Bloomberg confirms Apple will unveil 7-8-inch iPad in October

By , Jul 3, 2012

Hot on the heels of analyst-based reports regarding a smaller iPad, Bloomberg is out with its own story this afternoon.

The credible news outlet says that it has received word from people with “knowledge of the plans” that Apple is looking to unveil a 7-8-inch tablet this October…

Bloomberg reports:

“Apple Inc. (AAPL) plans to debut a smaller, cheaper iPad by year-end, two people with knowledge of the plans said, to help maintain dominance of the tablet market as Google Inc. (GOOG) and Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) prepare competing handheld devices.

The new model will have a screen that’s 7 inches to 8 inches diagonally, less than the current 9.7-inch version, said the people, who asked not to be identified because Apple has’t made its plans public. The product, which Apple may announce by October, won’t have the high-definition screen featured on the iPad that was released in March, one of the people said.”

Some folks believe that this report was actually a controlled-leak from Apple itself, to help draw attention away from Google’s new Nexus 7 tablet. It’s almost as if Apple was saying, “don’t buy the Nexus 7, there’s a 7-inch iPad on the way.”

Interestingly enough, rumors that Apple was planning something for the low-end tablet market were around long before Google unveiled its Nexus 7. In fact, The Wall Street Journal confirmed the smaller iPad’s existence all the way back in February of this year.

At any rate, it’s starting to look more and more likely that we’ll see an “iPad Mini” this October. And most folks seem to agree that it will house a 7.85-inch display with a 1024 x 768 resolution, and come with a $199-$249 price tag.


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  • jose castro

    i would be pissed if they only showed this and not the iphone 5

  • Christian Yu Owen

    Do we really need another tablet from iPad? They already own the market with their current iPad

    • Christian Yu Owen


      • javierE186

        Although I agree with you on this (and I personally do not like tablets but full understand it is amazing for others), you need to understand that their are a lot of people that do not buy the normal sized iPad because it’s too big. Look at all the sales the Kindle Fire had, many were bought just on the fact that it was a tablet that was not as big as the iPad or anything like it and it had an amazing price. I used to work and Radio Shack and one of the main things people loved about the Kindle Fire was the fact that it was small (also pretty smooth for and Android based tablet). Now a fair number of those people did say that they would have gotten the iPad but just because it was too big for them they chose not to. Now imagine out of the 4.65 millions (roughly) Fires that were sold, lets say that 25% pf those were people that wanted a smaller iPad but it didn’t exist and also keep in mind that the iPad is international and the Fire was sold only here. This could be yet another gold mine for Apple.

  • Josh Flanders

    I don’t think Steve Jobs would have approved this if he were alive…

    • Ryan Northcott

      I thought his biography stated he had his fingers into devices that where 3-5 years out

    • Matthew Scott

      Steve Jobs would have been involved in its development anyway, seen as though it has been stated that he had input in Apple’s product designs / developments for the next few generations of Apple devices before he passed.

  • jose castro

    all they are trying to do is compete with kiddle and nook…. this is all bs…

    • Anthony Antunez

      And thats a bad thing? Lol Competition pushes others to go beyond what has already been done.

  • Abraham Murillo

    I wouldn’t think twice on buying an iPad in that price range

  • CollegiateLad

    “Some folks believe that this report was actually a controlled-leak from Apple itself, to help draw attention away from Google’s new Nexus 7 tablet.” Complete BS… This rumor has been thrown around for over a year(long before the nexus 7). And it has never materialized. Saying Apple may be behind this doesn’t pursuade me anymore than the other manufactured leaks with an anonymous source.

  • insp1112

    We will be hearing this news on this year, next year, and so on.

  • Justine Tobi Dayao

    now I’m confused what to buy the Nexus 7 or the rumored iPad mini.. and October is too far away to confirm it… :(

  • Pl486

    Doesn’t the iPad mini already exist as an iPod touch..just pick one or the other do we really need a iPad mini and a half?

    • Richard Borkovec

      I hope they make a 5″ iPod Touch instead of this. I think that’d be the best approach.

      • Piotr Teicher

        5″? It would valiate Samsungs patents. Apple has trolled so much with patents, now have no place to go – just keep actual line.

      • Richard Borkovec

        You can’t patent a size, just design and technology stuff.

      • Piotr Teicher

        But you can patent corners? You can patent everything – in USA only.

  • forumiphone

    7 inc tablet all about price tag and everybody know apple suck at thıs when bring price tag low

    ı love to see 7 ınc SURPRİSE ME APPLE WİTH COOL PRİCE TAG or ı kında lıke the new androıd jealbean indoor maps,save maps for offlıne(ios 6 need this feature),
    more information of the app inside storage(my flipboard sometimes up 1.1 gb yes gb and deleting that space not easy it looks)(in settings of flıpboard then about then touch the flipboard picture boom! secret(kında) storage ınformation)

  • port87

    the new macbook pro, the new iphone, the new ipod touch, the new ipad, and now introducing the iPidi. I piddy the fool who aint gonna buy this.

  • smtp25

    How are they credible if they say 7-8 inch ?? is it 7 or is it 8″. I can credibly guess.. the next iphone will have 3.5 and 4.3 inch screen – when I’m right (the same as everyone else is guessing) my credilby will be through the roof for the next next iphone :/ /s

  • Richard Brooks

    What are you guys talking about? That’s the new iphone not ipad

    • DonGiuj

      God i hope you’re wrong.

  • Jasoco

    If it is real, it definitely won’t be the super fake 16:9 blurry mockup in the photo. It’ll be the same 4:3 aspect the normal iPad is. If it’s even real. Which I still doubt it is. Personally I don’t see the point. But whatever. I’m sure it’d have a market, just as the 10″ one does. I’d rather have the 10″ one.

  • DonGiuj

    There’s a possibilty here that many people could be very wrong about what they believe they think they know about apple.

  • Piotr Teicher

    It looks like Samsungs tablets… It’s time for Apple to be sued…

  • iFuture

    this thing looks ugly

  • Tyler Chervo

    Just like it was confirmed to be released last year, and the year before