First screenshots of Firefox OS arrive

By , Jul 19, 2012

Mozilla’s Firefox OS may be driven by HTML5 but it sure looks a lot like an unusual cross between iOS and Android. It’s already got strong support from carriers and now the first screenshots depicting the user interface and various system apps have surfaced.

The interface looks distinct enough to stand on its own, even though Mozilla clearly borrowed some of the best design practices from iOS and Android…

TechWeek Europe‘s Peter Judge got to play with an early build of Firefox OS.

His take?

Firefox OS contains everything you would expect from a smartphone OS, including support for calls, texts, calendar and contacts. It also manages the camera and runs apps, which sit on the screen in a normal grid of icons.

Here, take a look at these screenshots

The lock screen with notifications (left) and the home screen (right)

Contact cards look clean and rich with information.

Mail (left) and messaging app (right). The keyboard looks familiar, no?

Camera (left) and gallery apps (right) bring Android to mind.

More images are available in the source post.

Built using HTML5, a markup language for the web, Firefox OS is unlikely to match the responsiveness and sleekness of Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android Jelly Bean, though Mozilla claims it’ll be lighter and faster than Android is.

The non-profit organization could be simply betting that any performance issues will get sorted out as more powerful mobile chips become available.

On a more positive note, apps for Firefox OS will be written in HTML5 and as such should work across a range of Firefox devices, but that’s also just in theory (I’m looking at you, Android).

Firefox devices will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors and target mid-to-low-end of the market and first-time smartphone buyers in emerging markets.

Do these screenies look promising or perhaps you smell a lawsuit here? Would you be willing to consider a Firefox phone?

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  • Max Kaslick

    I love it! If reminds me of Meego

  • Alexander Novarro

    I see an Aperture icon there! Apple on the way!

  • Jean Claude Tohme

    This is what you get when you put the goodies of iOS and Android together.

  • JerseyD

    Eh nothing revolutionary. Looks very similar to the OS’s already out. I would probably never consider getting a Mozilla phone.

    Honestly I think Palm had one of the best setups w webOS but sadly they couldn’t compete.

  • Thomas L

    I’ll stick to ios

  • Mac_Guy

    Lockscreen Notification picture has Angry Birds and Evernote mixed up… fail

  • Matthew Dias

    The Angry Birds and Evernote icons on the lock screen are switched…

    • Max Kaslick

      it is an early build…

    • Golden Gate Domains

      Matthew – If that was an “intelligence test” then I failed it…. LOL!!! .. I didn’t notice! Good Job catching that one! :-)

      But, I have always been a HUGE Mozilla fan. I currently have Apple, and probably would not switch, but, you never know what “tomorrow” will bring!

      I like that Mozilla is targeting the entry level market. This is where you will build your consumer base with a long-term strategy.

      If Mozilla plays it smart, they will roll out “upgrades / advanced” OS that is more powerful and feature rich, catching their current “low-level” users when they want to trade-up their phones in 2 years when contracts run out.

      Only time will tell, but I’m rooting for Mozilla and will be glad to give their devices a try, even if I don’t leave my iPhone. :-)

    • Mustafa Maan


    • Jdgg84

      LOL. Good eyes!

    • Ruan van Wyk

      Actually it’s the app names that were switched… not the icons. Check the details under the names 😉

  • MrShutEmDown

    Guess the pressure from Chrome finally made them have to throw out something. Now it’ll take them 6 more months for a beta. Pass.

  • Edoardo D’Angelis

    Evernote and Angry Birds icons inverted? WTF

  • Oscar

    Prepare to feel the wrath of apple.
    This copies so much from iOS that if it ever became popular apple would sue the crap out of Mozilla just like they have done with android

  • Fr0zen

    The status bar looks almost identical to iOS. I smell Apple already preparing a lawsuit…

    • Yasin Razib

      Also check out screenshot 2 the 3 lines are the same as when you pull down your NC

    • Max Kaslick

      i think the status bars are just for the testing. Look at the one for the homescreen and the one for the photos.


    I like it. It seems to pull from the best of all the currently available OS while remaining unique.

    P.S. Still not giving up my iPhone.

  • Leo Sack

    cough* Android cough*

  • Jordan Rushing

    I can’t wait to try it out. So far, other than Tizen, this is the only OS I haven’t tried- yet.

  • Chindavon

    Ugly and looks like an OS that was created 5 years ago.

  • Beast from the East

    Just as I saw the first picture, I knew they took the best from iOS and Android

    Honestly, I think Mozilla OS is gonna be a better competitor than Android for Apple

  • Beast from the East

    But what they should change is the keyboard.. Its too Android-ish

  • Thomas N Shanna Bernauer

    Only Microsoft came our with a differnt kind of mobile os. Why everyone elelse copy so much.

  • Mathias Lindberg

    I can’t believe anyone would copy Android.

  • Darkstar1062

    just looks like a jailbreak theme. thats how similar the os looks to ios.

  • Irfan Tarique

    Looks well constructed … Still better than win phone 7

  • Frozen Bee .GFKS

    lol…looks like iOS/Android hybrid….its ugly and not original at all

  • Joe Jonsen

    BORING…. do we een need this crap/… seem like we already ha windows phone os to fill the crap niche

  • Jackson Grong

    Copy of ios!!!!!! I hate it

    • Kurt Lewis

      you hate ios?

  • Matan Buzaglo

    damn it looks like a combination of iOS, Android and WindowsPhone together…
    Are they crazy?
    copy one is enough, so 3 OS’s?
    The gonna get sued big time!

  • maurid

    I know it’s an early build, but it looks too familiar to any OS previously released, but then again, innovation is not easy.

  • Alexander Sir-Cheezitz Gardner

    Its a great idea, but you know apple’s gonna sue. I dont think mozilla really has the resources to fight off apple.

  • tony jaajaa

    dam! this just looks like a winterboard theme for ios jailbreak, epic fail!!

  • Felipe Bogaerts

    I thing this is not a copy of Android and iOS, because the UI’s got on a point that there’s no more way to create something 100% original. Mozilla is right.

  • Trevor Ford

    Well here come the Apple law suites

  • iCosmoGeek

    Firefox spokesperson confirmed TechCrunch that these screenshots are of Firefox OS, but are outdated.

  • Clark Wallace

    So this is what would happen if iOS and Jelly Bean were to have a baby.

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    i’ll stick with iOS

  • Max Dan

    Nobody wants to talk with Cristina…