If the YouTube comments from our ShowFlash video is any indication, by and large ShowFlash is a worthless tweak.

Fortunately I don’t look at comments to judge what I absolutely should or shouldn’t try.

Granted, as far as usability goes, ShowFlash is fairly devoid of any worthwhile usefulness, but that doesn’t mean you should absolutely avoid it, does it?

The fact that the developer outright acknowledges the pointlessness of his tweak makes ShowFlash okay in my book.

Sometimes I think developers take themselves too seriously, and want to pass everything they create as a must have. Then they get mad when their tweak or app isn’t as well received as they perceived it should have been.

And us users are just as guilty. Even when a tweak is 100% original, if it doesn’t provide us with any personal utility, we claim it’s trash. That’s ridiculous. I have no problem bashing a tweak, especially when it’s a direct rip of something already in existence, but we should pick and choose our battles.

Not everything in life has to have a surefire purpose or utility. And ShowFlash is evident of that. The whole idea is to create a simple screenshot flash whenever you fulfill a certain predefined action.

It’s simple, and it’s free on Cydia’s ModMyi repo. Not every tweak has to be the next biteSMS or IntelliScreenX. All I ask is that you be original with your creations, and for the most part, ShowFlash is.

What do you think?

  • I think that is a cool effect while 100% pointless.. Kind of like that when the task switched is activated

  • This is so pointless…..

    Jeff stop making these minor videos and spend more time on the big tweaks / apps.

    • jose castro

      the find another blog then, he just got done telling you guy that he “don’t look at comments to judge what I absolutely should or shouldn’t try”.

    • u both are so wrong even jeff and the autor cause I can actually use this tweak so it’s not pointless ! stopp being so fucking negative about everything in life seriously people like u should shut the fuck up! sorry for my strong language but this POINTLESS POSTS are getting on my nerves…

    • Anonymous

      Major tweaks comes out once in a while, so…

  • Mordechai Eliyahu

    say i have a idea of a great cydia tweak but im not a programmer who do i need to speak to in regards to this?

    • Benoit Pinet

      The patent office. (according to Apple)

  • I think i no the point of this tweak, its like after u do one of those actions, something just magically appears and disappears. The tweak sorta gives u the illusion effect. Well, someone might want it, other might not. Its just personal choice.

  • Anonymous

    I use it only for KILL APP in this way – set swipe statusbar to RemoveBackground, and the flash lets me know that my swiping is not in vain! 🙂

    🙂 … not really that pointless!

  • Hey Jeff, do you know of a tweak that lets you control a docked iPod from the app itself? I get a white screen via my car USB