With the rumors and leaks lending strong indications that we’ll see some sort of rich text functionality for Notes in iOS 5.1, developer Ryan Petrich decided he doesn’t like waiting.

As a result, Rich Text For Mail — a tweak dedicated to adding rich text support to Email — has been updated to support Notes as well.

The good news is that you no longer have to wait for iOS 5.1 to receive a feature that may or may not be included with the final build…

…the not so good news is that the tweak will set you back $4.99. That’s pretty steep, especially if you don’t plan on really using it. It’s pennies for those who live an die by rich text functionality, though.

We already did a walkthrough of Rich Text For Mail, and this update is exactly the same as what we reviewed then, the only difference is that you can now do everything you could do in the Mail app in the Notes app as well.

Are you happy you don’t have to wait until iOS 5.1 to receive this functionality? What do you think?

  • While I always appreciate the effort that goes into these tweaks, $4.99 is definitely not worth this functionality, not even for people who use Notes a lot.

    • Anonymous

      First thing I did when I saw the price was do a huge LOL.

  • Anonymous

    Price tag, too rich for my taste. I’ll give it a pass.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t mean to be rude, but I think that prices like that for a pretty basic app just point to a greedy developer.

    • Anonymous

      Cydia apps starting to look like App Store apps haha

  • Donovan Wynter

    i,ll wait for iOS 5.1 to get this feature

    • Anonymous

      Say goodbye to cydia if u plan on doing that

  • Anonymous

    This tweak has long been overpriced, and now…well nothing has changed. I would pay $1.99 MAX for something like this.

    • Downloading cracked tweaks is NEVER ok. Either pay up or don’t get it. Simple as that. Just because you (or some others) may feel something is overpriced does NOT grant you permission to STEAL it.

      • Anonymous

        Did I say I steal tweaks? No. Look asshole, don’t be so quick to judge. I’m just making a point that there plenty of greedy developpers out there trying to over-charge for little tweaks that may or may not have any or little benefit (especially when it will be free on an upcoming update). Also, I may add these developpers are profiting off the work of hackers who devote countless hours developping a jailbreak FOR FREE. Do they charge you to jailbreak your phone? No. Do these developpers give a cut of their profits to these hackers? No. I’m not condoning piracy, but it’s a dog eat dog world out there and everyone’s out for their own.

      • “And they wonder WHY people choose to download cracked tweaks.”

        This statement of yours implies a condoning of downloading cracked tweaks. I never once said YOU download cracked tweaks. I only said no matter what the reason, YOU do not have open license to do so.

        I didn’t judge you (“Look asshole…”), although it looks as though you did, so now go look in the mirror, and see the real asshole.

      • Oh…and FYI…NO ONE wonders why people download cracked tweaks. We all know it’s because they are cheap, insensitive bastards. Looks like you JUST figured that out, so congrats. YOU no longer have to wonder why…

      • And also FYI – Jailbreakers are not hackers, they are crackers. Go look it up if you don’t know the difference.

        Man, you’ve just been in school this whole week learning new things, haven’t you?

      • Anonymous

        You’re so far beyond ignorant that there’s no point in debating with your meak little mind. You can go educate yourself some more on the internet. Alright? Okay.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve had Rich Text For Mail since 4.3 (back then it was fully worth money for iPad, before native rich text features were added to iOS5.0).

    While the price is definitely too steep now days, there is still one great feature it has that can not be added in any other way, and that is the ability to create embedded links within text. I use that feature every day to embed links in emails and couldn’t live without it. It’s amazing Apple didn’t add it along with bold/italics/underline in iOS5.

    On a seperate note (no pun intended ;)) is the Notes update live in Cydia yet? As I’m not seeing an option to update?

  • sn0wbaLL

    for that kind of price, im glad there are pirate repos. However i could care less about tweaks of the sort. 99 cents to 2 bucks is fine, but this is just ridiculous.

  • wow. if tweaks’ prices are going up like that..sooner no one will care about jailbreaking anymore.

  • Anonymous

    The tweak is worth it but not $4.99. I will pass unless he drops the price down.