New iPad packs 1GB of RAM, not that Apple will tell you that

If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed about an Apple hardware release these days, it’s that all of us are going to wonder just what innards are hidden beneath that oh-so-gorgeous exterior.

The new iPad is no different, and while the rumors suggest that the new tablet will sport a considerable chunk of RAM, 1GB to be exact, it’s not likely that Apple will be sharing the fact any time soon.

In fact, we doubt they’ll ever share the iPad’s amount of RAM with us mere mortals…

For those keeping score, the original iPad came with 256MB of RAM, and the second packed twice that amount, 512MB. The new iPad’s move to 1GB would make perfect sense, especially considering the increase in texture sizes required for that huge resolution which comes by way of the Retina display.

But still, Apple won’t tell us. It never does.

Apple seems to be moving away from the tech-specs race with its post-PC devices, preferring instead to push the features and benefits of its devices rather than entering into a pure specification race with its competition. With Android tablets often sporting higher speeds and more memory than the iPad, Apple is wise to keep mum on the situation.

At the end of the day, so long as the thing blows the competition out of the water where it matters – the experience, the apps, the whole feel of iOS – then who really cares about the amount of RAM hidden inside?

Not us!

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