I know this is an iOS blog, but today Samsung launched its Galaxy S III in the United States with much fanfare and we thought you’d be interested in some of the television commercials they’re running now. They’re shiny, 100 percent devoid of Apple bashing and way cooler than Samsung’s first promo video for the S III.

You can also bet on Samsung bombarding us with more commercials for the S III in the coming weeks. If these two adverts are an indication (“the next big thing is already here”), I’m expecting some fast jabs at the iPhone (though Terry Gou would disagree).

The question is, will Samsung’s latest baby become the first smartphone to outsell the iPhone?

Of course, Android handsets collectively ship at least two times more units than the iPhone, but so far no single smartphone model has risen to beat the iPhone numbers.

Here’s the ice-breaker Galaxy S III commercial.

And another one.

Notice the mention of “the next big thing is already here” slogan, which brings to memory last year’s anti-Apple advertising.

The S III is also streamlined like the iPhone in that Samsung somehow managed to offer one version across all major carriers in the United States, the only difference being a carrier logo.

It’s available today on T-Mobile USA, AT&T and Sprint and July 9 on Verizon.

Apple sold 37.1 million and 35.1 million iPhones worldwide in Q4 2011 and Q1 2012 and Sterne Agee’s Shaw Wu today advised clients to expect 27 million and 25 million iPhones in the June and September quarter, respectively.

What did you think of these commercials?

And can the new Galaxy become the first phone to outsell the iPhone?

I wouldn’t rule out this possibility entirely, lest with pro-Apple reviewers calling it “a technological triumph” and Samsung’s very aggressive marketing…

  • Wow! Apple better pull something outstanding together with it’s next gen iPhone. This has actually caught my eye and I’m not one that usually says that. This could possibly take over iPhone’s.

    • Totally agree with this Guy today i was scrolling trough my homescreen and noticed how boring it is even dashboard x doesnt have cool widgets yet. Dont know how
      Much longer I can hold my head up with this stale OS.

      • If i had an upgrade right now i would probably be picking one of these up. Im ready for a change and iOS 6 didn’t deliver.

      • Haha just love how u put that i totally agree!!!

      • Hardwear, hardwear, hardwear…. Thats the key…. All iPhone real has on ALL phone it’s it good not cheap hardwear

  • Watch video and text?! That’s what these fools are banking on? Good luck Samsung. Your ads suck as usual.

    • maurid

      Or based on the comments I’ve seen from you, you’re just to biased to keep an open mind and be mature about it. Go play with your iPhone and be sure to join the discussion when you have grown up. You are pathetic. I’ve seen A LOT of fanboys around here in my two years visiting this blog, but you, kind sir, are definitely a whole new level.

    • Dude, it’s so you can text, watch video and drive!! Sweet!

  • What this is the next iPhone killer? Yeah like I haven’t heard that before.

  • chjode

    Seems to me that someone could edit together this commercial with an iPhone doing the same things. Video on TV, AirPlay. Facial recognition in photos, Klik. Collect group photos, Instagram (or Photostream). Share videos/files/photos/information, Bump.

    • I agree the iPhone can do a lot of the features it was telling us about. But i also agree that If i could not jailbreak my iPhone, I dont think i would own one. This S3 is enticing and I love my iphone/ipad/macbook pro.

      • Correct me if I’m wrong, but he just named apps. App Store apps. No Jailbreak required.

  • 2nd video – “What if it WERE* simple…”
    It’s subjunctive, dammit.

  • Manuel Angel

    If this phone is really an iPhone killer or the next big thing that’s here, it wouldn’t have to release 4 months before the iPhone and should try it’s luck in October, when the iPhone 5 is at it’s release date. Then will see if it’s that good or not.

    • goofygreek

      iphone use to release in summer time, june/july. Unlike apple, samsung is sticking to their yearly release schedule apparently.

  • Obsidian71

    Much classier. Thanks Samsung for waking up or should I say growing up.

  • “You guys are so jealous cuz we can watch videos and type at the same time! Infringing hojc ujobthos rig now it’s so easyn hdh do o !”

    See? Hahahaha
    Hope u got the joke.

    • I guess people didn’t get my point…

    • bahahaha, i get it. I laughed first time i read it.

  • Can we stop throwing around the term “iphone killer” lol? There will always be a distinct iphone market and an android market.

    • Agree 100% there will never be an iPhone kill because people that use iPhones like iOS and whoever uses a GS3 likes Android. I doubt there will be any phone that will convince someone to change from one OS to another.

