Like any new product Apple releases, the new iPad has been seeing a tremendous amount of pre-orders. We already noted that the new iPad has already sold out across all stores, and the third-generation Apple TV’s shipping time has been pushed back 2 weeks.

Today, Apple told USA Today that demand for the new iPad has been “off the charts”:

“Customer response to the new iPad has been off the charts and the quantity available for pre-order has been purchased. Customers can continue to order online and receive an estimated delivery date.”

While shipping time has been pushed back in Apple’s online store, there will be a limited number of iPads available in Apple’s retail stores Friday, March 16th. These products will be available on a first come, first served basis — so you’re going to want to get there quick.

So why is demand for the new iPad so high? The specs for Apple’s latest tablet are amazing: a Retina display, larger battery, 5-megapixel camera with upgraded sensors, 1GB of RAM, and dual-core A5X processor with quad-core graphics.

Were you quick to get your pre-order in?


  • If I had the money, I would buy it. But yeah, a student’s life is hard.

    • Hey, you can purchase one and return it 14 days later if you want. Apple won’t ask any questions, they’ll take it back.

  • Shawn Bensley

    I Live up in Canada and have the original iPad and have been waiting for this ipad. I was going to buy the ipad 2 when it came out, but when it didn’t come with a retina display I thought to wait. As soon as it was announced on Mar 7 I placed my order. It has been shipped already.

  • Anonymous

    How much RAM does the new iPad have now? Because I am waiting for the iPhone 5 and I think they will have the same specs.

    • We wont likely know until iFixit does a teardown.

      • Gregz0r

        Of course, but with that screen res, there’s surely no way it’can have 512MB of RAM and still perform as expected, with everything being a bigger file size.

      • its 1Gb

    • Anonymous

      Everyone is saying 1gb? Did apple even mention this during their keynote? If not how does anyone really know…

    • yeah it’s 1GB of RAM

    • The spec’s don’t matter because Apple is much better with there memory mgmt than any Android.

  • Got my email yesterday confirming mine was shipped 😀

  • Dan

    If I had the money to blow on it, why not. But got nothing to complain about my jailbroken iPad 2. I’ll wait for the next generation.

  • Not really impressed, Im happy with my jailboken iPad 2

    • Not impress cause u can’t afford it right… But dont say u not impress.. What’s not impress about new iPad… C’mon people!!!

      • Anonymous

        That’s your opinion, the guy isn’t impressed … end of !! .. Who died and put you in charge of what people should like, also, there is nothing new about this iPad that warrants upgrading for the average user, everything worked just fine on the iPad 2.

        What has his being able to afford it got to do with anything, you trying to have a dig at him because he may/may not be able to afford it, stfu.

        Btw, it’s impressed not impress, jeeez !!

      • Bates who the fuck gave you the right to chime in this conversation. For one mind your damn business its America and your entitled to your own opinion. So if the man wanted to state ” what’s not so impressing about the new iPad” then he can do that.

        And one other thing, the most ignorant thing in this whole wide world is when someone corrects another person. Everyone knew what the fuck he was talking about. But you being Mrs. Ignorant (Mrs. because your a bitch), wanting to correct his spelling. Go get a life. I hope you don’t feel intelligent because you pick up on a little mistake. People like you find anyway to humiliate another person. It’s sad because this might be the only way you might feel empowered in your life. GSAD (Go suck a dick)

      • U Stfu… New iPad 4 times better than iPad2… U don’t want just keep trolling n don’t say a word about it… Keep it moving!!

      • Anonymous

        Do you even know what trolling means you knob, clearly not. Nobody gives a shit what you think about the iPad so you “keep it moving”

      • I was going to reply, and liked other comment instead -_-, sad mistake: btw

        Ohh, the iPad is impressing!

  • im just waiting for my on Friday

  • I ordered the black 64 gb Verizon. Shipping info says I’ll get it on 3/13. Yippee!!

  • Anonymous

    I would be happy with the 16GB Wifi Only…. But I won’t even be able to get that. 🙁 ONE DAY I will! Just not today.

    • You would order a refurb iPad from apple’s website, it is a lot of savings, the ipad 2 16GB wifi refurb is like U$349

      • Anonymous

        Yah, I would like the the 3rd gen… See how much it is used and refurbished. I’m hoping to get one by July. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Mine is on the way, too. 🙂 I’m upgrading from the 1st gen. Held off on 2nd gen. So I’m excited for the 3rd gen – tons of new upgrades, imho.
    My shipping confirm says shipped standard overnight, but with special note to hold delivery until 16th. >(
    Just bring it tomorrow! lol
    Oh…but my InvisibleShield will be here this week, too. Nice.

  • Got me 2, one wifi only and the other Verizon 64 Gigs! Verizon got pushed back until the 21st, no biggie.

  • I dont understand the “off the charts”,
    in terms of functionality, there is nothing you can do with the new ipad that cant be done with the older generation (no new features), its just a bit faster and shinier. I dont understand why the demand would be “high”…

  • delete

  • is there no way to delete a post here

  • I dont know. I got an ipad 1 and does everything without issues. Also generally i dont wach HD movies on Ipad but on a big 60″ screen flat tv. I use my ipad to wach UFC or other Drama series while on a train or flying but only at normal resolution. All games until now run without any hassle I dont know in the future. I really dont see the upgrade worth it. I thought they will reduce the bezel around the screen and make the screen a little bigger but as always recicle and cost cuts always prevail I guess. I probably will wait what apps will come out custom made for this new Ipad and see if worth to upgrade. For now one ipad its the same as the other in my opinion if all of them can play and run everything.

    • That was exactly what i was thinking when i had jailbroken iphone 3gs. So, i didn’t bought iphone 4. Then i got a free upgrade to iphone 4s. And then i realise what i was missing. Retina display makes a whole lot of difference.

  • I got my email today from apple. My iPad has shipped should get it ths Friday. Yeah e that I am married to such a great lady.

  • It’s sooo sad, the iPad is already in Ontario, CA, 30 mins from my house, but they won’t deliver until Friday! It says “Future Delivery Requested” ie. Apple told them not to ship it till Friday 🙁