The iPad Mini has been in the rumor mill for quite a while, and we’ve heard some pretty interesting things about the 7-inch tablet. Yesterday, a report was published saying the smaller version of the iPad will feature a slim bezel display that may allow for a larger viewing area.

Today we got word that Samsung is the exclusive supplier of the Retina display for the third-generation iPad. We’re also hearing out of the Korea Times, that a Samsung official told the publication that Apple will release a 7.85-inch iPad by the end of the year, using Samsung’s displays…

Samsung is the exclusive manufacturer of Apple’s A5 chip and is also expected to be the manufacturer of the A5X chip, but we’ll have to wait for confirmation from teardowns. At any rate, Apple and Samsung are working close together, besides the on going legal battles. It makes sense for Samsung to supply parts for the iPad Mini.

Earlier this month, a leaked document out of a Samsung analyst also said that Apple may launch an iPad Mini in the third quarter of this year.

A third quarter release would put the smaller tablet in direct competition with Amazon’s Kindle Fire, which has seen success among new tablet owners. Perhaps Apple’s smaller tablet offering would help bring over some sales.

Apple just announced its third-generation iPad last week, and it’s set to go on sale this Friday. The 10-inch tablet packs a Retina display, however, the iPad Mini has been rumored not to feature the 2048×1536 pixel madness.

Do you think Apple will release a smaller iPad by the end of the year?


  • Anonymous

    Don’t think they’ll have the same display; it’ll probably make the price go even higher than the iPad 3’s! And that’s the opposite of what Apple wants; what they want is an affordable (more so than the iPad 2, so X<=$299) tablet that takes the market the Kindle Fire proved existed. Apple almost single-handedly created the tablet market, and they're not going to let a massive portion of that market fall to competitors.

  • Apple has always been about leading. Now they’re going to follow? What’s next? A giant iPhone with a stylus?

    • Anonymous

      How exactly have they always been about leading? Ive’s himself said they don’t make anything new they just basically copy what’s out already and make it better. Not to mention the fact that they make nothing themselves they just design things so no matter how you try and spin it, Apple products just aren’t really Apple in any way but design.

      • Oh I agree, but you have to understand that Apple doesn’t just redesign products, they revolutionize them. When your competition is copying your every move, you didn’t just redesign a product, you changed the way your competition thinks about its own products. How dumb would it be for Motorola or Samsung to stay stuck in the 90’s and continue creating flip phones? The Kindle Fire could be considered somewhat of a revolutionary product if it forces its competition, in this case Apple, to start copying them.

      • Anonymous

        Yes but what you aren’t seeing is that, for instance, the new iPad. All the fanboys are going crazy about the retina display and the Mac Press said the usual things about how Apple have done it again and raised the bar to an unachievable high yet that amuses me because the display is made by Samsung and the fact is that if you took away the design and look of an iDevice it is essentially a rival manufacturers phone/tablet etc just with Apple’s packaging on it.

        I love Apple products but for any1 to say they are the best thing since sliced bread when 99% of their products are made by rivals is just naive, I get what you’re saying and I agree but when you look at specs of their devices compared to others they are poor and if not for the brand name and the design of their products I highly doubt they would sell as many as they do.

    • Video calls. Copied. Approx 5 years behind Japan.

  • Bueno…..

  • Apple….

  • I will believe it when I see it. I will stick with the regular size iPad

  • now why on earth will you sue the company for infringing patents and at the same time ask them to make screen displays for your company(Apple).

    this is all apples monopoly to fool US!!

    i wonder what da inside story is!!

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  • Samsung and apple constantly battling it out in court but apple still use samsung’s products and Samsung still supply apple. Don’t make a fuss if you’re willing to work with each other.

  • Hatyrei

    so they still gonna sue Samsung ?….if Samsung release a new device with the same screen?