Over the past two days, we have learned a great deal about the rumored iPad 3. We’ve learned the device is to sport a similar design to the iPad 2, while at the same time having a Retina display, larger battery, and possibility of a dual-core processor, rather than quad-core. We also learned today that the iPad 3 will most likely be announced the first week of March, and will ship shortly after.

The Next Web is out with a new report saying that Apple is pushing key developers to finishing apps. Apple is pushing these developers to finish, so they can show off their apps either at the iPad 3 announcement or in iPad 3 advertisements, says the report…

Sources with knowledge of the matter have informed The Next Web that the company is in ‘crunch mode’ when it comes to lining up apps both to demonstrate on-stage and to show off in new advertisements for its third iPad.

Historically, Apple has had a few apps that they show off either on stage during the announcement, or in advertisements after the product launched. While they’ve shown their own apps like GarageBand, iMovie, and Photo Booth, they also showed off Infinity Blade 2 at the iPhone 4S event. Infinity Blade 2, a graphic intensive game, showed off the iPhone 4S Retina display quality and speedy processor.

According to the report, Apple is putting certain app developers into ‘crunch mode’ to finish applications for the reported early March event. They’re targeting developers who make high quality apps, to show off the iPad 3’s rumored improved screen.

Which app developers do you think will have their apps shown off?

  • David Hunter

    Lets hope it is microsoft office!

    • sn0wbaLL


    • Actually Apple should show this off. Think about it. Every PC User uses Microsoft Office if an iPad was to replace a pc, office should be on it.

  • Dan

    hopefully the new software designed for iPad 3 will still run smoothly on iPad 2

  • I want onlive to be on iPad

    • Anonymous

      It’s already on the iPad.

  • They would only show off a new app, not one that has been in the app store for two years, so we probably don’t haven’t heard about it yet. My guess? Well i is more of want I would love, Angry Birds Space.