FixYa, an online tech support community, released a new report over the weekend regarding the top 5 most commonly reported issues in some of today’s most popular smartphones.

The data comes from more than 25 million users, and 650,000 experts. And the report covers top handsets like the iPhone 4S, the Nokia Lumia 900, and the Samsung Galaxy S III

As far as the iPhone 4S goes, the top 5 most reported issues are:

  • Battery Life – 45%
  • Can’t Connect to Wi-Fi – 20%
  • Bluetooth Connection – 15%
  • Siri Complaints – 10%
  • Other – 10%

There really aren’t any big surprises here. The iPhone 4S has indeed taken a lot of heat over its poor battery life. And although it stills lasts longer than most of its competitors, it’s considerably worse than the iPhone 4.

The Wi-Fi connection problem has also been widely documented. We’ve seen it affect the iPhone 4S, the new iPad, and other iOS devices. But the Bluetooth Connection thing is a new one to us.

Perhaps most interesting is the fact that only 10% of complaints from iPhone 4S users are about Siri. Apple is actually being sued by multiple 4S owners right now, who claim that the digital assistant isn’t as good as it is in the commercials.

Here are the top 5 complaints for the Galaxy S III and Nokia’s Lumia 900:

Galaxy S III

  • Microphone Malfunction – 50%
  • Battery Life – 15%
  • Device Gets Hot – 15%
  • Internet Connection Issues – 10%
  • Other – 10%

Nokia Lumia 900

  • Tinted Purple Screen – 25%
  • Camera Button – 20%
  • Can’t Find Applications – 20%
  • Battery Life – 20%
  • Other – 15%

The entire report is really worth reading, especially if you or someone you know is in the market for a new smartphone. Sometimes you can tell more about a handset by looking at its flaws, rather than its features.

Do you agree with these top 5 complaints? What are yours?


  • It’s funny because Battery Life being the number one complaint for iPhone was a given. However, I am glad a lot of the complaints for iPhone are software related versus the Lumia/SIII having one or two hardware complaints

    • Actually, as far as the S3 and Lumia are concerned, all the problems can be fixed with the right firmware update. And if not firmware, most problems can be fixed with a hard reset/reboot.

      I would know, I have had the same complaints and fixed them all myself. And yes, I’ve owned/own both devices.

      • I too own both devices, and can agree with this.

      • Ahh, I thought Microphone Malfunction and the purple screen were hardware issues. Thanks for the clarification.

  • Battery life because we really use it a lot?
    It drains too much even at idle?

    • chjode

      Yep, I think most folks who complain about their iPhone’s “poor” battery either use it a lot or have never owned a smartphone before and are used to a dumbphone going 3-4 days between charges.

      Also, I’ve noticed a lot of people leave Wi-Fi on all the time which, when you’re not connected to an access point, puts the Wi-Fi radio in a high-power search mode looking for nearby access points and thus eats more battery.

      • Emre SÜMENGEN

        True, but still, the i4S has (as should be expected) a worse battery performance than the i4. I was pretty fine with my iPhone 4’s battery indeed…

        Let’s wait for the i5… It had been like this in the past with the 3GS too… It offered better performance in the same shell (and with the same battery I guess), so 3GS battery performance was worse when compared to 3G…

        And, still, the 4S battery is more than enough (usually), at least for me.

      • Of course it (4S) has worse battery life. Just because they look the same on the outside, does not make them the same on the inside. The 4S has a dual core processor, better graphics, better camera, “4G”, but only marginally better battery. No wonder battery life sucks…

      • Emre SÜMENGEN

        And how is this different from what I’ve said? 🙂

      • thats 100% correct, we use our smartphones very often, and every smartphone i used till today stand for only 1 day because they have too many features to offer… 🙂

    • Indeed true. Majority of people that own a smartphone aren’t really tech familiar. Most of the times, they leave their Location Service, WiFi, 3G and other power drainers on even when not in use. If users are educated in this area, they will realise that 4S battery is actually not bad considering it running on a dual core processor which supposedly drains more battery than the single core A4 chip.

      I am a 4S user and with light browsing, text messaging and phone calls, my battery can last about 22 hours or more.

    • my iphone 4s battery life sucks…but when i had installed ios 6 beta 2 the battery life was just awesome, couldnt believe it. so my doubt remains, is it, of course what u said jack, or something related to the software

  • seyss

    Battery is what is holding back the phone industry. If we had decent battery we’d have amazing and unthinkable features in our phones. A breakthrough battery is long overdue.

    • Chris

      Good answer this is it battery is holding mobiles back at the moment as soon as they solve this problem mobiles will start going far roll this on. Me the battery and Siri nothing for the u.k

      • ReanimationXP

        They should make you answer a simple algebra problem before posting.

