We received several tips this past weekend that the latest iOS 6 Beta 3 which was released to Apple’s registered developers last week finally does away with Apple ID requirement for free apps. Normally, when you download a free app from the App Store, Apple requires you to enter your existing Apple ID or create a new account.

This never made any sense to ordinary users: I can’t tell you how many times my friends (some of whom only download free stuff) asked me if there was a way to drop that pesky requirement. It also doesn’t support Apple’s ‘cut the cord’ initiative that lets one set up and use an iOS device without a computer and iTunes…

This change follows in footsteps of the first iOS 6 Beta which dropped Apple ID requirement for app re-downloads.

Another reason to like this: you’re no longer required to entrust Apple with your credit card information just to download free apps.

You’d be surprise how many people find the very thought resenting and it’s especially true for technically inept users who cannot fathom why getting free stuff requires their credit card information.

It’s understandable that Apple wants to have as many credit cards on file as possible, but a line needs to be drawn somewhere and I’m glad the company addressed concerns and dropped this stupid requirement from iOS 6 Beta 3.

Besides, it’s better from the usability perspective as I can just tap the download button and get some free software, bypassing that pesky Apple ID login alert.

Was this ever an issue for you?

[Hat tip @p_bansiwal]

  • Kok Hean

    “Another reason to like this: you’re no longer required to entrust Apple with your credit card information just to download free apps.”

    False. You can create an iTunes account without a credit card.

    Also, when you download an app that is free for a limited time, the app will be free for downloading on other devices.

    • jvkeizer

      Exactly what I thought!

    • Andrew Nasiatka

      This is what I was thinking also… This is a huge mistake and we need to have this fixed. If we do make a purchase for a free app, and do not login – then will it still store it in “My Account” – and for those who login with more than one account on their iOS device, which one would it go to? This is bad news. They need to do away with it, or, have the option to save the password for free apps or something like that. This is a mistake and a trick by Apple I think, whether or not it was/is intentional it will end up costing consumers. Then again, this is developer preview.

      • Kok Hean


    • seyss

      False. In some countries you are forced to enter a credit card in order to create an account. US I know you can select “none”.

      • Yes, they have that option in US.. We don’t! We have to first, find a free App, after that selecting ‘create new apple ID’ and only THEN can we choose none! It’s so silly Apple seriously, why make it so complicated, instead of just adding a ‘none’ button :/

  • jose castro

    about time

  • jvkeizer

    Is there anything else new in beta 3?

  • This could be annoying for parents that don’t want their kids downloading certain apps.

    • Yes it can, but that is why there are restrictions in the Settings.app 😛

  • Finally. Nothing bothers me more about iOS than having to put in your password as soon as fifteen minutes has passed. One of the first tweaks I install right away after every jailbreak is PasswordPilot.

    • chjode

      Is this about not entering your password over and over or not having an Apple ID altogether?

      • No, I’m talking about entering my password over and over. I don’t mind having my Apple ID, because it’s nice to have all my purchases and whatever linked to my account, but the password is truly flawed. You should be able to disable it if you wish.

  • Aleksander Azizi

    This needs correction, as this future has been in All the betas, Not joust Beta 3.

  • I personally like this because for me it’s annoying having to keep typing my password several times a day.

  • Did not work correctly with me!!

  • But what if you install an app that is free for lets say 3 days. It goes back to the original price after those 3 days, you delete it. You want to put it back on your device, but you can’t download it because you have to pay for it. And because you didn’t enter any personal information, you can not download it again for free.

  • madmaxmedia

    Yeah, but is this feature limited to 4S users only?

  • Niels brought up a good point. I also still prefer using my account so that all my devices automatically download the app when downloaded on one of them. Saves lots of time.

  • I still prefer to have password to download free app.At least with password, I won’t download thing that I don’t want

  • that iPhone is not running iOS 6.0 beta 3 ?