I know what you’re thinking: as if we needed yet another Lock screen shortcut tweak, right? There’s no denying it, there are plenty of Lock screen shortcut methods available for the iPhone, and FastLock is the latest entry into an already crowded arena.

When considering just how many alternatives there are to FastLock, it’s not surprising that I wasn’t exactly jumping for joy after initially hearing about it. In such a dense market, is there room for yet another set of Lock screen shortcuts?

Have a look at our video and judge for yourselves…

Once you have FastLock installed, there are no settings or options to configure. To use it, simply double press your Home button while on your Lock screen. This will cause your Lock screen shortcuts to appear within the body of the Lock screen.

Tapping on any of the shortcuts whisks you away to the app in question. I have to say that I experienced some crashing when attempting to use the included Twitter shortcut, but your mileage may vary.

FastLock is available for $0.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. I’m not sure I would personally recommend it, but it certainly doesn’t hurt the user experience in any way. What do you think?

  • Tried a hacked copy … Deleted a hacked copy .. Not buying the paid copy.. Although it does work ok..

    • You, sir, are an ass.

      While I understand wanting to “try” a tweak before purchasing, you should simply deal with the fact that there is no trial. Simply by downloading and installing a “hacked copy,” you are propagating the use of doing so.

      There is no justification for this, or any, type of piracy.

      • He’s not just an ass, but a cheap ass….99 cents?!?!!?! Cheap-O!!!

      • Is it piracy to check whether you want the tweak or not? If you try it for 10 minutes I feel that is legitimate. Not every tweak has a full blown review or a quick review that is not indepth. Not it may be 100% right but I feel many of these tweaks are not right in not giving trials of random functions which may or may not work for your taste

      • Agreed, purchasing something shouldn’t feel like gambling no matter what the ammount. That’s why you can always listen to music before purchasing, even if it’s just 0,99 cents.

      • Anonymous

        It is piracy. Poor consumer choices are a part of capitalism and free markets. If there was meant to be a trial, developers would include one. Your ignorant attitude hinders creative development and the incentive to create stellar products and services.

      • First of all you don’t know me so don’t judge … Second, I like to try before I buy.. It might be only 99c but how many tweaks/apps do you have to buy/ pay for before you spend too much ? on tweaks/app that you don’t want or use…
        Every tweak/app ive got from Cydia ether had a try before you buy and I’ve brought my fare share of them or I tried a hacked copy which lead to a paid copy…. I’ve also brought tweaks/apps that are no longer being updated to ios5 , so should I be able to get my money back ? It not my fault the dev did not say that they were no going to do updates… I Don’t use apps from installous and I never will .. Because you will find a free or light version in the app store.. There is nothing wrong in having a try before you buy . It’s just up to the user to delete the tweak/app …

        So what’s your excuse for judging people that you have never spoke to before or even met ? ..
        Have you ever heard the saying
        Don’t judge a book by its cover ?
        So don’t judge me just because I try a hacked copy before I part with my cash..

      • Dan

        I’m with you on this one. I’ve bought several tweaks that had conflicts with other tweaks or simply crashed my phone. Now I try the hacked version, if it works well, I buy the real thing. Who cares what strangers on the internet think? Keep doing what works for you.

      • Ok try this..
        If you brought a peice of software for a PC and you went to a shop and you asked for a demo of it . You will get a demo of the software .. If you brought a peice of software with out a demo and when you tried to take it back you carn’t ..it’s licenced to you.. Now it you need a demo of a tweak can you get one ? NO.. It’s buy and try and if you don’t like it you have lost your money.. So I see a hacked copy as my demo before I buy..

        It is after all a peice of software and they don’t offer a demo for me to try

      • Anonymous

        Ass or no ass this tweak sucks ass… that is all..

      • Anonymous

        You, sir, are an idiot for paying (regardless of such small price) money for such a useless tweak, just to be dissapointed later.

        He’s a thousand steps ahead of you, and that bothers you.

  • Same old shit, different tweak. I guess new ideas are hard to think of.

  • Do you ever post apps and tips for NON jail breaked phones!?

    • Anonymous

      First of all, *jailbroken. And no, they rarely do. This guy focuses on the same tweaks of the same kind every day.