Media giant Viacom and cable telecommunications company Time Warner Cable have finally resolved a legal dispute concerning streaming of Viacom content through Time Warner Cable’s iPad app. As a result, Time Warner Cable subscribers will soon be able to enjoy their daily fixture of Viacom shows such as The Daily Show With Jon Stewart and Jersey Shore on their iPads.

Remember, a year ago Viacom filed a suit in Federal District Court in Manhattan to prevent Time Warner Cable from streaming its content through their iPad app, claiming the cable company did not have legal rights to stream shows via its own app.

Viacom’s  similar lawsuit against the Cablevision Systems Corporation and its iPad app is still pending, though…

A statement released yesterday on the Viacom blog confirmed the two companies had agreed “to resolve their pending litigations” and that “all of Viacom’s programming will now be available to Time Warner Cable subscribers for in-home viewing via Internet protocol-enabled devices such as iPads”.

The post also confirmed that Viacom programming will be rolled out on the TWC TV app “over the next several weeks”.

Amy Chozick, writing for the New York Times’ Media Decoder blog, explains:

Cable and satellite distributors have raced to come up with their own apps that offer subscribers shows inside and outside the home on multiple devices. But those efforts lead to complicated disputes with media companies, which argue they deserve additional compensation.

The companies also say that making content too widely available will cut into licensing profits to third-party streaming services. Many Viacom shows are available on the channels’ individual Web sites and through Web streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.

It’s interesting that Time Warner Cable was restricting owners of jailbroken iPads to use their application, putting up an error message saying “TWCable TV is not supported on jailbroken devices”.

Needles to say, the move agitated the jailbreak community.

It’s a bit surprising that a video streaming program would have anti-jailbreak measures, but a workaround solution was quickly created allowing owners of jailbroken iPads to bypass restrictions.

Are you using the TWCable TV app to watch cable TV on your iPad?

  • All Day! Every Day! I use the CableVision App while at work and on the go!, And I’m on a jailbroken device. CableVision has the same anti-Jailbreak messures as TWC and VPN detection. The more restrictions these companies do, the more the jailbreak community unites to combat these fools.

    What’s the big deal of letting someone watch the content they pay for? We’re still watching the same content and commercials, so what gives???????

    I think their just getting too greedy!

  • Anonymous

    It’s about time those 2 companies got their acts together because a lot of Time Warner customers have been waiting for functionality from the app. Honestly, I think that anyone who pays for TV should have the ability to watch it where and when they want. Maybe I feel that way because that’s what I have with my Dish Remote Access app. On the weekends a Dish coworker and I like to meet down at the lake for some fishing and I always bring a tablet so we can watch the Rockies play live; I know there are a lot of Time Warner customers that wish they could do the same.