ScrollingBoard, The Ultimate Jailbreak Tweak for Your iPhone’s Dock

ScrollingBoard is a new Cydia tweak that let’s you have scrolling, unlimited icons in your dock and folders, and addons in your dock (like iPod controls). What makes ScrollingBoard so interesting is that not only does it bring a few new features to your jailbroken device, but it also replicates the functions of other popular jailbreak tweaks in the process.

ScrollingBoard’s main goal is to make your iOS device’s dock as useful as can be. The native arrangement of icons on your home screen’s pages is also available on your dock with ScrollingBoard. The addons and SBSettings integration that ScollingBoard brings to the dock also make this tweak especially worth the $1.50 price tag…

Several of ScrollingBoard’s key features:

  • Endless icons in the dock, with up to 7 icons viewable at once in portrait mode and 10 in landscape mode.
  • Limitless, scrollable icon support in iOS folders. (Ala, InfiniFolders)
  • A scrollable dock with endless pages of icons and addons.
  • The iPod controls from the multitasking bar can now be available in the dock.
  • The support of other system controls to the dock, like volume and brightness control sliders.
  • A supported landscape view of the home screen (supports SBRotator4) with different icon configurations.
  • All of your SBSettings toggles can be available for viewing in the dock. (with the free ScrollingBoard SBSettings Dock addon)

At a $1.50 price point, I think ScrollingBoard is quite the deal for anyone who would like a little more functionality in their dock. The unlimited, scrollable icon support in iOS folders is also a very nice bonus. If you look at it this way, the combined price of Infinidock and Infinifolders is $3. With ScrollingBoard, you’re getting the functionality of two other tweaks (plus a few others) for half the price.

Pick up ScollingBoard for $1.50 in the Cydia Store. And if you use SBSettings, get the ScrollingBoard’s SBSettings Dock addon for free as well. Enjoy all that dock-customizable goodness!

What do you think of ScrollingBoard? Will you be getting it?