Following up his bold predictions regarding the future of the iPod line, the often accurate Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities has offered up his forecast for what will become of Apple’s tablet line as well.

The analyst agrees that Apple is going to unveil an all-new, smaller slate this fall. But he also believes that the new tablet will launch alongside a tweaked version of the current third-generation iPad…

MacRumors, again, points to the report:

“Though shipments of iPad mini’s components will start in August, the new iPad line will end production, read for transition to a modified New iPad line. As such, component shipments will drop in August as iPad mini’s components shipments growth will be offset. On a side note, the modified New iPad shares the same exterior as the original model, but contains modifications to correct its thermal dissipation problem and lower-cost components.”

Koh believes that we’ll see the smaller iPad debut in late September, just behind the next-gen iPhone. In addition, he also appears to agree with earlier speculation that Apple has been tweaking its Retina iPad.

Back in May, DigiTimes reported that Apple was looking to launch a reworked version of the current iPad in late summer, with a new IGZO display and better heat dissipation. If there’s any truth to this rumor, it’s more likely that the change will go largely unnoticed by consumers, similar to the retooled iPad 2 that appeared back in March.

At any rate, with new iPods, iPads, and a new iPhone all on the menu for a possible September-October launch, this holiday season is certainly shaping up nicely for Apple. The only question is, can it live up to all the hype?

  • “Look, we know you just dropped $500+ 6 months ago, but hey, this one doesn’t heat up as much! It’s worth the $500 to get another one!”
    I seriously, SERIOUSLY hope Apple isn’t that stupid to expect those of us who just bought our iPad 3’s to get the “retooled” one in September/October.

    • I never really experienced any heat issues. No cool down messages. Nothing. I’d be kinda pissed if they make one better than the one we already have though. Lol. My 700 dollar investment is suddenly subpar.

      • Same here. Even after playing Infinity Blade for an hour, it never got too hot. It really makes companies looks ridiculous when they alienate people who just bought one of their premier products a mere 6 months ago. For my $700, and for most people’s investment, we expect more than that.

  • marine725

    Gotta have it just for my daughter to leave my phone and iPad alone!

  • Jorge Campos

    They’re not making an iPad Mini… Tim Cook implied it at the Q3 Report, saying they only make the best products. As for the newer iPad coming out next year it’ll just be better because it won’t overheat like the new one and probably use thunderbolt. Either way Apple’s third iPad is great, and so is the second one. I do however hope that they finally upgrade their ipod classic to a retina display and put ping and nfc on it… flash memory will make it as thin as the ipod touch and I wouldn’t be surprised if the nano and ipod classic got the iTunes Store built into it. I’d love that.

  • Quit your belly aching all you “Gotta be the first one on the block with a new Apple product.” I waited 1 year to buy the Ipad 1 after it was introduced and another year after the Ipad 2 was introduced and I’ll wait another year after the “New” Ipad has come out. If you have feel cheated because Apple decided to change the design of a product a few months after it was rolled out shame on you!