Apparently Japanese support wasn’t the only Siri-related enhancement Apple included in its recently-released software update. It looks like iOS 5.1 also brought deeper Yelp integration to the digital assistant.

Siri has always returned Yelp-rated businesses on a number of queries, but tapping those results haven’t always taken you straight to the Yelp application. Well, now it does…

As noted by 9to5Mac, Yelp published a blog post yesterday announcing its new Siri functionality:

“Well, last week, Apple launched iOS 5.1 and with it, an updated Siri and Yelp integration on iPhone. Now when searching for a recommendation on local businesses, Siri will return Yelp-reviewed businesses and when you tap the star rating (BOOM!) you are immediately taken to the Yelp business profile page. Oh, the places you’ll go.. now that you’ll have faster access to Yelp review highlights, quick tips, hours of operation, address, phone number, photos — the list goes on.”

On the surface, this may not seem like a very big deal. But this is one of the first signs we’ve seen that Apple is willing to allow Siri to access information from a third-party application. What’s next? Facebook? Twitter?

What third-party app would you like to see integrated into Siri?

  • I wouldn’t mind seeing map search. (non us) Siri is fairly useless atm really.

    • Dan

      wouldn’t say it’s useless, but it’s a big drawback

  • I’m more wondering if Siri is going to be integrated with Yelp in Australia, it is powered by Sensis so it has a pretty extensive catalogue. It is one of the features I was really looking forward to with Siri.

  • In the uk I’d like to see Siri integrated with yell, also Imdb would be cool.
    Spotlight uses both google and Wikipedia but Siri only uses google when it gets ‘stuck’. This bothers me. Especially since Wikipedia would be much better for looking up people’s bios.

  • I would like them to integrate IMDB like another person said.

    However I would like it just to work better and quicker. Heres my big issue: I’m a Brit living in the U.S. sometimes Siri doesn’t understand my accent. Turn it to UK English an it understands me almost flawlessly. But if I do that I lose the ability to search maps and businesses, even though I’m in the states!! Does apple think that there are no Brits (Germans, Aussies etc) living here? I don’t know why they can’t make the language independent from these location issues?

  • This would be a nice update if Siri did that outside the USA as well, like here in Germany…! Or use Maps for directions…or use Wolfram Alpha…or do anything useful like that at all…! 🙁

    Hell, right now Siri isn’t even able to simply redial the last number — what’s up with that…?!