With over a billion wireless subscribers, China is certainly one of the most sought-after mobile markets. Heck, China Mobile (the world’s largest carrier) alone has over 650 million customers.

Now it looks like that market just got even more valuable. According to Flurry, a mobile analytics company, China is now the world’s fastest growing smart device market as well…

Flurry’s report shows that the number of monthly iOS and Android device activations in China has just surpassed the United States for the first time. So what do you do when you have this fast-growing smartphone market with a billion potential customers? You get in there as fast as you can.

And that’s exactly what Apple is doing. Earlier this year, the Cupertino company inked a deal with China Unicom to start selling its popular handset. And a China Telecom deal quickly followed. Now the word is that Apple is going after China Mobile — who already has 15 million unlocked iPhones on its network — as well.

The smartphone race in China is going to be one of the most important ever for both Apple and Android partners. It’ll be interesting to see who comes out on top.


  • Anonymous

    Being that my wife is from Beijing, I have the more “unique” perspective of seeing both culture’s viewpoints.

    I have to admit, I really love they way China does their cell phones. You can walk in to just about any market or store and buy pre-paid phone cards, some are just phone, some include texting, and some even allow for full service with phone, text and data!

    But, here is where it gets really cool – if you call out, it costs you, but if you receive a call, there is NO COST! I remember back in the late 80s our mobile phones had that feature, but as we all know, that didn’t last long. Which does surprise me that in China they still keep that feature.

    There are of course also subscription plans which if you live there full time, are much more reasonable compared to the convenience of a pre-paid card.

    My nice who lives in China just recently got her hands on an iPhone4 – and you would think she had “won the lottery” she was soooooo excited!!!!

    It is amazing to see the excitement over in China for the iPhone and also for the iPad!!!

    • Ehm, when has it ever cost money to receive a call? Try never in Europe or Asia.

  • Anonymous

    Whaaat? If people call you, you pay too? That only happens to us when roaming internationally and that’s only after the first minute

    • Exactly, receiving calls doesn’t cost money if you’re in the same country.

  • KewlDewd

    Your title is confusing. “Pass up” means to pass on something like a deal or offer. It should just be “pass”.