      • Chris

        Is mr perfect like you who make the rest look bad I my be a little rubbish at my grammar you ever thought they may be a reason for that? No people like you don’t think like that the only think that i am perfect but mr perfect you ever thorght while you are good at grammar you ARE CRAP at something at that something I am must prob good at

  • We should get 4″ iPhone soon, and that means bigger battery!
    But it is rumored it will be quad core, and even better graphics, so battery life will go down. 🙂

    Mobile phone manufacturers seem to be satisfied with ~2 days normal use battery life. Not one is aiming higher.

    We should be more vocal about our needs, especially in this so entrenched industry.

    Would be lovely to forget when I charger my plethora of device last. Just bring them in to the house, and they start charging, or something even better my mind cant think of 😀

  • I’m hoping industry settles for size for a while and stops trying to make phones smaller and smaller at the expense of battery life. I would take a couple millimeters for an extra day’s battery life.

  • Kok Hean

    Software complaints are HIGH!

  • “Sometimes you can tell more about a handset by looking at its flaws, rather than its features.” Totally agree with this statement

  • Dan

    I guess t really depends on how you use the phone, I have an iPhone 4 and my gf an iPhone 4S, we both use our phones a lot and are both usually at 60% at the end of the day. I play games and she listens to a lot of music with speakers at high volume.

    • How the fuck I’m listing thru my head phones like 4hours a day:
      2hours at the train and 2hours for breaks and waiting on buses and trains…
      Anyway at the end if my day i got around 10%-20%!!

    • Kok Hean

      I guess that three people think that you’re lying…

  • ****** please answer********

    umm, this is a bit off topic but does anyone know when the ipad 4 will come out cuz if its gonna be a long time, then ill just jet the three but if its before october or even december,ill wait so i gotta know, even if its just an assumption…

    • 2008crna

      You have to be mentally challenged. No one knows. Google and you will see a plethora of rumors and guesses. This is not the place to discuss your purchase plans of an iPad 4 when *dumbass* the 3rd generation just came out this year. Try next year for your 4th generation.

    • Dude the ipad 3 came out like 4 months ago why would you even ask about the ipad 4 but if wanna wait 8 or more moths to get it that’s your decision

    • Why not wait for iPad 7? 7 is a good number.

      Back to the topic, if you follow the iPad release trend, they release a different iPad model annually. Since Apple is planning on releasing a smaller version of iPad, “iPad 4” if it exist, might take another year or more. But in my opinion, the new iPad isn’t really that amazing considering the rate it gets overheated.

  • I thought “file management” would be the number one complaint. Only jailbreaking solves issues around this.

    • Make a list of your Cydia tweaks, and remove MovileSubstrate, then install each tweak one by one.

      • Well, turns out I solved that problem by turning on the “Data protection” option in Lockinfo.

        And turns out I realized I shouldn’t be going off topic in the comment section and edited my original post, sorry about that!

        Thanks for the help, though, this community is awesome.

  • hahaha, 4s battery life is suck, and apple fan boys still said android suck for battery life, heads up…..

  • Roddisq

    One quick fix for battery is a wireless charging, which is so easy to make but companies insist in having you sticking that usb cable to charge every single day.
    and that is what makes you remember how low is your battery life. Land line cordless phones have been using it for decades…so no excuses.

  • mordechai eliyahu

    i remember when by blackberrys battery lasted my 2 days!!!!!

  • I think the Bluetooth issue has to do with iOS 5. I’ve been having problems with Bluetooth on my i4 ever since I updated…

  • i recon the battery drain is mostly caused by 3G… when i turn 3G off, it seems to out last my wildest expectation =D… but i agree being an owner of 4 and a 4S, 4S battery usage is more than 4 on iOS 5.1.x, however, i have yet to try iOS 6… so will try when it’s officially out =D

  • Probably iOS’s sophistication makes it drain battery life
    if it wouldn’t be it then Android user must have a bigger list
    Anyone agrees?

  • ongxadayne

    Battery Life fix.
    setting-location service-go down to system services-turn off setting time zone.
    all fix .test on my all day lost 1%.Battery Life .

  • ongxadayne

    if you have factory unlock iphone4s ues tmobile turn off 3 g when not use.
    i got full 5 bar with 3g off .
    no service with 3g on.
    or 1 bar.

  • I’m a huge iPhone fan. Had a 3G before getting a 4S. Using it about 2 weeks now. I adore everything about the phone except the battery life. My 3G phone doesn’t suck up battery life when not in use, and even when it’s connected to WiFi. 4S however, drains the battery WAY too much. It’s like I have to keep it charged all the time. =(

  • mirduke

    Good phone its just The battery life sucks with the 4s… Im starting to get really frusterated and if they dont have a fix for it soon, i wont recommend this phone right now intil they fix it.

  • iPhone 4S is d most useless phone av ever use in my life,y most I create a new account for every app dat is a criminal technic…. I hate dis iPhone product …. Pls others phone like Samsung 3 BB nd others phone apart from dis iPhone rejectin sm games that r free dat u av to make fake account to get app… I can’t go on with dis ,,,,,,,,