Every week, there are many new jailbreak apps and tweaks released on Cydia. Some are very good, and some are absolute game changers like IntelliScreenX, Blutrol, and others. Some aren’t exactly groundbreaking, but add great functionality to your device like Snappy5. Others are run of the mill, and some are just downright head-scratchers.

This post is dedicated to the head-scratchers. The tweaks that leave you wondering why? How? And reek of absolute pointlessness!

Every so often we’ll create a post that highlights some of the most pointless jailbreak tweaks of the moment. We present you with the first batch of four…

First and foremost, let me just preface this by saying that almost no jailbreak tweak is entirely worthless. I’m sure that there’s someone out there who was looking for a tweak exactly like the ones below, and rejoiced when they found it. See my stance on so-called “worthless” tweaks for more info on that.

No Uninstall

You can do the same thing in a more secure fashion by going to Settings > General > Restrictions and enabling the “Deleting Apps” feature. In other words, you don’t need a jailbreak tweak to do this, and it’s much more secure this way.


How many times will we see a tweak that allows you to place something different on your “Slide to Unlock” bar? Seriously, we’ve seen plenty of this. The madness has to stop.


Same as above. There are probably about half a dozen tweaks that do the same thing. And why would I want a notification blocking my screen when I take a screenshot? Who in their right mind would want something that slows down their iPhone experience like that? Wait, don’t answer that.


Not only did I have problems with this crashing, but in retrospect, the logic behind this tweak is seriously flawed. So instead of having an unusable phone with a dead battery, I now have an unusable phone with a live one?

Granted, all of these tweaks have some redeeming qualities, and as I stated, none of them are 100% worthless. Still, I would never use any of these on a day to day basis, and I doubt any of you would as well.

Was I unfair with my assessments, or do you think I was spot on? What other tweaks would you add to this list if you could?

  • Will No Uninstall is not usefull, you can do it from setting –> general –> restrictions then turn off deleting apps !!

    • Anonymous

      He said that in the article.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t be surprised if it wasn’t in the article originally. I’ve seen people correct or add to articles in the comments and they editing the article without “update” acknowledgement or credit to the commenters.

      • We don’t do that here. I always put UPDATE whenever I edit an article. And yes, it was there.

      • Simon Reidy

        I’ve been reading the site for years and I’ve never seen that happen. If the article is changed there is always an “updated” section, unless it’s something small like a typo which are always quickly corrected. The guys here ALWAYS give credit where it’s due.

  • Aww man, my tweak made the list 🙁
    Btw, the idea of DontForget was to make it harder to fully drain the battery and therefore have to boot with redsn0w. But then the untether came out a few days later…


    • I dont think that tweak is that bad tbh. Especially back when we were tethered. I wouldnt use it cause I dont have the issue personally but def dont think it should have made the list *shrugs

    • Anonymous

      Problem is it doesn’t work. A warning would be fine. But a warning that gets stuck on the screen that you can’t get rid of and then causes a crash.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t take it to heart. Keep on tweaking!

    • I think it’s a great idea and I would have definitely tried it when we were teathered. like MadAndronicus said, keep on tweaking!

    • hey kirb

  • after jb for years, i have tone down the amount of tweaks i use, try to minimize the amount of resource used for loading speed and memory

    • Yeah, I have definitely cut down on running a bunch of tweaks at the same time as well. When I first started jailbreaking back on iOS 3.0, I was all about having everything I could think of, then I realized how much RAM I was using and figured out that more isn’t always better.

  • Anonymous

    I started jailbreaking back in the 4.2.1 days and i’ve seen a rise in the amount of pointless and duplicated tweaks. When I first got into jailbreaking almost every tweak seemed useful and there were very few tweaks that basically replicated another but over the last six months Cydia has become like the App Store, full of shit tbh.

    Like Jeff said in the post, there are still some groundbreaking tweaks from old and new but it seems every Tom, Dick or Harry thinks they can make money from making them now and they are, for the whole, failing and doing nothing more than making it harder to find useful tweaks on Cydia unless you know the exact one you want … Personally i’m down to about 5 tweaks now that actually make the experience better, gone are the days of trying every single shit app or tweak just because I could lol

    • Anonymous

      Haha, i have been jailbreaking since the 1.1.3 days, back with the original iphone. and let me tell you, a lot of stuff in the jailbreak world was useless. But the jailbreak was also necessary because there was no app store, so the only way to get games or apps was through icy(or what ever it was called). But then again, you were thankful for anything back in those days.

