iOS power-users rejoice, the popular jailbreak utility Safari Download Manager is finally compatible with iOS 5. The tweak, developed by Dustin Howett, gives you a large amount of control over your mobile downloads.

SDM has long-since been a favorite in the jailbreak community, but has recently been all-but-forgotten due to its lack of iOS 5 support. But now it’s back, and better than ever. Here’s our rundown of SDM part deux…

Safari Download Manager 2.0 still integrates seamlessly into mobile Safari. Once installed, you will be able to download practically any file type to your iOS device that you would be able to download on your desktop.

SDM also allows you to download multiple files at once (up to 10), and choose which folder each one goes into. Out of the box, the tweak supports a number of common file types, but you can add additional types as you see fit.

As you might expect from a high-powered tweak like this, it’s a bit pricey. Obviously, previous owners will get the update for free. But new customers will have to fork over $5. If you’re interested, you can find SDM in Cydia, in the BigBoss repo.

What do you think of Safari Download Manager 2.0?

  • jose castro

    hey Jeff whats the difference between this and safari download enabler?

    • This one looks much better.

      • jose castro

        and the fact one is free and the other isn’t lol

    • the one you mentioned is a simpler version. It does not let you download multiple files. Also, you cant choose the location where to download. Then, you dont have a tab with visible downloads, you can only see the progress from the address bar. And there are many others minor details.

  • jose castro

    they need to make this tweak compatible with chrome lol

    • they dont need to, but it would be nice.

    • Daniel Nabil

      I think this is the only important thing missing chrome( sure if you have chromizer installed)

  • jose castro


  • iDB you are soooooooo slowww.. this tweak was released thursday last week!!!

    • Eric Armstrong

      You spelled “magazine” wrong.

      • jose castro

        dude it takes time to make video that are pretty much perfect back off dude…

      • Eric Armstrong

        You replied the the wrong guy. I’m on your side!

      • jose castro

        lol woops sorry dude

      • basically, “magazin” is german. as this is a german blog…

    • actually, he made a video on youtube the same day the update came out. Just now it has been made as an article. So they are not that slow as you think.

      • jose castro

        dude it takes time to make video that are pretty much perfect back off dude…

  • Metroview

    Yeah… see how long it took for an iOS 5 compatible SDM? We won’t see a Chrome version of this from the same dev for like a year at that rate.

    You would think that for the price of $5 it would motivate you to support it with updates faster to get more customers.

    • Siv

      It took long, not because of the difficulty of developing it for iOS 5 but because the developer is a particularly slow one. He takes his time.

      • yeah I agree. I send him couple emails and never got a single response. Not even a smily face.

  • Eric Armstrong

    I would have been ecstatic about 4 days ago.. But now we have Chrome… -_-

  • Make it chrome compatible. Make it CDM :))

  • Wish it was chrome compatible:/

  • I have been waiting for this update almost a year and I bought it immediately when it came out. Works flawlessly and I hope it will be possible to integrate it with multiple browser such as chrome, opera and mercury.

  • This gets updated just before we all switch over to Chrome. Hopefully updating it to work with Chrome won’t take nearly as long. It’s an awesome tweak but I’m loving Chrome so far… still nice to know that I can switch over to Safari when I need to download something though.

    • jose castro

      i was thinking the same thing

    • I guess now with this new tweak everyone will switch back to safari.

  • Binary_Stalker

    Too late SDM, we’re on Chrome now.

  • I have three words to say about this update. Chrome Chrome Chrome!!!

  • Well_Said

    I will only buy it once it becomes Chrome compatible

  • Chrome is the best

    • iwan ikhwan

      But chrome cannot download bro

    • and chrome does not have great cydia support as safari does. Therefore, it is not the best yet.

  • Does the Manager work in the background or do you need to have Safari open ?

  • jammy_izy

    Just upset that it’ll let you download the videos e.g .mo4 etc but won’t let you view it like it did on io4

  • Only problem is, it ends your download as soon as you lock your screen. Making long downloads virtually impossible