  • Mike Logan

    Nothing we cant get a cydia tweak for

    • For the large number of tweaks already present in SGS3, there are no Cydia tweaks. Read my comment above to see what I mean. It would be nice if cool features get implemented into iOS, so I don’t have to rely on jailbreak to make my device usable.

      • wut features does the andriod have that the iPhone doesn’t video and text was the only thing that appeal and that’s still sorta stupid it has no use from the size of that screen and how much the keyboard takes up u have like a one by one inch of a movie screen and if ur jailbroken and have messages+ or intelliscreenx u can Puase or play while Anwsering a text message without lag or exiting the app

      • What features Android has and iOS doesn’t? Are you kidding me? Did you read my other comment?

    • maurid

      Is there a Cydia tweak for NFC? Or zero shutter lag? Or more than 1000 widgets to choose from?

  • I lol’d when I saw “AllShare Play”.

  • Apple better put something up that is BIG otherwise I’m jumping ship. I’m tired of having to wait for features to come in the iPhone when they are already implemented in android for 2 years now. Toggles in the lock screen, c’mon…
    Also always waiting for a jailbreak to do this basic stuff just gets my nerve…

    • Im gonna be switching once i get my upgrade unless the next iPhone is AMAZING because iOS is so stale and iOS 6 was a major disappointment for me

      • me too, I never really liked any android, but now, DAMN! I love it..

      • Roddisq

        Yep…when I got my S2 last year I never looked back!

    • Android is still messier os than iOS.

  • M_AlO

    Lol, I really liked the first ad!

  • One day, you will have to face the fact that this device offers hundreds of features you cannot even find in Cydia! Look up phonedog on YouTube and check out his coverage of the device and try to grasp at all the features this device has.
    Just look at how many features there are in settings, how many camera shooting mods, how much awesomeness… Direct call while texting, smart alert to vibrate when picked up if there are notifications, palm swipe to take a screenshot, tilt to zoom, all the lockscreen options. iOS looks more and more ridiculous to me from day to day. And just fyi, I have an iPhone 4S, so don’t jump to any conclusions, and try to be objective for once.

    • MadAndronicus

      Yah, a lot of software I’m jealous of on the S3. One thing I really want is the video pop up play (maybe current iPhone screen is too small for it, but new iPhone hopefully?) is there any Cydia tweak similar to it?

      • Kok Hean

        None. The only thing that I can think of is Quasar, but it’s an iPad-only tweak.

    • Aleksander Azizi

      If it’s thousends of futures you want, buy the S3.
      If it’s stability and a device that has minimum problems when doing Any task, you want the iPhone.

    • By one day, I think you mean today.
      I been a iPhone fanboy, but I think my next phone will probably be a Android.

      Having to jailbreak to get some basic features is unacceptable and a really bad move from apple.

      The only thing that is keeping the iPhone a good choice for me is the app store, but google play is growing faster and faster.

    • He’s right totally agree

    • Tr1pTr0p, dont forget that iPhone delivers simplicity, and for People who aren’t so much interessted In Jailbreaking, that’s the phone for them… When I bought my iPhone, I didn’t knew yet what jailbreak was… Or that it had Cydia where jailbreak stuff could be downloaded… I just used it for simple stuff like texting and such (iPhone 4 on iOS 4), but suddenly I asked myself, since I am a little bit of a tech interested person, can’t iPhone do something more? And that’s how I discovered jailbreak… Android phone was not my inspiration at that time at all (to do jailbreak and to have similar functions), with its ugliness and apparently, “1000+ features” whatever that means, it really didn’t fascinate :/ But now Samsung s3 really proves me wrong, it is a very good phone with Android, and it’s the only one so far, that fascinated me, this is “wow” 🙂 My friend has one, I tried it with some help, cause I was new to Android (yeah, never used an Android sh*t phone before, and I don’t regret… Except the S3 ofc) and I thought, why hasn’t somebody done this before? I am sticking to the iPhone though, I like it the way I have set it up, but if this phone had been released when an iPhone 4 was, I would probably not wait to get one immediately 🙂

    • Lordthree

      Sorry dude. These are gimmicks- not features lol. Palm swipe for screenshot?!?! LMFAO! Apple better run!

      Face it- at the end of the day the SIII is as laughable as the SII- an over expensive, ugly, giant hunk of plastic.

      Apple will continue to make the most state-of-the-art-phones, and Sammy will stay in denial, with cheap plastic junk.

      The ONLY reason Apple buys parts from these clowns is because they are so fucking CHEAP. You can’t get cheaper parts from anyone else in the world. Not something to be proud of.

