LockInfo is one of the few jailbreak apps that could single-handedly convinced people to jailbreak their iDevices over the past few years.

It’s arguably the primary inspiration behind iOS 5’s Notification Center. IntelliScreenX, one of the most popular jailbreak apps at the current moment replicates some of its features.

Without a doubt, LockInfo is a staple in the jailbreak community on a variety of levels. If you’re new to the iPhone, or you’ve just never given LockInfo a try for whatever reason, we recommend that you take a look at our video walkthrough inside…

This is a fairly lengthy video walkthrough, but then again, LockInfo is an insanely deep jailbreak app, and even more so since it has been optimized for iOS 5.

We have a comparison coming soon that pits LockInfo and IntelliScreenX head-to-head, but it’s obvious as to which is the deeper of the two: LockInfo, and by a country mile.

That’s not to say that deeper necessarily = better. Both apps have some great qualities, and some not-so-great qualities, which we’ll discuss further in our comparison post.

Is LockInfo worth its asking price? If you’re someone who will invest the needed time to learn the app’s ins and outs, you’re familiar with custom themes, and you’re comfortable configuring plugins — definitely.

But I’d still recommend using the trial for both this and IntelliScreenX before dropping your hard earned cash. Be sure to watch the video above for more details on the app’s many settings in order to get a good idea of what you will be dealing with. You can also watch our video walkthrough of IntelliScreenX to compare.

If you’re interested, LockInfo is $7.99 on Cydia’s ModMyi repo. What do you think about this classic jailbreak app?

  • Ive been using LockInfo for years now. I even wrote an article about LockInfo here on iDB a couple of years ago. I tried IntelliscreenX but it’s not as refined/complete as LockInfo. Also, Mr. Ashman provides excellent support.

  • For me, it seems like the choice really comes down to this:

    • Do you prefer a very native experience, with some additional features injected into the standard notification center? Then IntelliScreenX is probably for you.
    • Or do you prefer an insanely-customizable experience with a fully from-scratch interface with very in-depth plugins? Then LockInfo is probably what you need.

    For the basics, both perform extremely well when it comes to performance and such.

    • That pretty much sums it up. Both have their places and their audience for sure.

      • Anonymous

        “What SBSettings theme is that, Jeff? ” Yeah, good question. Be so kind and answer.

      • Joshua Rawlings

        The SBSettings the is called “Bold Retina”

  • LockInfo is really cool and all, but I think I really like the lightness of IntelliScreenX more.

    • intelliscreenX eats more memory =D

  • Really. Thank you so much

  • Anonymous

    Is IntelliscreenX still in beta because it was the last time I looked, that sucks, seriously .. It’s been in beta for months now and i’ll never shell out for something that isn’t even finished or perfected, how long does it take to drop “beta”

    • Joel Thomas

      It’s been out of beta for a good while now, a couple of months at least

  • DJ

    I use both, they work quite well together. I use standard notification so I can have the intelliscreen benefits and then I disable intelliscreen for the lockscreen and use typography time for the lockscreen and htc lockinfo clock for the homescreen

    • Anonymous

      can u post a screenshot of your lockscreen?

    • have been using HTC plugin for 4.21 and 4.3.3 now it looks so ugly, went to install the lock weather plugin and its nicer, try it and set theming mode on in the plugin for smoothing effect

  • How to change the statusbar from black to more invisible?

  • How to change the statusbar from black to more “invisible”?

    • Anonymous

      Easiest way is to use AbsoluteTransparency theme for winterboard, if you just want the status bar transparent and not other aspects of the UI then just go into your themes folder when you have installed it and delete the bundles folder within AbsoluteTransparency and then it will only change the status bar and not the lockscreen slider and the bar behind it.

  • Anonymous

    Put another one on the board for LockInfo. Longtime user here.

    What SBSettings theme is that, Jeff?

  • Doug J

    what is your SBSettings theme in this video?

