Rumors that Apple is working on a wireless charging solution for its iOS devices have been bouncing around for years. We’ve even seen evidence of this in the company’s patent filings.

But if you can’t wait for Apple to implement the feature, you could always do it yourself. Tanveer Islam did it with his iPhone 4S, using a Powermat and a little know-how…

The hack is not for the weak at heart, however, as it involves disassembling a Powermat, an iPhone, and some heavy duty soldering. But it’s hard to argue with the results. Islam says the wireless charging works flawlessly, and only adds about 1 millimeter to the iPhone’s overall thickness.

“There are wireless charging options out there such as the powermat system but they all involve slipping on a jacket around the iPhone. I wanted to internalize the technology so that the beauty of the iPhone not hidden away!”

Recent rumors point to Apple going with a redesigned charging port in its next iPhone, so we don’t expect to see a wireless charging method from them anytime soon.

But maybe Tanveer’s work will inspire third-party manufacturers to come up with a simpler solution, like a rear panel replacement or something. We’d buy one.

What do you think of wireless charging? Is it the future, or just a passing fad?


  • U can get a powermat instead 😛

    • This method uses a powermat, but instead of having that inconvenient case to charge it he uses this hack.

    • SimonOrJ

      Read the quote in the article.

    • Did you even read this?

  • markfulaytar

    Is anyone else having trouble viewing videos or whatever it’s is in google chrome on iPod 4

    • jose castro

      nopers. i got both iphone 4 and ipod 4

    • Google chrome sucks, that the problem. Compatibility just isnt there yet..

  • jose castro

    i like the idea, maybe with iphone 6

  • that seems pretty nice to have

  • how about charging the phone while walking around the house? 😀

    • Manuel Molina

      When they said wireless charging, I thought that’s what they meant.

    • possible but not at a wide range, only tesla could do that. Today we can only get about 7ft

    • Solar charging iPhone body panels. Oh yeeeaaahh 😀

  • jose castro


    • that’s what i was thinking. where is there spare room inside the phone to put this stuff?

  • Now that take guts … Well done, love it..

  • ZiiG

    I don’t see the point in even making a “wireless” charging pad when the device has to sit in one spot anyway.

    Setting the phone on a mat to charge isn’t much different then plugging it in. It’s still has to be “touching” the pad. 100% pointless.

    If it has to sit in one spot,..then it has to sit in one spot. Ya might as well just plug the damn thing in. Then you have more
    At least with a charging cable you can actually pick up the device and use it in your

    The charging pad looks more “inconvenient” then convenient.

    • double post.

    • I agree with you 90% of the way… Here’s the other 10%, picture this:

      1.- It’s late at night you are tired for whatever reason, and you just want to go to bed, plugging in your phone can be a bit tedious, so you use the mat.

      2.- You have to do some stuff around the house in a hurry ‘coze you are going out, so you wont pay much attention to the phone anyways and it has 0 to none battery left, this can help speed up the process of charging it, just ‘coze you dont have to plug in and unplug later, just place it and pick it up when you leave.

      So granted it limits the movements you can have with the phone while charging it, but dont dismiss the fact that having 2 ways of charging the phone can be resourcefull some times.

    • ReanimationXP

      Tilt it at a 45′ angle and make it a stand like HP’s Touchstone, and suddenly it’s not so worthless. It’s just like the iPhone dock, except I can probably still use a case if I want, and could change the orientation. Some people like always having their phone on in a stand next to their PC.

      I’m curious why the Data+ and Data- connections were involved.. was this purely for power management handshaking reasons? (Read up on USB ports allowing >500mA before you reply to me with something stupid.) I wonder if near-field wireless USB would be possible with a mod like this as well?

    • Kok Hean

      There is lesser chance of breaking the charging cables.

      • MohamedHassabo1


      • Kok Hean

        Why should it be the word “less”?

      • Mohamed Hassabo

        Is Lesser a word?

      • Kok Hean


      • Mohamed Hassabo

        Oh sorry, it’s because I hear less more frequently.

    • JaeM1llz

      First of all it is not pointless. It is convenient because instead of trying to plug in a small cable to a small slot all you have to do is put the phone anywhere on the mat and it automatically slides into place and starts charging.

      Beyond that, magnetic induction charging is still in it’s infancy. The idea is to eventually build these charging stations into bars and tables in public places. This way you could charge your device while you’re at the bar having some drinks without having to bring a cable and a power source.

    • becase i dont need to find a cable and dont have to remember to plug it in i just put the phone down where i normally do before i go to bed and its done ,
      plus i waterproofed my entire now because of this

  • Anoush Khan

    I believe a good question to ask is can you still use a wire to charge the device?

    • M Last

      why not

    • ReanimationXP

      Yes, you can. He’s adding to the dock connector, not breaking it in any way.

      • Anoush Khan

        I see. This is an awesome mod that Apple themselves should implement!

  • so, you either put your phone on this wireless charger, or you put it in a dock.. hm… big difference….

  • It’d be cool if you could do it from your house just walk around and have it charge, this would be a cool combo with liquipel I think though because I like the look of the iPhone without a case and this and liquipel does just that

  • A massive amount of energy is lost in the technology. Complete waste of time of you ask me. We want to conserve power not waste it.

  • Now if they can make the damn thing charge and sync to the computer, then there it would be worth doing this.

  • Next guy to see with his iPhone burning into flames.

    • ReanimationXP


  • Chris

    The idea is there it works so mybe people/company’s will jump on the bus to make it work so we can all use or apple might take it and use it anything like this is good

  • to do all that work and screw up your iphone 4s, I rather buy the powermat set, which it comes with the case for the iphone and the powermat and i dont have to open my iphone 4S and of course screw up my apple care package.. it is too much work for nothing lol

  • “Islam says the wireless charging works flawlessly, and only adds about 1 millimeter to the iPhone’s overall thickness.”

    I am 100 percent positive that Islam does not say this xD

    On a more serious note, the hack is indeed pretty nifty, and shows how future iPhones and other smartphone devices could implement wireless charging.

  • Wow that’s awesome. If only Apple would implement this anytime soon…

  • I thought it’s like a wifi charging! This thing even my Panasonic shaver can do 😉 but it still good to move away from wiress anyway!

  • LukeDeezNuts

    This is epic! If apple does this it will change the tablet and phone industry forever and apple will absolutely demolish it’s competition with amazon and Samsung. It’s time that apple pulls out its tricks and should apply it before some competitor comes along and copies it and steals their idea, just like they have been ever since apple started.