publishing game trailers bodes well for a 2012 launch. We expect to see Wild Blood land on both iOS and Android platforms sometime this fall — perhaps just in time for the new iPhone?

What do you think of Wild Blood so far?


  • I’m not surprised actually.
    Gameloft is leading the mobile gaming industry for quite awhile over all platforms, from iOS all the way down to javaME on feature phones.
    It’s been around they’re developing an unreal engine game, in fact, they’ve mentioned it quite a few times back in 2011 if i remember correctly

  • for me, I still think Gameloft is the boss but the era was during JAR type game, now Gameloft , good try, hopefully its different from the previous genre

  • Impeach Obama

    so its a copy of Infinity Blade? one thing Gameloft does is copy other games and they do it well. so this game should be good

  • yeah okay and still no real physical controller to make these pretty games actually playable

    • klepp0906


      50m people tend to disagree

  • Gameloft + iOS > PS / XBOX / WII / NINTENDO

    • Dan

      What have you been smoking? I want some.

    • U r stoned..!!!

  • I find it difficult to play these types of games on iPhones. Never tried on iPad as I don’t have one. I do play Modern Combat: Domination but on Mac. I want to see more of these games on Mac!!! Completely different developer than the article, but Madfinger Games has an iOS game called Dead Trigger (Zombie FPS with awesome graphics)… THAT would be awesome on Mac!

  • BoardDWorld

    Lighting and shadows are horrible. Wouldn’t buy it as it is, already been stung with their Assassins Creed rip off, can’t remember the name, that’s just how much I played it. Waiting for IB Dungeons.

    • the dead trigger engine is the new standard for al mobile graphics.. it looks better than most PS3 and xbox games..

      • BoardDWorld

        I agree, but it’s more about fully utilising what these engines can do then spending ages optimising it to make it fluid. This is where Gameloft lacks, being more about the money and the need to turn out tons of half baked games. Only on the “very” rare occasion do they bother, NOVA 3 for example.

  • I’m still hoping that this game is in beta, because the graphics werent so ‘stunning’ as Infinity Blade :/ well except when they zoomed in that big monster, you could notice good graphics, but everything else meh…