      • OK, how the hell do you know the reasoning behind Apple’s choice of electronic parts? Stop pretending you know everything, and most importantly, stop lying to yourself.
        Those features may be gimmicks, but they are there. They exist for users to choose whether they want to use them or not. That is, yet another thing that makes the SGS3 and Android great, choice and customization. Its up to YOU to choose what you want to have on your lockscreen, what shortcut apps you want there, what information you want there (news, notifications), what widgets do you want on the homescreen, how many homescreens, you can choose what toggles you want to have in the notification center, what camera mode you want to use (HDR, burst, buddy share), what photo enhancements you want, browser you want, mail app, themes, and so on, and on, and on…
        State of the art phones? I agree, Apple makes some truly amazing products. But on the other hand, I’d much rather drop a cheap, easily replaceable hunk of plastic, than an expensive glass sandwich. iPhone is beautiful, but is also extremely fragile.
        There are a lot of features besides the OS, such as the quad core processor with 2GB of RAM, a 2100mAh battery. When it comes to the operating system, iOS cannot even be compared to Android. So yes, Apple better fucking run. – But run to CHANGE and IMPROVE the damn thing because it has remained the same for almost 6 years!

  • maurid

    Why does the background music on the second commercial sound like the last part of “Just Married”?

  • Just like cris pirrilo says there is no winner to a race that never ends

  • Love the sgs3 i will be switching next month. Cannot wait. Enough of boring iphone and ios for me. Very exited

    • well and then iphone 5 will come out and u will be switching back again

  • Roddisq

    One thing I´m missing on S3 is the wireless charging…they promised to make it available but nothing so far…that alone justify you dump iphone and get an S3.
    I did a mod on my S2 and I´m recharging it wirelessly and I can tell it is awesome not to plug a USB cable everyday.

    • Jeri Cho

      How do charge your S2 thru wireless. If it’s possible, I’m switching my iPhone man!!!

      • Roddisq

        I developed and did the mod myself…the same way as cordless phones do…actually any phone with removable plastic back and exposed battery (like the S2 and S3) can be made wireless charged..someday I will post a video on youtube.

    • Have y’all not herd of a powermat? Google it.

  • Falk M.

    I’m such an Apple guy, I won’t switch for SEVERAL reasons (many of them being app availability on Android, lots of my stuff simply isn’t on Google Play or how I’d have to spend a LOT of money again)
    Also the ecosystem etc… there are many reasons.

    However, the S3 and before the Galaxy Nexus really made me envious of some of the features…
    I wish I could mingle Apple and Google/Samsung a bit haha…

  • Lordthree

    Looks like a big plastic slab. Why is it so expensive?

    • Haha, expensive? Where in the US? In Sweden, it is about 50/100$ more expensive than the cheapest iPhone 4s… Ridiculous, if you ask me :/

  • S-Beam : Someone steal your picture with just 1 touch (‘,..,’)

  • I don’t know how s3 works but Some android sync your address book with Facebook. iPhone don’t add poo on the iOS END

  • unknown

    so are we saying that without cydia apps l, iphone is just another boring phone?

  • unknown

    features in s3 came in standard, while iphones you have to look for it either in appstore or cydia.

  • if u guys r saying the iPhone is bleak u guys are ingorant to the fact u guys don’t understand ur phone I can out out one example winter board it has thousands of themes which u can change to make it to ur own custom phone or real video wallpaper not the weak ghetto ones they have on andriods
    then there’s dreamboardc which u can make u phone into an android and get all the widgets they have or gloat bout even tho I wouldn’t do that Becuase I love my iPhone an iPhone can be an android but never can an android be and iPhone

    • This is hilarious. Clearly you know nothing about Android if you are as close-minded as this.

  • there are thousands of tweaks just for the design of ur phone and another thousand to enhance ur phone to the very next level like intelliscreen or dashboard x iPhone is the safest phone that’s y it harder to Hack and iphone then an android there’s so much an iPhone can that an android never will

  • LOL finally the hate between ios and android has stopped in this blog lol 1 month ago everyone would just start making giant fights 😀

  • Yea, I’m really excited about the new Samsung. Not the phone, the refrigerator. Ba-dum-tss.

    • yeah Siri was awesome during the keynote!

  • Plastic phones are lame. Read some early reviews. Some like the S3, but sigh about the plastic cheap feel of the phone.

  • hardwear…. Thats the key…. All iPhone real has on ALL phone it’s it good not cheap hardwear

    • That the one thing that keeping me and a lot of other ….. Well thank god for cydia :0)

  • seriously and honestly iphone 5 should beat this i really beg apple on this one else am dead

  • those commercials are awful…. in my opinion.