Yesterday, we mentioned that several users were reporting that the latest version of iOS 6 beta was not requiring them to put in their passwords when downloading free apps.

The news spread quickly, but the assumption was premature. It appears that Apple has quickly reversed this behavior via a backend update, and the password requirement is back in place…

9to5Mac points out that it seems like something has changed, essentially overnight, in the way the App Store handles free app downloads. We can confirm this, as all attempts to download free apps this morning have prompted a request for a password entry.

TheNextWeb’s Matthew Panzarino notes that this behavior has already changed several times throughout the past month, so folks shouldn’t assume that anything is set in stone until iOS 6 goes public sometime later this year. Good advice.

Judging by the feedback yesterday, removing the password requirement for free apps would be a welcomed change in iOS 6. But apparently, Apple’s not quite ready to make that call just yet. And that, my friends, is why we jailbreak.

Are you still able to download free apps without a password?

  • Nope. (In Poland)

  • JerseyD

    I think Apple should add some options in the store section of settings that lets you enable or disable password requirement for free apps. Also let people choose how long their password stays active after being entered. It should never be required for updates or app reviews.

    PasswordPilot is one of my must have jailbreak tweaks but I know people w kids who wouldn’t want their password auto entered but don’t want to be bugged for every free app a kid wants to try.

  • Donavan Asmawidjaja

    PasswordPilot don’t work on my iPhone (iOS 5.1)

    • JerseyD

      Works on my 4S 5.1.1

      I didn’t even know they released a jailbreak for 5.1

      • There was a tethered one for A4 and below

      • Donavan Asmawidjaja

        I have a 3GS

  • No, ‘we’ jailbreak only to get all Apps for free.

    • Tweaks are an optional.

    • Aleksander Azizi

      F***ing hypocrite , it’s people like you thats damaging the Jailbreak Community.

      • Johnathan Jennings

        You mean pirate? Your stupid.

      • I dont jailbreak, but I bet you do and you have pirated apps.

      • Aleksander Azizi

        How much do you bet i have even One Pirated app ?

  • “Installing PasswordPilot” xp

  • The app store will definetly require a password. They want you to put credit card Info to create an account. You need an account to download even free apps.

    • Aleksander Azizi

      That wasn’t his point, you still need an account, but you wouldn’t need to enter a pw every single time you want to download a free app..

      • How do you know, that is not stated. If you wanna make an assumption based on the picture from top of article then I would be correct.

      • Aleksander Azizi

        Oh… -.- stupid people, no use of arguing with them.

  • Juan Jose Ramirez Lama

    Que bueno que vuelva a pedir contraseña, ya que si descargo una app esa queda registrada en mi cuentas y si “comprara” una aplicacion que esta gratuita de momento, siempre estara registrada como mia por lo que cuando vuelva a su precio original no tendre que pagarla.
    Yo creo que lo que no deberia pedir contraseña son las actualizaciones, pero las apps gratuitas si, ya que sino, no valdria la pena descargar aplicaciones de oferta ya que la proxima vez tendria que pagarla.

  • Um…. it’s September and my Ipod touch does not require passwords for anything even though I have all the restrictions on…