Octopus Keyboard — the highly anticipated BlackBerry 10 keyboard tweak for jailbroken iOS devices — has finally touched down on the default BigBoss Cydia repo.

Prior to its landing on the BigBoss repo, the developer released the tweak on his own personal repo. You can check out our further analysis of Octopus Keyboard both here, and here.

Although the download is free of charge, be aware of the fact that you must purchase a $4.99 license via PayPal in order to use the tweak. Have you been waiting for Octopus Keyboard to finally appear on the default Cydia repos? If so, are you going to try it?

  • Jeff can you add that the different dictionaries are on cydia as well?

  • Although octopus took a lot of work to do, i really want a 3-days trial.

    • Ack. I won’t spend 5 bucks on something I can’t even test for a day.

      • I didn’t try my first starbucks coffee before I got one 😀 Some guys told me its good so I bought it. 5 bugs dude^^

      • Kok Hean

        I didn’t even try out AirBlue Sharing and it works as expected.

      • well you should for this. It cost 5 because the guy put tons of work in it. You just need to sometimes trust the developer.

    • trial is great, and it should be a normal thing in cydia. However, I think they would have to completely redesign the whole system of purchases if we had a trial. And this might be not that easy since cydia is a HUGE community. As for now cydia automatically detects our accounts or devices that we used for purchases and shows which tweaks we paid for. With trial option this could change. I know that most tweaks that have a trial are very annoying to activate. They send you an email and then you need to type in id numbers which to be honest I loose very often and I end up with unactivated tweak.

      • David Villamizar

        indeed it should be redesigned…

  • worth every single cent!

    • I agree. At first I thought it cost too much, but I gave it a try. Now I am using it all the time. It is really handy if you have one of these lazy moments and just dont wanna type. I dont see any significant change in speed despite people’s complain.

  • Shugo Asakura

    Not getting, not compatible with swipeselect.

    • Amine Lahlou

      Are you sur ??

      • Kok Hean

        It is not compatible.

      • go for siwipeshiftcaret in this case. You will like it

    • instead of swipeselect use swipeshiftcaret. It does the same thing just much better.

  • Very nice tweak! Still getting used to it but already love it! Works fine with biteSMS, Quick Reply for WhatsApp and SwipeShiftCaret. Btw -> SwipeShiftCaret got much better (especially 4 iPad)! Try it! Almost as good as SwipeSelection and in a few updates SwipeSelection will work again too.

  • It’s so slow for me.. I had to uninstall it.. Wasted money 🙁 kind of nice but not fast enough on my iPhone 4.

    • try restore your iphone and install octopus as your first tweak. It should be fast enough. There could be insignificant change in performance.

  • Not getting, not compatible with iOS 3. XD

    • Cooper Miller

      …why are you using ios3?

    • iNfAMOUS70702

      Time to upgrade dontcha think? O.o

  • Slowed down my iPhone 4 so I uninstalled it. Wish there was a trial, wasted my money.

    • try restore your iphone and install octopus as your first tweak. It should be fast enough. There could be insignificant change in performance. I ran about 150 tweaks on iphone 4 and I am happy with the speed.

  • not compatible with biteSMS (quick compose)
    swipeselect and so on.. really pity.. i waste money after all

  • Daniel Spinner

    Never could get the license to work. WASTE OF MONEY.

    • well keep on trying and it will work. Work on my 2 devices but not at the first time.

      • Daniel Spinner

        Day 2 still no luck and no reply from the developer through email.

      • Daniel Spinner

        Finally got it to work for my iphone4s no bugs so far.

  • Luke Johnston

    There needs to be a trial, especially since people are saying it’s slow on the iPhone 4. There’s no way I’m going to risk 5 bucks on something that may be completely useless to me.

  • it tell me i can activate 2 devices per month

  • Lupius

    Incompatible with ManualCorrect. No app is worth having to live without ManualCorrect. Just no.

    • the dev is aware of it and he will make changes to it. He already fixed issues with iKeywi HD keyboard. IN the first releases it did not work, now it works.

  • Albert Voon

    Wasted money

  • Is it only avaible for the englush keyborad? I use the swedish keyboard (almost like the english but with 3 extra letters) will it work on it?

  • jamesfigs

    Does this just predict a word or does it predict the next work based on your sentence structure habit?

    One of the things I missed from android was SwiftKey. It learned from my texts and it would predict the next word for me based on how I wrote. It came to a point where I would just tap to select words when I reply to texts and I would hardly have to type out a word myself.