Google Chrome coming to iOS today

After many rumors, and much speculation, Google has confirmed that their popular Chrome browser is indeed iOS bound at day two of the Google I/O developers conference. When will we see Chrome come to iOS? Today.

Google Chrome has been developed to support both the iPhone/iPod touch and the iPad. This means that all of your bookmarks and other information synced to your Google ID should automatically be available once your sign into Chrome on iOS.

For Chrome desktop users, this means that our desktop and mobile browsing experiences may finally be in sync with one another. Needless to say, as an avid Chrome user, I’m totally pumped for this.


The only downside to Chrome on iOS is that it won’t benefit from the sped up Nitro Javascript engine, which is exclusive to Apple’s Safari. Still, it will be great to finally have our mobile and desktop lives in sync. I think I can deal with the absence of the Nitro engine.

What do you think? Are you happy that we might now have a decent alternative browser solution available on iOS?