In less than 24 hours following its official introduction, Google’s Chrome browser for the iPhone and iPad has risen to become the No. 1 free app on the App Store. That’s a remarkable achievement, one clearly highlighting the popularity of Google’s excellent web browser. Although it doesn’t use the speedy Safari Nitro engine, Chrome for iOS is very zippy (speed test here) and enables seamless synchronization of browsing preferences and open tabs across desktop and mobile installations via your Google Account…

And just 12 hours following the launch, the jailbreak community has managed to produce a tweak called BrowserChooser that lets owners of jailbroken devices set Chrome as their default browser in iOS.

Supporting both the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad natively, the free download ups the ante for third-party browsers on the iOS platform. Chrome did not displace Mozilla’s Firefox and beat Microsoft’s Internet Explorer globally in some key territories for no apparent reason. The program touts as good an experience as Chrome for Android or Chrome on your desktop.

Features include the popular Omnibar that puts search and navigation into a unified box, with auto-completion and search suggestions. It features a private browsing mode and lets you flip through tabs on the iPhone (swipe from edge to edge to switch tabs on the iPad) and send pages from your computer to an iOS device with one click.

Another handy feature: Chrome lets you sync all your open tabs, bookmarks, passwords and omnibox data across devices via a Google Account.

Did you try Chrome for iOS already? What did you think of it? Do you think it could replace Apple’s safari as your default iOS browser?

  • Eric Armstrong

    With good reason.

  • it was awesome, what gonna apple say in the next wwdc, chrome is no.1 web browser?

  • I like the safari keyboard over chrome’s that’s pretty much the only problem I’ve encountered

  • PereZ!

    Chrome is a million times
    Better than safari. I could careless if chrome is slower by a second.

    • SamsungAppleFan

      I dont think anyone cares about the load speed being slower by a second. It’s the scroll stutter that bugs me. This micro scroll stutters are found in all third party browsers except Safari. But as a desktop chrome user, I might still use chrome for my main ipad browser due to its sync features.

      • Edward Pang

        It’s true. I also use chrome mostly in PC mostly. But scroll stutter does bother me especially with my iPad 1.

    • MohzeenHansrod

      You *couldn’t *care less.

      By saying you could care less, implies that you DO care to some extent, and that extent can be lessened. Not caring at all, means that there isn’t some extent of caring that can be lessened. It would be impossible to care less, because you have no care to begin with.

  • Love it on my iPad. It’s a little smooshed on the iPhone tho.

  • I think chrome is simply a better browser on iOS right now. Just needs Nitro and the ability to be set as default browser…

    • Alex Villot

      You can set ot as default browser.Just install BrowserChooser from cydia and you will be able to make chrome,or any other browser the default one.

      • right well i’m talking about without jailbreaking. many people don’t jailbreak, and many people don’t want to.

  • I don’t know what all the hype is about. Is Chrome really that much better than Safari? It’s just a web browser. Can you even download files in Chrome? I just installed the latest update to Safari Download Manager and it works great. Love being able to download through Safari. Can anyone tell me what’s the big deal about Chrome? I don’t even use it on my home PC. I use Firefox at home. But on my iphone and ipad Safari seems to be just fine, especially now that Safari download manager has been updated to work on 5.1.1. Please enlighted me. Thanks.

    • Al

      I have safari download manager for safari as well as other tweaks, to make safari as tolerable as possible. I use chrome as my default browser for my Mac, but jus the customization and how the ominibar is used makes it by far the best feature that stands out among all browser. But I believe if you have chrome as your default desktop browser then it’s a no brainer to use it as your mobile browser. it’s a choice of preference when it all boils down to it…

    • Aric Bolf

      Chrome doesn’t even work right on my PC. The text it displays looks like it’s been run thru a cheese shredder then displayed.

  • bullshit. its top free, because everyone wants to download it, test it and delete it. AppStore shows only app-download, not real usage. I still prefer Safari, and on a PC/Mac im using Firefox.

