How to Bypass Time Warner Cable App Restriction on Jailbroken iPads

Last week we told you about how Time Warner Cable was restricting owners of jailbroken iPads to use their application. If you launch their app on a jailbroken iPad, you will get a message informing you that “TWCable TV is not supported on jailbroken devices.”

At the time, I speculated that this measure was to prevent non TWC subscriber to use the application, and I still believe this is the reason behind the block. As usual, the jailbreak community was quick to react and a .deb file was made available on the same day, allowing jailbroken iPads to use the app anyway…

The .deb file workaround was working well, but it did require a bit of work on your end. There is now an easier way to bypass this Time Warner Cable restriction, simply by installing the FakeTimeWarner (FTW) app from Cydia.

FakeTimeWarner is completely free and will do exactly what the .deb file did, except you won’t have to toy around your iPhone filesystem yourself.

Nice, isn’t it?