Adding to the array of iPad 3 rumors that have been floating our way, 9to5mac’s Mark Gurman has published a report clearing the waters about recent talk over which processor Apple is going to use in the iPad 3.

There have been conflicting reports that the iPad 3 will feature a quad-core processor, while some say it will only be an upgraded dual-core. We’ve seen code references and pictures of both, but today, 9to5mac says that Apple has been working on both the A5X and A6 processors…

In their report, 9to5mac shows iOS 5.1 beta code that references both processors. The A5X processor is referenced as S5L8945X and the A6 processor is referenced as S5L8950X.

The report also provides some speculation about where we might see each processor placed. One possible explanation for Apple manufacturing two processors is that the quad-core A6 processor may be found in the iPad 3, while the A5X may be found in the rumored Apple TV that’s set to launch in March. Or perhaps, Apple just simply developed each processor to see which would better fit the iPad 3.

While there’s still conflicting reports on the processor the iPad 3 will have, publications are agreeing that the iPad 3 will feature a Retina display, upgraded cameras, LTE, the possibility of Siri support, and larger battery. Many reports have said that the iPad 3 will be announced in the first week of March and shipping soon after.

More possibilities of where each processor could be placed include the A6 processor being found in the iPad 3 with the A5X in a less powerful iPad, or that Apple could be saving the A5X for the 8-inch iPad we’ve been hearing about.

The most likely scenario in our eyes is the A6 processor in the iPad 3, and the A5X processor in the Apple TV. However, time will only tell.

Are you tired of the iPad 3 rumors, or are they getting you pretty excited?


  • I think the scenario of the A5X in the Apple TV and the A6 in the iPad seems more likely, I don’t see why Apple would bring out an upgraded iPad 2, that would deter people from buying the iPad 3 (not me but the general public)

    It would definitely fit Apple TV, it is due for an upgrade as it will need to start playing 1080p, and they might look at bringing it full feature apps.

    • That’s my thoughts. iPad 3 + Apple TV.

    • Yeah I agree with that. I’m not sure about everyone else but the 4S release was no doubt awesome in respects to the power that came with it but the issue of it not being re-designed was a caveat for me.

      If they followed suit with the iPad 3 and just gave it more power it would seem like a slight cop-out to me.

      People now know that Apple are accustomed to this type of trend, ie 3 – 3G, 4 – 4S, so it wouldn’t be that much of a shock but like a lot of people I prefer cosmetic over insides.

    • But the reacent picture of a mainboard with a A5X processor, was not a AppleTV mainboard.
      So the A6 is probably for something else like iPhone5.

  • Anonymous

    BS just like the iphone 4S and 5 rumor…

    • That’s why they’re called rumors bro. No one bar Apple and suppliers actually know, so technically it’s a bit early to be calling it BS

      • Anonymous

        There are good rumors (iPhone/iPad expected to be released on xxx, based on reports by yyyy *person*) and BS rumors like this one we see all year long.

        They say the A5X is referenced by the code “S5L8945X”. Who told them this code means A5X processor? Anyone can say anything.

        Remember all the bullshit rumors about the iPhone 4S design? Drop design, square design, bigger screen.. all “confirmed” by hotshots in the rumor factory.

  • Anonymous

    The Most likely scenario is apple is working on the A6 for the Iphone 5 prototypes that I’m sure they’re already working on, and the A5X will appear in the iPad 3. There won’t be an 8 inch ipad or a quad core ipad 3 because Apple is smarter than that and they leave room for upgrades every year. How have people not caught on to this? the ipad 2 could have easily gotten the cameras that they put in the iphone 4S but they saved them for the ipad 3…the iPad 3 COULD get an A6 processor but then it won’t be as big of a deal when the iphone 5 gets it…there’s been a pattern here for a while.

  • Anonymous

    Off the topic, but Is it me or does Siri sound different and starting to learn things, example : one day Siri didn’t work properly , then later she was back but with a less robotic voice, then I noticed she didn’t pronounce the name tonya as too-Nya , it started pronouncing it the exact way I requested it (tonya). Who else experienced this?

    • Anonymous

      siri is a beta and constantly learning and being upgraded whether we’re notified of it or not

  • I feel apple purposely leaves all those codes in the firmware cos apple knows knows all the great minds (developers) are going to get the codes out from firmware. I am sure Apple can easily fix this but it doesn’t. Just a marketing gimmick to create rumors and speculations. Apple doesn’t want us to know what the real thing is gonna be. Hence it helps leak some photographs and leave some weird coding on its firmware which contradicts the photos. All in all apple wants us to get confused n which indirectly creates enthusiasm for what the product’s gonna be.

    This is just my view and I am not a developer or anything, just an iPhone user so I can also be wrong.

    FYI I love this website and I also enjoy reading rumors and news.