    • AMB_07

      U Mad Bro?

    • billypuntove

      Look everyone! This guy’s got all the stats that somehow everyone else doesn’t have!!!

    • NavPrab

      This guy is an utter idiot! Go worship Apple and build a temple for them… Then give your life to them and be happy.

  • The only products I like from Google? Google Chrome, Google Search, and (if they look more like glasses) Google Glass.

  • I’m surprised so many people are willing to give up the Reader feature of Safari, especially on the iPhone.

    • Aric Bolf

      That is the key feature i love on Safari.

  • Actually, it was #1 in less than 2 hours 😛

  • So, now all the google haters are installing google chrome in their iOS devices?

    • SimonReidy

      Not all iOs users hate Google. I use nearly all their services. It’s possible to like both Google and Apple you know 😉

      • PereZ!

        True I never hated google I love their products and android. To be honest I’m getting bored of iOS. It hasn’t changed much.

      • Dan

        same here

      • SamsungAppleFan

        it’s very possible 🙂

    • Im not a Google hater, theres some things I prefer Google for and some things Apple. In this case i prefer Chrome over Safari (on desktops as well)

  • does anyone know why it has a spot in the notification center, I dont get it

  • I tried chrome, the tab switching UI was nice, but im back on safari now I like it better

  • swag

  • Safari is better and faster.
    Chrome have a better user interface.

  • chjode

    Now if I can find a good AdBlock for Chrome, I’ll be all set. I miss that from Atomic.

    • SimonReidy

      Adblock Pro rom Cydia works perfectly.

      • chjode

        I see an Adblock (that looks like it hasn’t been updated in a while) and Adblocker that seems to be supported in iOS 5. Is it Adblocker for $1 that’s the one to get?

      • Yes, AdBlocker is the one to get. You can select in which apps you want to block ads and it works great!

      • SimonReidy

        Sorry chjode. My bad. I was thinking of thr desktop plugin name! As Sol Estravis said, ‘Adblocker’ is indeed the tweak you want. Works perfectly for any app that has web content. Also comes with a handy SbSettings toggle to quickly switch on/off when recquired.

  • It is a great browser but theres no way to open a video in the youtube app (which I’ve redirected to protube so I can download) or a tap status bar to return to the top. Still the best browser on ios right now.

  • alex card

    People ‘accidentally’ install Chrome on PC’s due to it being bundled with other programs whereas Firefox is chosen.

    • Darek Slaby

      Give me an example of where Chromes comes bundled.

  • SimonReidy

    To the people that aren’t getting why this is so great for some users; If you use Google Chrome Desktop sync and the multiple devices feature of Google Sync on Chrome iOS, then the experience is near seamless across all your devices. It was awesome to see all my cookies, saved passwords and bookmarks (and even open tabs on other devices) come across once initial login was complete. Would be nice to see all my plugins synced too, but that will be a cold day in hell 🙂

    Regarding speed. its only very JavaScript heavy sites where its noticeablely slower than Safari (and that’s not Google’s fault as Apple’s new nitro javascript script engine isn’t available to 3rd party developers). For the most part I’m finding Chrome to be very fast due to extremely efficient caching.

    Only things I’m missing from Safari so far are fullscreen mode option (from a tweak), download manager, and option for bookmark bar up the top (mainly so I can run JavaScript bookmarklets).

  • I’m a Firefox user, but now kiss it goodbye to become a Chrome user. 😀

  • Darek Slaby

    This is how Google with sidestep Apple after iOS 6. Apple may have removed Google from iOS but Google isn’t going down without a fight. Soon Chrome and Google Maps will be more popular than the stock apps cause everyone prefers Google’s over Apples. Competition is getting fierce

  • Google Chrome absolutely is best browser ever!

  • well obviously this was a bad idea

  • dany

    Yeah, chrome no 1 browser!