Just yesterday we showed you some rumored images of the purported iPad 3 casing compared to the current iPad 2. Well, another day and we have another supposed leaked part.

This time around it’s the front and glass digitizer assembly which, according to MacRumors, come by way of Sina Weibo, the Chinese micro-blogging site. It appears to show that there are very few noticeable differences from the iPad 2 set-up…

There seem to be no changes where the Home Button, front-facing camera position or ambient light sensor arrangement are concerned, and the only slight difference is the position of the ribbon cable which extends half way up the side of the glass. The cable on the iPad 2 went in the other direction and was a lot shorter.

MacRumors go on to report:

A separate posting from the same blogger claims that the A5X system-on-a-chip seen in a leaked photo has a dual-core processor and that the iPad 3 will support Siri. The report also claims that the iPad 3 will launch with iOS 5.1 and a rear camera capable of recording 1080p video. Finally, the posting says that the iPad 3 will launch in the U.S. in mid-March with France, Germany, Japan, and the UK to follow in April. Other markets including China and Hong Kong should see the device launch by June 1. The reliability of that report is, however, unknown.

We’ve now seen reports of the rear casing, the rumored ultra high resolution display and the logic board which leaves only a few more internal components including battery and camera modules. I’m pretty sure these will be leaked in the not-too-distant future as is always the case with such high profile releases by Apple.

On that note we’re still hoping for a March 7th release date which is when Apple is expected to hold their highly anticipated media event.

  • jose castro

    hope they got there finger prints off the screen lol

  • Damn, stop with the few changes allready apple! We are here for revolutionary things, not to see you earn millions of dollars in a release of a new tablet wich (as always) is not too far ffrom the past one, that’s a dirty marketing play.

    • Yea!! It should be doing our laundry and cooking our food too.

    • Anonymous

      How exactly is a screen resolution increase of 4 x the pixels not a significant upgrade? The pixel count is going from a measly 786,432 (1024×768) to a staggering 3,145,728 (2048×1536)! The highest resolution screen of any mobile device ever put into mass production. It’s going to look just as amazing as the iPhone 4 did when compared to the 3GS.

      There will also be major upgrades to processor, graphics architecture, ram, cameras and software features like Siri.

      As for form factor, Apple have already nailed the perfect screen size and aspect ratio. 4×3 is a good compromise to allow the tablet to feel natual in both portrait and landscape orientations. There’s no reason for them to alter it.

      So what else would you like the iPad3 to do? Cook toast? 😉

      • When I sayd not too far from the last one I meant the design, as this blog has allready reported they always do few changes to gadgets and tablets designs specially the front of them so the gadgets will be allways a good choice for non-nerd people, now tell me, pretend you have a Tv, would you wait one year to buy the newest end-line TV of the same company with alot of new specs and fuctions but with the same desgin?
        It just made me feel bad for everyone that were waiting a real change when they took an ipad processor and inserted it on an iphone and called it iphone 4s, people can like apple, buts sad how ppl are easily conviced that what they have is enough, without even thinkin what could be better on it, even more because you are spending your money! Couldn’t them even do something new on the outside and not just inside? Apple was allways known by its incredibles designs, not by launching identical designs on diff products. thats for sure tim cooks shit