We love free stuff here at iDB, and we know you do too. That’s why we had to make sure and tell you about iOS Promo’s new monster jailbreak tweak giveaway.

The giveaway, for those who haven’t heard about it yet, runs from now through July 5th. And it includes a number of some of Cydia’s most popular packages…

iOS Promo has 10 licenses of each of these 10 tweaks to giveaway:

  • Mail Enhancer Pro – adds multiple signatures, HTML composition, message filters and much more to the stock Mail app in iOS. By Stefan Mollenkamp.
  • Springtomize 2 – allows you to customize a number of aspects of your device, including the Dock, LockScreen, Folders and Icons. By Filippo Bigarella.
  • AdBlocker – reduces data usage and loading time for websites by blocking annoying image-based ads. Works with Safari and most third-party browsers. By Yiller.
  • FullScreen for Safari – makes browsing in Safari much more efficient with programmable gestures. Also includes full-screen browsing. By Yiller.
  • CallBar – intuitive notification and control system for the Phone app in iOS, allowing you to accept and decline calls with ease. By Elias Limneos and Joshua Tucker.
  • SBRotator 5 – enables native rotation to your springboard and Lock screen on your iPhone or iPod touch. By Elias Limneos.
  • AutoAnswer – setup your iPhone to auto-answer incoming phone and FaceTime calls from a customizable list of contacts. By Elias Limneos.
  • Masks – lets you customize the mask overlays for all of your springboard icons, wallpapers and launch images. By Elias Limneos.
  • ScrollingBoard – enables you to place an unlimited amount of icons in your iOS dock and folders. Also has a unique widgets feature. By Elias Limneos.
  • PasswordPilot Pro – will automatically enter your password, so you don’t have to, when downloading App Store apps or using FindMyFriends. By Filippo Bigarella.

The rules of the giveaway are easy. Simply make sure you are following the above-listed developers on Twitter, and then copy and tweet the following:

Huge app, tweak and theme #giveaway including 100 licenses from some of the top Cydia packages. Check it out: www.iOS-Promo.com

If you’d like some more information, you can visit iOS Promo’s website. Remember, the giveaway ends Thursday morning, July 5th.

  • Charles Valdez


    nuf said

    • That’s the reason jailbreaking gets a bad rap. Buy your tweaks, support the developers.

      • you’re absolutely right. This Valdez guy is the reason why people thinks jailbreak=free stuff. I proudly bought every single tweak and app. $10 for intelliscreenx, $10 for iblacklist and so on…

      • I also paid $10 for ISX and it was really well spent!

      • I also bought every app I use on my phone including intelliscreenx and iBlackList. The thing that sucks about this giveaway besides the fact I already have a bunch of the apps they list is that I do not have Twitter.

      • Charles Valdez

        Nope I jailbreak because it makes my iOS device awesome. Not just to get free stuff -_-

      • Charles Valdez

        I am supporting the developer. I’m using his tweak.

      • That’s like saying I broke into an Apple store, stole an iMac, and saying “Oh, I’m supporting Apple because I’m using their hardware”.

  • Good idea. Such giveaways will decrease the iOS Jailbreak tweak piracy.

  • iDB at it again

  • Awesome!

  • Nice 😀

  • goodcoffy

    awesome giveaway! Thanks for the offers 🙂

  • I’m done….

  • The thing to copy and paste is 142 characters long

  • stm

    To prevent you from sad faces at the end:

    You do *NOT* have to copy and tweet the text, but instead must use the tweet button provided on the promo page.

    Would be nice if you could change the misleading wording in this blog post 😉



  • ravendotnet

    Stefan Mollenkamp. is not on twitter and the link is a dead link