      • Edit: I have no idea why i hit reply to you allaboutthecore, i was just commenting on the post, not on your comment.

        Me: lol

  • ismyflash should have that popup be an export through MMS or email or close pop up not random text

    • Not sure if this is what you were trying to say, but it would be cool if that text popup had 3 buttons saying: “Send mms”, “email”, and “close”. good idea

      • formally said, yes thats exactly what i mean. every time i take a screen shot i have to then go to photo album app, etc.

  • I’ve jailbroken my ipod touch and my iph 4 on 4.2.1. Those were the goldendays. And now my ios 5 is jailbroken too. Thus far, no pirating appstore, no ifioe, not even sbsettings. I’ve got zephyr installed, but swiping from one app to another feels sluggish compared to the ipad 2. I know the performance difference, but not sure ifni’m even going to keep that one. I am missing activator now and then, but other than that I’m really happy with iOS 5, iCloud, notification center etc.

    • 4.2.1 ..the golden days …wtf..lol..only one other poster on here has been jailbreaking longer than me..I would say more like 2.0 was then best time to start …there was only one tweak that could do one thing , now there are so many tweaks that do the same thing some free some paid ..pointless …
      And the amount of pointless tweaks like the ones Jeff mentions here are on the increase…the repos should start vetting some of the tweaks that they host..
      There should be a repo for all these vetted tweaks so you can still get these pointless tweaks …

      • Remember the crazy app on 1.1.4 with a chiken !! pretty much all you need at this time … Cant rememer that tweak name tho … Lol

      • Anonymous

        “only one other poster on here has been jailbreaking longer than me..I would say more like 2.0 was then best time to start” Probably a lot more than one person on here that has been jailbreaking longer than you. I have been jailbreaking since the original iPhone, and i think the earliest version i hacked was 1.1.2. But it was buggy as hell. So was 1.1.3. But like you said, jailbreaking really took off with 2.0. Remember the days with ziphone jailbreak lol.

      • I had the first iPhone too got it on ..1.1.4 I think ( long time ago) ..jailbroke on 2.0 ..yes ok there is a few who got started at the beginning ..but I was trying to make a point of @Shu ..4.2.1 golden days ..lol..that seems like a few months back now ..
        There where a few not so good tweaks back then , but at least they where the only ones at the time . Now you can get a about 3 tweaks that do the same thing..pointless ..
        I remember a app called swap BT (turns on/off Bluetooth) that was free..than on 3.0 ( I think ) a app called ???? and that was paid , and it did the same as swap BT… I even sent a email to BIGBOSS repo about this ..and the reply was ..it doesn’t break any rules …
        True it doesn’t , but why pay when a free one works…
        I think the paid app doesn’t work now and swap BT stopped 3.1.3..
        Another one simple background and pallarex I think that’s it do the same one free one paid..free one stopped on 3.1.3 though and pallarex still works , which is good because I paid for that ….
        How about winpwn….boot logos and even recover logos as well ..picture of STEVE JOBS ( r.i.p.) as a recover logo awesome ..

  • Snappy5 usefull?
    If you assign a gesture in activator to launch the camera, you can do exactly the same as what you can do in snappy5: activate the camera from within each program
    Imho a useless app which should be in this list.

  • So this is a pointless thread

  • Is there a way to keep photos from being deleted (non jb) I was unaware of the restrictions setting but don’t see a spot where you can keep photos from getting deleted.

  • Dom,

    That’s a valid point, but I generally keep hard opinions for articles such as these. If I really hate a tweak, or think it’s truly worthless, people can usually tell. But most of the time I save the in-depth written analysis for the articles on iDB, otherwise, why read them?

    What do you think?

  • Love this post LOL

  • Wtf? I’m not rich that can buy unlocked iPhone, that’s why i use Gevey sim. Donotforget saves me from hassle in activating every reboot. This tool is great when there is no untethered jailbreak yet. You should blend to everyone. I feel you are a bit racist. Just my thought. But i will still read iDB though.
    I feel sorry for the developer of the donotforget. To all developers don’t mind this kind of post. It’s a exposure anyway. Lol

  • I mean a racist in real life 😀

  • hahahahah no uninstall is like the best app EVER like like like seriously its like like so cool its like for like like for someone like like so dumb like like its so cool like yea

  • Thanks for writing this article, someone had to. There are so many useless apps making it into Cydia now it’s crazy. I know there are limitations to development but some of these tweaks are just not useful, at all.

  • Nikita Lebedev

    wow Don’t Forget app is soo retarted, omg i can’t believe who would make an app like that… and who would use it hhaahaha