Google pushed out its widely popular Chrome browser to iOS last month to much fanfare. In fact, it took less than 24 hours for the app to reach the #1 spot in the App Store’s list of top free offerings.

Now here we are, nearly a month later, and the initial buzz has warn off. So how many people are still using the browser? A new report from online advertising firm Chitika gives us some insight…

Based on “hundreds of millions” of impressions on the company’s ad network, Chitika says that Safari accounts for 85.6% of iOS browser usage. In addition, “other” third-party clients account for 13%. And Chrome 1.5%.

But the big number for Google here is third-party browser marketshare. Safari, as the pre-installed default, was obviously going to be the winner in overal iOS browser activity. But in just under a month, Chrome has garnered a little over 10% (10.3% to be exact) of the third-party client market.

Obviously, while Chitika’s ad network is quite extensive, it doesn’t cover the entire web. So as such, this report does not reflect all usage. But it does provide a large sample.

It’ll be interesting to see if Chrome continues its steady climb, despite the fact that Apple’s restrictions prevent it from being made the default browser in iOS. That is, unless you’re jailbroken of course.

Are you currently using Chrome for iOS? Why or why not?

[Cult of Mac]

  • billypuntove

    Yeah, the Apple restriction definitely plays a HUGE role in this stats and what other browsers can accomplish on iOS.

  • Safari on iOS 6 beta 3 is very very fast and smooth. Safari was the FIRST full feature mobile browser

  • They should just make the settings panel of safari into the safari app instead of settings.

  • ArthurTyukayev

    I don’t like Chrome on iOS at all, doesn’t run well on my 3GS.

  • I’ve been using Chrome for iOS since the day it came out, can’t see myself reverting back to Safari anytime soon, unless Apple release a major update for it!

  • I’ve been using iOS Chrome from the day it was released. I absolutely love the UI for tab switching, the Omnibar, and the general look of the entire browser. With all that AND the jailbroken ability to make it my default browser, it’s going to take quite a bit of new features for me to switch back to Safari.

    • billypuntove

      Yeah I definitely haven’t looked back. I hope this makes Apple rethink Safari so everyone can reap the benefits. I for one though won’t be going back because of how well it works with desktop Chrome which I also won’t be replacing anytime soon.

      Google really thought of it all with iOS Chrome. The UI is as perfect as I seen one in a iOS browser (and I’ve used lots) so I hope they don’t rest in the laurels and keep improving it. Maybe they’ll see the day when Apple lets users choose their default browser— as they should since the iPhone is not a phone, really, it’s a computer!

    • If you got an Jailbroken iDevice get Full Screen Safari for iOS & Omibar for Safari. Since ALL iOS Browsers use the same UIWebView there all the same. Only features & UI’s set them apart. These these tweaks will let you have the best of both world. The Chrome looks and feel with Faster Nitro Engine Included but the lack of Chrome Tabs & Bookmark sync. Grazing Web Browser is a GREAT alternative looks & feels like Chrome desktop.  

    • For me so far Chrome on iOD is still alittle slow & buggy with lack of features. It’s to bare bone right now. I hope update with make it better. GRAZING browser is a great iOS Chrome alternative.

  • Dan

    Been using it since day one and don’t plan to stop. I’ve been using Chrome on my PC for years and I’ve been waiting for the sync feature for a while.

  • I used to, but I get a lot of crashes (Only happens when I click on a download link on accident, first time was curiosity.. And the occasional random crash) and the only way for me to fix the crash is to reinstall it completely.. Annoying. I’m stuck to Perfect Browser which is a great browser with lots of features, I cannot set it as my default, but I just copy+paste links. Maybe I’ll try it again later, but Perfect is really good, and cannot pass it up..

  • CHROME ROCKS! it beats the shit out safari.

  • Well_Said

    I love Chrome I’ve been using it since day one, I only use safari to download music (Safari download manager) that’s it.

  • PereZ!

    I switched from safari to chrome since it was released.

  • I’ve always been a Firefox type ‘o person. But since chrome I now use chrome on phone pad and pc. Safaris never really had that extra click like chrome or firefox

  • Apple forces Developers to use the same UIWebView had Safari with the lack of the Nitro Engine. So only features in 3th party Browser set them apart. With that said I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ALL CHROME USERRS ON iOS TO CHECK OUT GRAZING WEB BROWSER. Feel more like Chrome for desktop than iOS chrome. It’s use gestures that make perfect use for ONE HAND uses.

  • nhuayra

    Dolphin Browser


    Chrome for iOS sucks IMO… Why? It constantly reloads your tabs…

    Open 2 tabs and spend 3 minutes in the 2nd tab, then return to the 1st… Whooops, reload!

    Even Safari or Atomic Web doesn’t do that…

    It’s got nice animations and desktop sync is a nice feature (which I don’t even use between PC/Macs, I like xmarks), but it’s definitely not something I’d use as a Safari replacement…

    • Emre SÜMENGEN

      Btw, the above comment was mainly for the iPhone… On the iPad, I’m more tolerable for Chrome (but Safari is always faster and nicer).