A couple of days ago we provided you with an in-depth preview of RingerX VIP, the jailbreak tweak that lends fine grain control over your iPhone’s vibrate and ringing behaviors. It’s now available for download on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. If you haven’t seen our preview, be sure to check it out.

  • Trevor Salmon

    Why don’t i see RingerX in the BigBoss repo? i have scrolled though BigBoss as well and done a search and can’t find it anywhere.

    • I see it in Cydia. It’s there

    • Anonymous

      Go to the “Changes” tab in Cydia and tap “Reload”. That should update all repos.

  • Joshua Rawlings

    I just wish I could mute my ringer from 1AM to 6:30AM without doing it manually. My party friends in my outter circle wanting to go to the after bar while I need to work at 8 is always an annoyance.

    • You can do that with iScheduler (Cydia app)

      • Joshua Rawlings

        thanks for the tip. I will check it out.

      • iScheduler is a a great idea. It doesn’t really work right though because it hasn’t been updated in a long time. For instance, I have a custom text tone. If I change the profile with ischeduler, it can’t change it back automatically because it only supports the standard alerts. When it changes back, it will be “none” for my text tone. There were other problems with it that made me ditch the whole app.

  • can set custom volume for specific time periods of a day? eg; mute all from 11pm to 5am, low or moderate volume for 6am alarm, then high volume for rest rest of day?

  • Does this work for blocked numbers ie no caller id? Vibrates even when muted and vibrate off in settings.

  • AnyRing is better?

  • Anonymous

    hey all …i need help ..i bought a brand new IPHONE 4S 2day …i try since morning to jailbroke it useing Absinte tool but everytime i plug my iphone on my laptop through USB cable like im charge it and right click on absinte and run it as administrator it doesnt recognize my iphone !! knowing that i own windows 7 and using last version of Absinte tool which is 0.4 …is theres anything i hv 2 do it first so my iphone being recognized ? thank u all i hope 2 have quickly explain thanks

  • Anonymous

    keeps crashing apps and springboard

  • Jimmy Wade

    I love Myassistant. I still have not gotten RingerX VIP to work. I have 20+ Cydia Apps all work except this one. I work at night so I would REALLY like to get it to work.

  • ringerX VIP 1.23 everytime crash my contacts tab when i scroll up! so i have to disable ZZRingerX in SBSettings (mobile substrate addons)