If there is one good reason to get an iPhone 4S, it’s Siri, the iPhone’s witty virtual assistant that can help you do various tasks such as searching the web, scheduling appointments, send messages, etc by simply using voice commands. Siri can do many things, but there are also many things Siri can’t do.

Sure you can set up a Siri proxy and and install plugins to have Siri do things she’s not supposed to – like starting a car – but for most people, the technical hustle to get this going is not even an option. It’s just not practical.

Enters AssistantExtensions, a free MobileSubstrate tweak that aims at extending Siri’s capabilities in a very simple way…

AssistantExtensions comes with a few built-in commands, including:

  • System commands: tweet, launch applications, set brightness, etc…
  • Toggle commands: taking full advantage of SBSettings, those will allow you to list and turn on/off any SBSettings toggle installed on your iPhone
  • Chat box: have a deep conversation with Siri, beyond the scope of what Siri currently does

This is great, but it gets even better! AssistantExtensions offers a simple framework for people to create their own extensions. With some basic knowledge of Objective-C, you can come up with your own extension for virtually anything you want.

So far, and besides the built-in ones, there is only one extension available, which allows you to search YouTube and shows results with thumbnails. This is just the tip of the iceberg, though. There is no doubt these extensions are going to pop up all over Cydia within the next few days.

As I mentioned above, AssistantExtensions is currently free on Cydia, via the BigBoss repo. At this price tag, and considering what it does, I highly suggest you give it a try.

I’m sure Jeff will have a detailed video demo soon, so don’t go too far, and check back iDB later tonight for our full on walkthrough.

In the meantime, you can earn some major brownie points by coming up with an iDB extension that lets you search the site using Siri. Just saying…

  • mattsuperman148

    This is awesome! Who else is getting this?

  • downloading

  • saw this earlier, wanted to wait for Jeff’s video for it before dl’n lol, will def check it out.

  • Downloading.

  • I downloaded it when some in the comments suggested it. Definitely worth it

  • I don’t like it. It doesn’t Announce the apps it opens and the only difference I see with this and siritoggles is that it does a inside YouTube search. And I also noticed my Siri taking a lot long to respond when I installed this. So I switched back to siritoggles

    • Siv

      Same here. It slowed down my Siri considerably. After removing it, Siri works fine.

  • Stay Frosty

    The tweak will turn Siri into a Protestant Christian. Tell it that you don’t believe in God. Looks like someone trojan horsed their religious agenda.

    • what kind of hate filed person are you

      • Personally I would’ve preferred an atheist Siri. After all, nothing happens to robots after they die.

  • I’m liking this tweak. Before I had OpenSiri, SiriToggles and Sireet. Now all I need is this. I like how you can confirm your tweet before sending it.

  • Anonymous

    Great concept but I did not like it. When they add the ability for others to chose what plug-ins the t want to use then I will try it out. Ali’s this tweak does not work well with Sireet.

  • But that’s only the tip of the iceberg!

  • jay jimenez

    Already downloaded I’m loving it

  • It’s pretty good I like it. Chat box is awesome! Now we need to find Dr. Richard S. Wallace haha!

  • Anonymous

    One of the .aiml files are labeled “IU.aiml”. Can’t tell if Purdue dev, or different acronym…

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone tried this on Spire? Doesnt seem to work for me /:

    • wa77ior

      Works with Spire for me

    • Didn’t work for me either. I have iPad 2 iOS 5.0.1, and spire version 1.0.1-1, as well as hands free control, and siri0us. I’m thinking maybe it’s incompatible with one of my other extensions. Or maybe the device.

  • Downloaded! Thanks iDownloadblog. I love this blog!

  • How did u make it say “yes” when u activate Siri? I was looking thru ifile and found the files. But can u tell me which one. Thanks in advance

  • anyone else notice with this tweak you can open apps running from the lock screen? other tweaks wouldn’t allow it…personally, I’m glad it does since I don’t use a pass code. does this by pass the pass code?

    • great, i got into the conversation mode with Siri, i asked her to ask me a question…now she is asking me question after question. :-s

      siri is definitely female. too chatty

  • Michael Jennings

    possible for siri to give you sports scores?

  • How do you change the initial load-up sound from a beep to “yes?”?

    • get the tweak “Hands-Free Control” …in settings turn on “Voice Response” this will change it to Yes from the normal annoying beeps. You should turn off the “Listening Service” the main part of the tweak really does drain your battery quite considerably.

      • Its not working with this… There must be some other way how siri say YES when launch…

      • dont forget to respring!

      • You gotta reboot!

  • Hmm it doesnt confirm tweet for me first. It just sends it right away…

  • Hey Jeff how can you get Siri to say “yes” when you first launch her? Thanks

  • wow, thats the single reason one could jailbreak their iPhone today for 🙂

    the rest is crap. only jailbreak thing worth it atm

  • Anonymous

    Strange. My download functions differently than the one demonstrated in this video. I cannot preview tweets before they are sent out. Also, Siri doesn’t say “Yes” when she is turned on?

    • I could have sworn yesterday this let me preview a tweet. Today, it just sends it automatically. I have removed SiriToggles, & VoiceUtils but no change.
      You can get Siri to respond with Yes? by changing a setting in Hands-free Control, another jailbreak tweak.

      • nevermind, an update to this package was released yesterday. in the changelog on cydia it states:
        changes in tweet commands: tweet text – tweets immediately
        show tweet text – shows tweet dialog with send button
        perhaps some settings will be placed in the future as to which of these options we’d like as default.

  • Nikita Lebedev

    Yeah this app does slow down Siri and dictation considerably… I hope that will be fixed

  • Anonymous

    will assistance extensions work if i have spire without a proxy?

  • The dev who did this will be the next one that apple hires

  • Doesn’t work with spire? Says sorry I cannot do that?

  • how do i get the youtube search?

  • i use this tweak and works great until i say search something on youtube, my iphone respring and enter safe mode. i dont know how it can be happen.

  • Hi,

    It’s saying “I Dont Know Your password” when I try to ask Siri to open twitter. How do i fix this?

  • Does it work with Sara?

  • Anonymous

    how can I get this?

  • I downloaded myassistant and assistantextensions and it is an awesome experience. They also added jokes and chuck norris facts for siri chatbot.

  • Codvisp

    Yes Assistant Extensions is the Best Siri Tweak but with a MAJOR drawback: After invoking Siri, AE messes something with the Keyboard click sound (turns it out to AK47 :P). And the only solution is to respring… Too bad… i’ve uninstalled it already…

  • anyone else having problems with this ?? whenever i use siri to send a imessage or even sms it just freezes my phone ?? only way to resolve is to hold power and home button till it reboots ?? only freezes when sending texts other than that its fine !! and it does it evrytime !!!