iOS 5 Causing Loss of Wi-Fi Connectivity For Some Users

Apple’s introduction of iOS 5 has been accompanied by plenty of problems. Launched alongside the iPhone 4S, iOS 5 has been blamed for all kinds of things, but most prominently a considerable loss of battery performance.

Apple may have another potential problem on its hands, with reports beginning to crop up of iOS 5 devices struggling to connect to Wi-Fi networks. Even when a iOS 5 device does join a Wi-Fi network, users are reporting flakey connections that constantly drop.

As with the infamous battery problems that have plagued the newest release of Apple’s mobile OS, this issue appears to span across all of Apple’s ‘i’ products, and not just the new iPhone 4S…

One particular user has all-but-proved that the issue is indeed iOS 5-related and not created by faulty hardware, thanks to a troubleshooting process that leaves little doubt. By reverting back to iOS 4.3, the user found that Wi-Fi connectivity issues went away. Re-updating to iOS 5 made the problem return, ergo, iOS 5 is indeed the culprit.

Apple’s recently released iOS 5.0.1 to help with battery drainage, and 5.0.1 does not appear to have been the fix many had been hoping for.

Have you been suffering Wi-Fi connectivity problems since updating to iOS 5, and did iOS 5.0.1 help fix the issue? Let us know if you’re having these types of problems in the comments below!