The entire tech world let out a sigh of relief last week when reports that Apple had sent out invites to a March 7th media event surfaced. Finally, after months of rumors and speculation, we’ll get to see Apple’s new tablet.

Can’t wait that long to see what the iPad 3 looks like? You’re in luck. The folks over at MIC gadget have gotten their hands on a number of iPad 3 parts, including its rear shell and front glass, and have put them all on video for your viewing pleasure…

The components in the clip fall in line with dozens of previous reports that the new iPad will be a bit thicker than its predecessor, but will otherwise look extremely familiar. Although iPad 2 cases aren’t expected to fit the new tablet, it appears that smart covers will work just fine.

It’s also worth noting that MIC gadget believes that the next iPad will feature Siri. We’ve heard a few whispers that Apple will be incorporating the digital assistant into the new slate, but have yet to see much evidence of that.

If you’re interested in seeing a fully-assembled iPad 3, make sure you tune into iDB next Wednesday. We’ll be providing full coverage of the media event, as well as giving our first impressions of Apple’s new tablet.


  • The more tapered edges make the iPad 3 look thinner.. Smart move by Apple I’d say

  • Confirms what was already assumed. The music is pretty funky though haha

    • Anonymous

      Agree about the music. It was dated with that late 80’s early 90’s digital funk sound. That being said……it was perfect for the video. I liked it!

  • Ronald Weaver

    The music made me think some dildos were gonna get some action! PORNO hahaha

  • 4 days to go!!!!

  • is this a jok this is the ipad 2

  • collecte all the data about the ipad 3 around tha internet and come up with a video……….

  • Itchy hands…….

  • PIT

    Look ma…No flash!!!

    • Adobe is no longer supporting Flash, dead technology. They have even stated this. Everyone is moving to HTML5.

      • PIT

        Not Adobe Flash…Camera Flash. Forget Adobe Flash. LOL.

      • Tell that to android fanboys they still think flash is so awesome

    • Sina

      Adding to Brian Guth-Pasta’s comment, Adobe itself also removed support for Flash on mobile devices…

      • PIT

        Camera Flash…..Adobe Flash sucks.

      • Sina

        Flash Light ?

  • Cloudi Windi


  • Considering this hasnt been taken down by Apple yet, it’s probably fake/wrong parts. Didn’t some famous tech blog mention that Apple works on fake products to hide the real ones?

  • I wouldn’t believe any of these rumored or parts appearing anywhere. Remember what all the supposed 4s parts were supposed to be like?

  • Can’t wait!

  • emal bazger

    WoW, ((((( MAGNETIC FORCE ))))) looks like you can rick two iPads at the same time and we are able to share photos etc.

  • It seems that we are going to have iPad 2s or something like that

  • Good news for iPad 2 owners, me included