Beautiful Unfold lock screen tweak now available and it’s free

By , May 23, 2012

Jeff told you about this awesome lock screen tweak on Sunday and I’m happy to report that the Unfold jailbreak tweak is now available for download. It was born out of Anton Kudin’s “fold to unlock” concept for the iPhone which immediately captured attention of the jailbreak community.

Three days later, that concept has been brought to reality thanks to German jailbreak developer Jonas Gessner. What this tweak does is pretty simple yet very effective…

As the name suggests, Unfold replaces the default slide to unlock behavior on your device’s home screen with a pretty fold up animation. It’s fully compatible with other popular tweaks such as LockInfoCamera GrabberBulletin and IntelliScreenX, to name a few.

It also handles notifications normally.

It just works: there are no settings to configure and no home screen icon.

The only downside is that Unfold doesn’t work on the iPad yet.

The tweak also plays nice with the iOS’ passcode security feature in that unlocking a passcode-protected device reveals the standard passcode entry screen.

Here’s Jeff’s Unfold video to get you up to speed.

Unfold is available on Cydia under the BigBoss repo.

It’s a free download so I suggest you grab it immediately and let us know down in the comments how you liked it.

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  • Matthew Gruits

    needs an update, some incompatibility issues right now.

  • Kiss László

    It does not work together with Dashboard X. It clears the widgets. And also ha problems with Intelliscreen X. It shows the NC after unlocking. Otherwise it would be a nice tweak, but in this case I removed it :-((

  • Jimbo Dela cruz

    My iPhone lockscreen literally was locked after installing this tweak. Now I need to restore my idevice.

  • Adas Meliauskas

    Everything works fine, BUT the battery discharges MORE faster than usually :/

    • Anonymous

      Really? Have you tested this theory thoroughly?

  • Abraham Rojo

    iPhone 4 with iOS 5.0.1 and not work. Nothing happend on the lockscreen.

  • Chet Hesch

    I don’t know if anyone has had the issue that I ran into. When using unfold with Dashboard X every now and then it makes the widgets disappear when you unlock and then springboard crashes.

  • Lucas Kunert

    Breaks things for me. Seems very buggy still at least with a pass code lock. I tweeted the developer but no response. I have to hard reset or trick it by swiping quickly multiple times to respring my phone by crashing mobilesubstrate. So annoying I uninstalled for now.

  • Mark Briody

    This is way too buggy and risky right now. Wait for v1.1 at least!

  • Max

    Nice tweak BUT! its not compatible with anything! InteliScreen, InfoScreen, Dashboard – it keeps messing up the system. Not to mention when you use alarm clock, sliding your screen wont turn it of, in fact it gets stuck, and you cant turn off your alarm!

    Deleted it! But if these major bugs get fixed, I am happy to donate.

  • Max

    Nice tweak BUT! its not compatible with anything! InteliScreen, InfoScreen, Dashboard – it keeps messing up the system. Not to mention when you use alarm clock, sliding your screen wont turn it of, in fact it gets stuck, and you cant turn off your alarm!

    Deleted it! But if these major bugs get fixed, I am happy to donate.

  • Mario Kaufmann

    Hmmm. I cant stop my Alarm Clock by folding… Had to uninstall.

    • Anonymous

      I also noticed this morning

    • Anonymous

      Same here. The alarm went off at 4:45am and it wouldn’t turn off until I uninstalled the tweak. Try doing that when you’re half asleep… 😉

  • Anthony Gilera

    I’m having problems when I have the pass code delay on. It seems to go all glitchy when i try to unlock it once I’ve already typed in my password already.

  • ViciousGame

    BTW shouldn’t it be called “Fold” rather than “Unfold”? There’s that problem and…oh yeah…it works like $%&#.

  • Jauhari

    Awesome… I have installed it..

  • Anonymous

    free, “beautiful”, but also fucked up. today this goddamn tweak wouldnt stop my goddamn morning alarm!!

  • Arshad Khan

    There is problem in my alarm after installing unfold.. alarm cannot stop and it goes on ring, to stop the alarm either i have to respiring or power off the iPhone otherwise its very cool tweak by unfortunately i have to uninstall it hoping it will fix soon future.

    • Anonymous

      Ditto :(

  • Edson Simão Jr.

    Is there a similar tweak for Android phones? (SGII)

  • Mohd Sufian Marjuni

    i can’t stop the alarm clock with this great apps….must be some bug in it. anyway it’s very nice tweak.

  • Amith surana


    The tweak is cool n some thing different than the usual one. There is a small BUG, IDB if u can reach the developer do inform them abt this BUG.

    The actual problem is when the alarm rings when the phone is locked. You, have no option to stop it. Its too irritating one. Cant stop the alarm at any cost it keeps ringing n ringing.. It would be a gr8 if the developer could solve this BUG.


  • Daniel Flores

    works with Stride :) Not very well, but works…

  • carter carlson

    after I downloaded this I couldn’t click on any of my apps. Resprung it, but to no avail… What should I do?

  • Kenrick Fernandes

    This message pertains to anyone using Intelliscreen X
    just to let everyone know . that if you locked your screen with a password , and you are using Unfold tweak + Intelliscreenx , it sort of causes a problem and doesnt work properly and you will end up not being able to unlock your phone.
    Dont panic. Just click the camera button on the unfold screen and once inside dont click a picture but just click the home button and your screen will be unlocked .. Weird .. After which i uninstalled this

  • Ray________________M

    Try stopping an alarm with this installed

    • Kenrick Fernandes

      i deleted unfold , too many comflicts with other apps .. : ( sad ..

  • Logan Throndson

    How to i put big boss repo on my iPhone?

  • Dennis Munding

    DONT install this if you’re using gridlock, i cant enter my iphone now, i dont know how to remove gridlock

  • Jenil gogari

    It seems to be quite buggy, doesnt work with Dashboard X. Too many crashes and hung my iPhone.. uninstalled for now.

  • Mark Briody

    Tried v1.02 – doesn’t lock up on fold like v1.0 BUT it locks my phone after a few minutes.

  • Drew R Marshall-Read

    this has conflicted with my Android unlock! I go to springboard after the unfold and there’s a padlock still at the top! I cant access my apps… Where is unfold saved? I’m using iExplorer on my PC so I can delete it, get on the phone and properly uninstall it..

  • Shöäïb Hüssäïn

    download it , but i crash with my other tweaks such as slide my name and recognize me so i del it :(

  • Joyelle Kristen C Tamayo

    How do I remove unfold on iPad ? I accidentaly installed without noticing it wasn’t compatible on the iPad…

  • iROCK

    This is FAKE