Apple has begun airing interesting new commercials, possibly marking a subtle change in advertising direction. The adverts debuted during the Olympic Games opening ceremonies tonight. Rather than focus on the newly released Mountain Lion, the nine-month-old iPhone 4S or Siri (which is increasingly working against Apple these days), these new clips depicts Apple Store Geniuses solving problems for customers.

The first advert that can be seen above is aptly named Mayday and depicts a Genius on board an airplane helping a customer solve an issue before landing. Two more commercials are included right below for your viewing pleasure…

Hat tip to iClarified for first spotting these little gems.

The second advert titled Basically is also focused on Mac software. Here we have a Genius explaining to a customer what separates a Mac from an ordinary computer, like built-in apps.

The third one is called Labor Day tells a story of a Genius showing a soon-to-be father some of the cool stuff he can make with iPhoto.

The adverts are definitely quite different from what we’re accustomed to from Apple. Perhaps a change in creative direction has something to do with Apple’s hiring of Dixons former CEO John Browett as its new Senior Vice President of Retail?

Anyways, how did you like these commercials?

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  • Dude you’re getting a Dell!!!!

    That’s what these commercials feel like. Grrrr.

  • This is not Apple’s usual style of commercial… I’m not usually one to blame stuff on the loss of Jobs, but I fear that might be the situation in this case…

    • christodouluke

      You’re saying if Jobs were alive he wouldn’t approve of this, how would you know?

      • Imtonylai

        he wouldn’t approve this.

      • christodouluke

        You don’t know that. You can’t know that. Don’t preted to.

      • ReanimationXP


      • Kurt Lewis

        now he ‘can’t’ approve of this, 😛

  • Eric Morgan


  • Alec Vanek

    Not like the usual apple commercial

    • christodouluke


  • Kevin Clear

    Apple actually just uploaded them to their official YouTube account.

  • I thought the we’re pretty cool, humorous, and highlights their retail shops, the ‘basically’ commercial is great tongue in cheek, and good to see some emphasis on the Mac.

  • notewar

    Im amazed that the word “magic”; “magically” is not in the commercial = )

    • Kurt Lewis

      is the arrogant word “genius” enough? 🙂

  • I’m afraid Apple is going backwards. First they but easter eggs back in the latest OSX (which was banned by Steve Jobs when brought them back from near disaster) and now these really bad ads? These ads are unpolished and looks like it was recorded on a Samsung phone!!! Wake up Apple. You should change your slogan from “Think Different” to “What would Steve Jobs Do” or WWSJD for short. 🙂

    • Geeks on Hugs

      What did that monster have against Easter!? Next your gonna tell me he didn’t like Xmas either.

  • goofygreek

    The last one was funny.

  • That old man didn’t worry about his wife giving birth at all, but the Geniuses.

  • forumiphone

    People say about to samsung they didnt show feature about galaxy on ads but at least i saw the device in ad. All i see in Apple ad is lame gunies act like dumb bring back old style.

  • Is this Apple or are these trailers the teasers for the next 40 Year Old Virgin movie?

  • maurid

    Change is not always bad, people… Jeez.

  • maurid

    I liked all three of them and I like him as the face of all the Geniuses in general for future commercials.

  • wait, but aren’t Macs supposed to be easy to use in a friendly UI. These adds, to me, send a message that you need a genius to learn about the built in Apple apps ( and iWork … ) , some humour to the adds but it sends the wrong message to the tech savvy user.

  • Fadhli Fahmi

    the moment when the Genuis uses non-apple products

  • I think Apple is really jumping the shark here. Their old adverts usually were focused on the products themselves and didn’t rely on tongue-in-cheek humor like other companies’ commercials did. These spots remind of the Honda ones with their blue-shirted salesmen in awkward situations. I miss the old Apple.