Microsoft summoned select members of the press for a media event tomorrow in Los Angeles.

The company is widely expected to respond to the iPad challenge by announcing its own tablet powered by the upcoming Windows 8 operating system.

We’re wondering about your assessment of the situation: should Apple be worried or is it already too late for the Windows maker to make a substantial dent in the tablet space?

Microsoft didn’t specify what the event will be about, but people familiar with its deliberations tell Fortune that Redmond is about to introduce its own tablet computer, meant to take the iPad head on.

It’s unclear if this is a Microsoft-designed device, something it will only put its branding on or a family of devices from third-party makers, as others have suggested.

Also, bear in mind that Microsoft’s tablet could be aimed at business environments, not consumers, as the company gets most of its revenue from businesses purchasing its Windows, server and Office software in bulk.

With that off our backs, cast your vote right below.

Also feel free to opine down in the comments.

  • notewar

    I don’t give a damn about Windows 8 and Microsoft tablets =)

  • jawadahsen

    I don’t give a damn about Windows 8 and Microsoft tablets and surprised to see the results 😀

  • jocastro

    Microsoft been going down hill since apple took the spotlight…. i wouldn’t be worried

  • JerseyD

    The polls on here always have too many options.

    • There should only be one option, and that option should be toward the iPhone/iPad/idevice.
      Seriously who would chose a Microsoft device over apple.

  • Kind of a biased poll considering everyone here is pro apple news, however would be good to see a tablet that can atually rival the ipad.

    • Michael Boldizar

      Kind of a biased opinion, considering I’m ‘here’ and I’m not pro-Apple.
      The poll itself is not biased at all, it offers options for both sides of the field.

      • I mean the outcome will be, and good for you not being pro-apple

  • Metro UI, great for tablets, but why the fuck did they go and put it on the desktops. Worst. Decision. Ever. Windows 8 will most likely be a flop due to that, it seems to follow Microsoft’s previous windows chain of products, fail then success then fail then success…etc…

    I voted “Nah, Microsoft can’t match the iPad’s allure and Apple’s ecosystem” mainly due to the fact that the iPad has become the tablet industry. Usually people won’t want a tablet, they ask for an iPad. I mean, even industry measurements are done against iPad sales (sales per iPad sold).

    I certainly agree that the windows 8 tablet will work for people and it will be a great competitor. But due to it being a bit late to the table in a regard, and the fact that there are 2 versions of windows 8 on tablets (x86 and RT) may confuse average end users and end up just opt’ing for the iPad out of ease of choice.

    • SuperchargedNL

      I voted the same, basically for the same reasons.

      iPad has become the benchmark for the tablet industry and since Mircosoft isn’t bringing anything revolutionary to the table, I imho just don’t see them coming anywhere close to being a threat to Apple in the forseeable future.

      And as for Metro being the standard UI on PC’s: I already commented once before on how that must be one of the worst decisions ever. (together with coming to the tablet market a few years too late, or partnering with Nokia right when they’re struggling to survive)

      • i don’t even level iPad to be a tablet anymore!
        and iPhone a smartphone/cellphone!

  • ExRoot

    If had a choice between my iPad and a successful Windiws tablet I would go Windows all the way. The only hesitation would be because of my apple phone which I may not give up so easily. That being said I’m not committed to Apple at all. I have app money invested but I would just let my son keep his iPod touch and maybe buy a used one myself and never look back. I want a functional tablet that works with my desktop.

    I don’t know if they should be concerned but I eleve their are more people out that would prefer a Windows tablet than Apple fanboys are willing to admit.

    I’m not a troll so please no childish comments. I am on my second iPad, have had a 3G, 3GS, 4 and now 4s (jailbroken). My son s on his second ipos touch and I own an Apple tv. I just would prefer Windws to get in the game.

  • It’s too late. The iPad has already made it into schools and businesses. Who going to spend money to switch?

    • jocastro

      lol even some parts of the government, nasa, airports ect are ditching blackberry and others for ipads and iphones

  • Uh… I think Lion does a better job of taking mobile concepts to the desktop. It’s not an in-your-face absurdity. And that’s the thing about desktops. If anything at all takes up most of the screen, it had better be important, else it’ll be that same level of absurdity as metro. On a tablet however, I think Metro is the best that could be done for a platform like windows.

  • macboy74

    I welcome the competition cause it will only make my iPad 3 better but who cares about windows on a tablet? not me

  • Michael Boldizar

    This, along with them pushing Metro on to the standard Windows desktop, will not harm Apple in any way, shape, or form.

    I’m no Apple fanboy, in fact I’m quite critical of the company, but put it this way:
    Both Apple and Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, etc..) are gaining traction in all markets (not to mention Apple already runs the tablet market) and they obviously can’t expand further than 100%, so they’re very clearly taking their share from someone. *cough*Microsoft*cough*.

    I doubt that anything they offer in the new feature is going to particularly “dent” any cut of any market other than their own. Just my two cents.

  • i started running Win8 on my PC when the developer’s edition released, for a split second after it runs for the first time you say WOW! then you realize what a mess it is … win8 supposed to be minimal in graphic department to match apple … but now we see minimalism and simplicity does not always work when you dont know your job! the consumer preview isn’t any better besides it causes my PC i7 Dual Core, 1.75 TB, 4GB ram to overheat and off every 1hours or so! cant even run photoshop or open 2 videos together … best part is when you go back to win7 even after re-partitioning and formatting the HDD … the problem remains!! so FUCK THEM Microsofties! I’M SO SWITCHING TO OS! IM JUST WAITING FOR SEPTEMBER TO SEE IF NEW iMAC Coming out

    • I so agree with you, windows is like, made to bring problems sooner or later, whatever that might be… Gonna get myself a new MacBook pro this summer, and after that, bye bye windows 4ever 🙂

  • If Microsoft is able to merge both thé world of Pc And tablet then yes

  • It will be the first table that will need antivirus

    • Oh crap that’s hilarious and so tru.

