Following claimed iPhone 5 engineering samples unearthed yesterday by GottaBeMobile, KitGuru today followed up with a new set of purported images of, you guessed right, another iPhone 5 engineering sample. Obtained from a “Far East source”, the images look fairly consistent to a rumored taller iPhone believed to be coming around October

Note that KitGuru is a case maker so this could just as easily be their internal mold interpretation of what the next iPhone might look like, based on the same rumors you’ve been reading in the press lately.

On its part, KitGuru notes says the images represent “a pre-release test sample so its safe to say it will be ‘cleaned up’ for the retail release”. By teh way, we have no idea why KitGuru watermarked the home button in every image. That said, we’re reporting those here for discussion’s sake purely.

Case molds of unreleased products aren’t unheard-of in the device case industry. Last week, for example, brought us a case mold of an iPad mini with smaller dock connector, also published by GottaBeMobile. Heck, Chinese resellers are already accepting pre-orders for a non-existent iPhone 5.

Notice a much smaller dock connector, presumably coming to all future iOS devices and potentially rendering existing peripherals obsolete.

All things considered, I must say that I’ll be terribly disappointed if the next iPhone ends up looking exactly like the iPhone 4/4S, only taller and rocking a metal backplate.

True, there’s only that many ways one can design a smartphone, but the current design is now two years old. And while there’s no doubt that the iPhone will continue to dominate mindshare and retain its lust factor, I have a feeling even most die-hard fans desperately want a distinctively re-deigned iPhone.


It’s really, really simple.

People want their friends to know they upgraded.

Am I the only one having a problem with the next iPhone’s looks?

  • same ugly shit

  • all fake!
    the samples are of such a bad quality they can’t be real!

    • The machining looks horrible on the close up of the dock connector! Plus I hope apple would keep those speaker/mic holes more symmetrical, 5 on one side and 8 on the other Ca, Mon Man

      • These are just molds for the cases… Not actual models. THis is supposed to give them something to test the cases on.. Jeez.

  • SimonReidy

    “People want their friends to know they upgraded”

    Can’t say that’s a motivating factor in smartphone purchases for me, but I guess it must be for some! 🙂

    I just want an upgrade because I’m sick of looking at the same tiny screen, and I know Apple are capable of producing something more modern and fun to use than the aging iPhone 4/4S form factor. A bigger screen is a must, and I think most people assume that they will be ditching the glass back (at least partially if the two tiered design is true).

    I really hope Apple blow us away with a phone that leaves the competition in the dust. Whether its the two tiered design or something even better, it’s what’s inside it that counts more to me.

  • Stop this “iPhone 5” nonsense. You can call it “next iPhone” or “the new iPhone” or at least “iPhone 6”. For god’s sake.

  • I love the look of the 4/4S and wouldn’t mind if apple permanently adopted that style of look for it’s mobile phones the same way that expensive car makers like Lamborghini, Porsche, etc have basically adopted a flagship mold for their vehicles with only making the tiniest of modifications for one year to the next.

  • terrible if apple makes another 4/4s clone phone i will be pissed..

  • If I had one wish for new iPhone,? The bezel on the sides of the screen to be barely there. They seem like they got thicker with the iPhone 4 compared to the 3GS.

  • Nope, right there with you Christian. This fall is going to be a tough dedication for me. I am not a fan of the new design whatsoever, and have always been “just ok” with the 4/4s design. I of course got a 4 when it came out because I wanted to continue having a device ecosystem (which became more beneficial after iCloud). But there just isn’t much to differentiate this new design from the previous and what differences there, are I really find them quite ugly. As much as I really love my iPhone (from a usability standpoint, not necessarily a design one) I’m seeing a lot of really compelling features and designs coming from android

  • 1337lolzorz

    Every year leaks come out and people cry about it looking ugly, or like a cheap Chinese phone (iPhone 4 complaints). Yet when the phone comes out it always looks amazing in person. So yes these leaks are probably mostly on par and I have no doubt the next iPhone will look amazing

  • it’s the iPhone 4SS

  • Cecil Gerald Tim-Pappoe

    I also have a problem with the next iPhone’s look. It’s just too long and not aesthetically please to the eye, in other words it looks ugly.

    • Once apple makes it and you see it in person you’ll love it. You can’t tell me those mockups are ugly.

      • yermomm

        I love my iPhone, and have never said an unkind word about it, but I have to agree. These mockups are ugly. They’re exactly the same as the current model, just slightly longer. If the next gen iPhone isn’t a total redesign, i think there’s gonna be a lot of very unhappy people.

      • There aren’t ‘mockups’.. These are molds used for cases. I don’t think anyone besides you would be unhappy. I love the shape of the 4/4s and would like something similar. and i know a lot of other people would too. The mockups are the designs made with software. Not these molds.

      • This isn’t supposed to look like the real thing, just mainly act like it, and provide a shape for the case. It has nothing to do with looks

      • yermomm

        Uhh, ok. So if this is a mold to provide a shape to make a case, wouldn’t that lead one to assume that the real phone will look pretty similar? How can you design a case for a phone that won’t look anything like the mold provided? So tell me how much different the real thing is gonna look if they’re designing cases to fit the mold you’re looking at?
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  • I would be a lot happier if the headphone jack was placed at the bottom. Having your headphones stick out of the top (and losing a couple inches of cord to the top of the phone) just seems tacky. The only thing I wouldn’t like is the smaller dock connector. Everyone who previously owned any mobile Apple products would have to buy multiple new cords, which would only loose you a few bucks, but it would still be a pain.