We’ve shown you how to manually backup your iPhone’s unlock activation ticket. And then a new version of Red Sn0w came out that made the process even easier. Well now, thanks to a new jailbreak utility, you can do it right from your iPhone.

Folks using the new SAM method to unlock their handsets have been directed to backup their activation tickets to make unlocking a possibility in the future. And now with Cookie, the task is as easy as opening an app and tapping a button…

The developer explains:

“Cookie can Backup your iPhone Activation Tickets to Cloud, and once you back it up, you can Restore it to your iPhone ANY TIME! Ticket data is stored on weiphone servers. Use this if you have Activation Tickets gotten by SAM trick, do it before it’s too late.”

That’s right, you can even restore your activation ticket right from your iPhone. I haven’t had a need to restore just yet, but I can confirm that the backup feature works as advertised. If you’re using the new SAM unlock method, this is a must have.

You can download Cookie from the BigBoss repo, in Cydia, for free.

What do you think of Cookie?

  • How we will do this, if THIS IS NOT WORKING, APPLE BLOCK THE SERVER!

    • Activation tickets reside on your iPhone. Apple has fixed the loophole, so You can’t get any new unlock ticket with SAM anymore.

      • Clifford Bareng

        Can you give me the steps on how to restore the ticket using iFunbox?

  • Anonymous

    I looked in the BigBoss Repo and can’t seem to find it

    • Refresh Cydia.

      • Anonymous

        Awsome that’s all it took I don’t feel to smart right now. THANKS!

  • Clifford Bareng

    As a back-up, how do we do it again using iFunbox?

    • You need to have afc2add from cydia in order iFunbox connect! Then you just open ifunbox and plug you device! On the left side choose “Raw FileSystem” and now on the right side navigate to var/root/Library. In there you will see the Lockdown folder that contains your activation tickets! Just drag and drop it to your desktop and keep it safe!

      • Anonymous

        Done! Thank you.
        So if i restore in the future, i wil just install SAM, afc2add, open iFunbox-RawFileSystem-var/root/Library then replace the Lockdown folder with the one i backed-up, right?

    • Adam A

      This should also work with iExplorer and WinSCP.

  • i even cant unlock my iphone 3gs with 5.1 bb 05.16.05.Itunes always says not supported sim…the eccid is vcorrect!!

    • Adam A

      This is what I did with my iPhone 3gs with 5.1 bb 05.16.05
      (Jailbroken running iOS v5.1 9B176)

      1) remove your SIM card
      2) install ultrasn0w v1.2.5
      3) install ultrasn0w fixer for 5.1
      4) reset network settings through general phone settings
      5) insert your SIM card

      I have found that the SIM card has to be out before you start this unlocking and you must reset the network settings after you preform the 5 Steps.

  • Anonymous

    plz suggest after jailbreak, my iphone’s battery backup sucks, wt to do…. thanks


    • Adam A

      They are found in iTunes on your devices summary page. If you see the Serial number then click on the serial number and the UDID will show. Same with the ICCID,Phone Number, IMEI. Just click on them to see the other info,,,Enjoy

  • javed mian

    Hello Guys i have saved my SHSH for 5.0.1 i could.t downgrade evertime different error. some time 1600. i run the TSS serrver while restoring with i tune doesn’t help , any one know more than that how should i downgrade to 5.0.1?

    • Remember that A5 devices can’t downgrade also some iPhone4 users, if you’re using an older devices you should try the Stitch option on Resn0w

    • Adam A

      I have found that I only get errors in iTunes when flashing a iOS if I have not placed my device into DFU mode usually with iREB found in sn0wbreeze. This is to be done before I start iTunes. Then use the SHIFT+RESTORE function.

  • I just reset all my settings. Now even though I backed up my activation ticket through cookie, I cannot restore my ticket. It says no backup on the cloud.

    Help please. $2 Monetary reward through paypal to anyone who posts a solution that is able to fix my problem. (the first post that helps me) Thank you.

    I am just frustrated that I lost my activation.

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