  • nothing can top the ipad or apple

    • Hyr3m

      on the uselessness scale and on a price/crappiness ratio. I totally agree with you!

  • Your to late Microsoft you move to slow

  • Eric Armstrong

    It would be foolish not to consider Microsoft a threat, in my opinion they are one of Apple’s only real challengers. But…. have you seen the iPad? Good luck Microsoft.

  • Microsoft is on a downhill slide since steve balmer took over , only thing making money there is xbox or else they would have been sinking as fast as nokia.

    • Hyr3m

      You obviously don’t know much about corporate IT…

      Also, M$ is more about software than hardware…

    • Hyr3m

      You obviously don’t know much about corporate IT…

      Also, M$ is more about software than hardware…

  • twited21

    They should worry if it supports uk 4g apple better up their game

  • Remember in WWDC 2012 how apple keep saying, “iOS 6, the WORLDS MOST ADVANCED operating system.” what do microsoft say, I don’t know but it’s surely not as good as what apple says.

    • Hyr3m

      I hope you realize these kind of lines do not mean anything…
      the “new” ipad doesn’t have a retina display if you’re holding it closer than 20cm from your face. My iPod touch has a retina display everywhere anytime, regardless of the distance but apple changed the definition of retina for the new ipad… All these names and adjectives do not mean a thing and shouldn’t be taken seriously. Actually, it should be forbidden to use such trickery, it’s just like the “serving presentation” on food packaging and don’t get me started on drugs commercials…

  • Bob6666

    Metro UI looks like it was designed by a 5 year old.

  • Kind of unrelated, but I don’t think Metro should be on the desktop. Its a UI designed for a mobile device, so it should stay there. Its kind of like if Apple replaced OS X on the desktop with iOS. Although I do like some of the iOS features that are in Lion

  • maurid

    The last option in the poll is a joke. Funny how people actually choose it.

  • i voted for nah, microsoft doesn’t stand a chance against apple. 1st it’s 2 late for them to start producing tablets. 2nd apple is taking very good care of its developers and they prefer working on iOS platforms due to the widespread of iphone and ipad in every sector of the market. The competition remains between apple and google. Microsoft will sell some tablets but it won’t dominate neither it will be considered as a threat. It’s exactly the same situation of the lumia 900 for example. As a phone it’s a pretty nice gadget but still can’t match an iPhone.

  • if its cheap like kindle. yes!!!

  • Uh-oh, Apple’s in trouble: Metro for the masses! (with sarcasm)

  • Cliff Here

    Im not sure where you guys have been but their have been windows based tablets for years… You can search amazon right now and find over a dozen available.

    Their big their thick their heavy and their Expensive! Samsung – Asus – HP – Gigabyte – Archos all have been making Windows tablets for some time.
    Not until the iPad did anyone really care, it was a stale boring market. Apple made Tablets Cool. Same as they made the iPhone the device of choice.

    To me the Metro fad is as dead as the windows Phone… even before its ever released.

  • Carter Loose

    I don’t think they have much to worry about but it sure looks like windows 8 will pick up some traction

  • in a word: no

  • Metro is gonna be amazing for Tablets. It will be something new and fresh unlike ever iPad has the same looking boring OS. I am truly getting sick with he way iOS is. Its like buying a Car and not being able to change anything on it. Apple really needs to allow some customization and me want WIDGETS.

  • BoardDWorld

    It may be that any immediate new products may go the way of the Zune. Windows will always be around as people like to have a choice (although pricing will likely have to drop, a lot). Likely Microsoft will go back to making mainly only software/peripherals, Office/Enterprise etc. You know the old saying, stick to what you’re good at.

    • Hyr3m

      Are you implying that Apple should stop making hardware and software and start selling their services as a marketing consultancy company ?

  • Will they call it the ZunePad?

  • As i’ve ALWAYS said. It’s Apple & Samsung that will DOMINATE..the tablet world. Why do you THINK haven’t heard anything from RIMM or Why HP…hasn’t answered the call to Arms in the tablet work. Because they KNOW..they’d be WOOPED. No i’m not APPLE fanatic..but i do love Apple products and i’ve owned a PC for about 15+yrs…starting with a Dell and moving up past Gateway to a toshiba to my Current iMac that was released last year. When the iPad 2 came was sold out EVERYWHERE!!! the ONLY alternative that I SAW…that could match it was the Galaxy Tab WHICH..of course…was sold out to..lmao..but i managed to get a iPad2 & i’m happy with it. So as i said before..i don’t see this being a threat to apple OR samsung for that matter.

  • Wael Abdo

    i stongly agree, this metro UI is the worst thing that could happen to the desktop, windows 8 is like shit due to this metro ui, and i dnt think this pad should worry apple not one bit…

  • Apple have one thing Microsoft doesn’t: Consumer loyalty and trust….

  • burlow

    just like apple should’ve been worried about the zune.

    What’s different this time?

  • If i can interact with my xbox360 i will get it

  • Hyr3m

    You decide what you need… Are you a nolife hipster watching youtube in a starbucks or do you plan on actually working on your device ?

    Ipad = Toy
    Windows8 Tablet = Computer

    Blackberries are way less crappy than iPhones so I don’t see how an iPad could compete with this tablet.

  • Jude Johnpeter

    Really Microsoft a kickstand

  • Jon Seltzer

    Hey i-sheep. I hear google is releasing a new version of the android os. If you hurry you can monopolize the comment posting for that as well.