  • Dan

    been using lockinfo for a few weeks now and it’s great, I tried the trial for IntelliscreenX and it didn’t cut it for me

    • 1 rss feed in lockinfo or intelliscreenX? you can set the rss settings in lockinfo plugin, you can also set how many lines to preview

      • Dan

        yeah meant in lockinfo, I set it up in the rss plugin for some reason it keeps showing just one, maybe I should reinstall

  • Anonymous

    LockInfo is great. I swear it was $10 when I paid for it, though I may be mis-remembering. Worth every penny.

    • I will pay for it even if it is over $10

  • Anonymous

    I have chosen LockInfo over IntelliscreenX on my 4S. I just feel more polished to me. Both have a lot to offer though.

    • You are missing out! use both! intelliscreenX for NC and lockinfo for lockscreen, plus add in twitkafly for twitting anywhere

  • It could be so useful, if it wouldnt crash so often in IOS5, was so nice to use in 4.3.3 on ipad2

    • I have no problem or crashes, lockinfo is the most stable tweak i have tested on compared to others

  • The SBSettings theme is Bold Retina

  • Jeff Budke

    As stated above, Lockinfo was the driver for me jailbreaking my phone and I still depend on it everyday.

  • I give my vote to LockInfo…the better part is that I can use my license, I do not have to buy for a new IntelliscreenX ( I had and bought the old version and they only offer less to pay ), I can transfer to my new iphone 4s… I think it works better for me

    • You can use lockinfo on 3 idevice and switch out anytime when u change your phone or ipads

  • The SBSettings theme Jeff is using is called ‘Bold Retina’ I believe, it’s on the ModMyi repo.

  • Anyone know if Activator causes battery drain? I’ve been holding off installing it just in case but I’d love to know people’s opinions on it.

    • activator is a must for jailbreakers =D

    • Joel Thomas

      It doesn’t run extra processes in the background like some Cydia tweaks do so it shouldn’t. I definitely haven’t noticed any battery drain from it, even on my older phone/older iOS versions.

      All activator is a gesture that corresponds to a set action. It’s kinda like how a stock iPhone is set to launch an app if you press it’s icon. Bad analogy, I know, but it’s the same concept so you shouldn’t get battery drain from it. We’re not talking about a weather widget here that’s constantly running and updating in the background, it just stays there and only executes whenever you run the configured action.

  • ive been using lockinfo for years now as well and it gets my vote… this really is one of THE reasons to jailbreak… its the big tweak of all tweaks

  • I have a problem regarding LockInfo.
    When my iPhone is locked, and I receive a notification such as a text, there is first the natural pop up. If you want to open the notification later, the alert moves slightly above the lock screen in a list for.

    My problem is that my lock info categories or widgets become overshadowed by this. Anyone know how I can fix this?

    (Long explanation sorry. I tried to be as clear as possible)

    • There is a bug if you are using lockinfo below 5.0 such as 4.2.1

      • I’m using 5.01. My notifications just get in front of my lock info information on the lock screen.

      • Joel Thomas

        Contact David Ashman. he’s always great with support. If you have twitter you can hit up his @lockinfo support account or if you don’t you can reach him by email though that may take longer. Go to your lockinfo settings and scroll down to the bottom and hit “report a problem.” it’ll take you to an email compose window. send him a screenshot and a description of your problem. If it’s a bug, he’ll prob come out with an update within a day or two to fix it, if not he’ll walk you through how to configure your settings to fix the issue. Great developer 🙂 both with product design and with customer care.

  • Its definitely worth every single cent, David has been fast and efficient in providing bug fixes and updates and replies every email i mailed to him, plus lockinfo can be used on 3 idevice with a single price. There is no reason jailbreakers do not want to have lockinfo. Its perfect with intelliscreenX, another reason my ipad2 is gorgeous.

  • I am not that impressed with this at first glance. Theres a lot that goes into setting this up. Its a pain in the butt really. Im going to try to use this over the next 3 days on the free trial. One day of work and 2 days of normal every day life. It took me 10 ten minutes of searching, in all the places I THOUGHT would be normal, just to find how to change the plugin order. Made me feel stupid but its UI isnt very ME friendly.