Plugication — the jailbreak tweak that automatically resumes music upon connecting your headphones to your device — has been officially released to the public.

Our preview covered Plugication’s main feature, but a version is also in the works that will allow users to disable the “pause on disconnect” feature that happens when you remove headphones.

Plugication can be downloaded for free from Cydia’s ModMyi repo. Be sure to share your thoughts after giving it a try.

  • It works,but takes a little longer to start playing the music again!but its still faster than taking the phone out of the pocket and pressing the “play” button!
    I liked!AND ITS FREE!

  • Omar Aly

    Did you buy another iPhone? Or is it just your 4?

  • what if i have an incoming call and plug my headset? will it be smart enough not to play the music?

    • I fixed this in 1.1-3 🙂


  • Hi Jeff! Does this tweak also work for bluetooth headsets or just plug-in? My bluetooth disconnects when I receive a call during listening to music. Just curious if this tweak would resolve this issue, thanks!

  • Ahmed Tammam

    it does takes about 5s to start playing but that’s not a problem for me. great tweak

  • jeff what ear phones do you use?

  • Josh Hamilton

    You can allready do this with activator. So why do I need to install another tweak.

  • Hatyrei

    hi I’m looking for a jailbreak tweak that enableS the hotspot feature of my iphone 4S 🙂 i prefer free teaks or app 🙂 pls. thanks.

  • Anonymous

    This would be so useful for AUTO STARTING BLUETOOTH IN CAR, thats the biggest annoyance. Can someone develop that?