iPhone Theming Made Easy with Masks

Here is a jailbreak app that will sure make iPhone themers happy. Masks, a new application that lets you quickly and easily customize the look of your wallpaper and icons.

Up until now, the best way to customize your springboard was by using WinterBoard. While a great application, WinterBoard can be a bit cumbersome: you have to search for a theme, download it, activate it in WinterBoard, and respring. Masks takes all that away by bringing to the table a new way to tweak your iPhone springboard…

Masks is different from WinterBoard as you don’t have to download any theme. You just create yours thanks to a set of 40+ pre-made image masks for icons and wallpapers.

So how does this work exactly? Each image (mask) is a simple white image with a black shape on it. The app takes that image and applies the shape to all your icons and wallpaper. Still confused about how it works? Watch the video below:

Masks is available in Cydia for $1.99. Make sure to give it a try and share your feedback by leaving a comment.