It’s funny to hear so many reports about how much slower than Safari Google Chrome will inevitably be, due to its lack of access to the Nitro Javascript engine. While that may be true from a technical standpoint, and no doubt data heads will be able to show me numbers that back that fact up, in real world usage, such stats tend to be tossed to the sidelines.

I’m not going to claim that the following speed test is anything close to scientific, but it will give you a decent idea as to what to expect from Google Chrome.

So, who won our speed test? Check inside for the details…

Note: As stated, there is nothing scientific about this test. Google Chrome was installed on an iPhone 4S using iOS 5.1.1, and Safari was ran on an iPhone 4 running iOS 6 beta 2. Granted, you’re going to expect the scales to tip a bit in Google Chrome’s favor due to the completely optimized iOS install, and the faster hardware. Even still, this test will give you a good indication that Google Chrome isn’t exactly a tortoise when it comes to speed. In real world usage, I found it more than adequate. Judge for yourselves.

What do you think? Is Google Chrome the downright slowpoke that everyone makes it out to be?

Update: For those crying foul, here is a video showing the reverse scenario. i.e. Chrome on the iPhone 4, and Safari on the iPhone 4S.

The point of these videos isn’t to show one browser blow another out of the water, it’s just to show that Chrome is entirely usable from a real world perspective.

  • I’m reading all this on my google chrome 😛

  • Appletiser

    slightly confused, opened the microsoft HTML5 speed reading webpage in Chrome but the status bar at the foot of the webpage says im using Mobile Safari?? BrowserChooser is installed and set to Chrome.

  • One main reason i have found google chrome seems to load pages faster is that there is a option in the settings which you can select. Preload pages on wifi only while on this option chrome seems to be lot faster.

  • Nicolas Loots

    Doesn’t matter which one’s faster. I can finally sync my bookmarks with my iPod Touch now!

    • There was already a non-jailbreak app for that called Chrome Sync. It even let you set which browser to open the bookmarks with.

      • Nicolas Loots

        With ‘syncing’, I actually ment syncing, not ‘opening every webpage and bookmarking them one by one in Safari.’

      • SamsungAppleFan

        yeah but you had to open chrome sync and open another window when you clicked the link. very inconvenient.

  • Considering the features and performance of Google Chrome for iPhone versus Apple Safari for iPhone there is little to no point in using Google Chrome:

    iOS 6 beta 2 on iPhone 4S:

    Rightware Browsermark Chrome for iPhone
    1. 48158
    2. 49222
    3. 48777

    Rightware Browsermark Safari for iPhone
    1. 101458
    2. 107252
    3. 105743

    Sunspider JavaScript 0.9.1 Google Chrome for iPhone
    1. 6829.8ms
    2. 6836.6ms
    3. 6834.7ms

    Sunspider JavaScript 0.9.1 Apple Safari for iPhone
    1. 1760.5ms
    2. 1752.5ms
    3. 1732.5ms

    Apple Safari features that Google Chrome lacks; however, in all fairness Google may require one to login to Google for some features which I am not foolish enough to do:

    No synchronized tabs
    No synchronized bookmarks
    No offline reading list
    No ability to add to Home Screen
    No Fraudulent website warnings
    No Facebook integration (likely to change in update prior to or once iOS 6 is released)
    No Message integration (likely to change in update prior to or once iOS 6 is released)
    No Printing (likely to change in update prior to or once iOS 6 is released)
    No Twitter integration (likely to change in update prior to or once iOS 6 is released)

  • nhuayra

    dolphin browser it’s my favourite iphone internet browser still

  • Call me naysayer, but I’m not exactly impressed. The browser works well, but I fail to see what killer feature Mobile Chrome brings over Mobile Safari. Plus they both use the same engine (Apple Webkit) anyway…

    • The “Find in Page” that Chrome provides is something Safari has needed forever. Fact that it doesn’t have Reader tho makes it useless. Also took me > 1/2 hour trying to paste comment in ’cause page kept scrolling up. Had to switch to Safari to paste (scroll issue exists for both) ’cause Chrome doesn’t have paste option appear when you focus in a field. That is BAD.

      • Mobile Safari supports “Find in Page”. Just hit the search box on the top right, scroll to the bottom of the list, it will show…

  • You can clearly see that the wifi signal strength on the iPhone with Safari is lower than that of the iPhone with Chrome???

  • The iphone 4s is mutch faster with internet then a iphone 4 so the difference are not big i do a test with two iphone 4s the speed is almost the same

  • I’m shocked nobody realizes why chrome seems to be fast why it just theoretically can’t be. Chrome loads the first listed webpage behind the scene before you hit the go button, while safari waits stupidly until you hit it. If you wait long enough before you hit go, chrome will show the page immediately. It is a tortoise, and it beats the rabbit just the way we all know –keep moving while the competitor’s taking a nap. I’m falling in love with Google again.

  • Gucciipad

    Google chrome loads slower for me on iPad 3 I’ll keep safari plus I feel like I’m cheating.

  • You are completely wrong. We do not get paid to review apps. We sometimes get compensated to review a product/app but those posts are clearly labeled as “sponsored”. See those all our sponsored posts here if you want

    Please refrain yourself from spreading wrong information when you clearly don’t know what you are talking about.

  • Ricky Lawry

    But both safari and chrome dont have download option…. So for me both are uselesss
    Even atomic browser and most third party browsers in appstore have the download option, then why not chrome???
    Its disappointing!!!

  • Question is when’s Amazin going to release their silk browser for iOS?

  • I will use Google Chrome on iphone cause of it’s sync feauture! It’s a great feature!

  • Richard

    This test is totally irrelevant because he was on two different networks with different data speeds as well as there service bars where not the same.

  • Its on two different models of iphones, two different carriers, and the reception bars are way different. The worst comparison ever.